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Welcome to the release board, which highlights the possible games coming soon to the XBLIG marketplace. Consider it your one-stop shop for all the potential future fun you’ll be having. Where available, each title will list the developer, the genre the game belongs to, and price. While it would be a perfect world to have everything all tidy and set in stone, all release dates and info are tentative and / or wild guesswork, and are subject to change unless otherwise confirmed by the developer.

If you’re an XBLIG developer and wish to be listed on the Upcoming Releases page (you should, every bit of press helps), or need to set the record straight on an already-listed game, please notify me via theXBLIG’s Contact form, or drop a comment below.


2016 and Beyond

  • Afterdeath (Nonadecimal Creative, Platformer)
  • Clone of Duty (Ruddock Games, FPS)
  • Dawn of the Ronin (x35mm, Adventure)
  • Diabolical: The Shooter (Misty Manor Games, Action)
  • EvilQuest II (Chaosoft Games, Action / RPG)
  • The Island of Eternal Struggle (Wimbus Studios, RPG)
  • March to the Moon: Wrath of Steve (Califer Games, Shooter)
  • Overdriven 2 (CuchuGames, Shooter)
  • Positron (Retroburn Game Studios, Arcade)
  • Railgun Express (AMU Games, Shooter)
  • Ring Runner (Triple B Titles, Shooter / RPG)
  • Siphon Spirit: Spirits of Elduurn (Califer Games, Puzzler)
  • Unstoppable (JForce Games, Action)
  • Untitled ‘Shooter’ (Wasted Brilliance, Shooter)
  • Vorpal 2 (Red Wolf, Shooter)


14 thoughts on “Upcoming Releases”

  1. hey Tim.. looks like you were right; Dead War finally made its way to 360. Pretty excited to try it out. I’ve already got it queued up and waiting to download.

    1. Yes sir, Dev contacted me this morning, and I will be downloading it tonight myself! I’ve got a game up for review (hopefully to publish tomorrow), but after that, I’m semi-ready for moar zombies. 😀 I’ve got high hopes for this one…

  2. Playas, playas, do you know what this mean? This is the end of the best value menu of all time, The XBLIG Buffet is already dying. Funny thing, you can spend almost a 100 dollars in a month on PC indie games, without even realizing unless you use a calculator, and a 5 dollar XBLIG is like a slap in the face, funny how the human brain works. The Samaritan Paradox, Blackwell Epyphany and Escape Goat 2 are only a few of the indies I want on PC. But I’m surprised, I though this gen will be the end of the little indies, that only the big ones will survive, but glad to see the one dollar lads be represented. Just like that fat girl you did in collegue because you suck at talking to women (dont judge me), and then a few years later you go to the strip club and see her stealing the show, looking like a Playboy model. Just like her, the indies all growing wings, making their dreams come true, and giving us enjoyment. XBLIG might be a Strip Club for kids under 13 with all those boob games, but for some developers, it was a career starter, a little ladder to show the gamers that AAA might got the money for that pretty dress, and indies only got those old clothes, but when you take them off, you can have the same, if not more enjoyment out of it. Is not the dress, is how you use what it hides.

    Unstoppable is for real? I though it was some kind of joke, like a funny video or something. So its actually true, what a surprise eh.

    1. Yep, Unstoppable is legit. Then again, that release might be in doubt too. JForce has their hands full with updating Murder Miners, and I just saw that it was Greenlit for Steam. That game is doing extremely-well for them, I’m sure, so they’ll be focused on that. Unstoppable may be another casualty that moves to another system rather than XBLIG.

      As for the games that are moving to PS4 and (I’m almost positive) Xbox One, yeah, score one for the little guys. And you’re right about the ‘$5 slap to the face’ comment. Now those indies can charge much more on the next-gen systems, and people won’t have that mindset that they’re being cheated. If I was a developer with a really unique game or idea, and I was given the OK to publish on PS4 or Xbox One, I’d do it too.

      Sad to see those games move on, but it’s good for them, in the long run. And XBLIG is far from done. Always one or two gems in there somewhere. 🙂

  3. Well, some (potentially) bad news: Escape Goat 2, Axiom Verge, and Chasm are all coming to PS4 now. You can pretty much write them off on coming to XBLIG:


    Also, Boot Hill Heroes, the Earthbound-like Western RPG, released on Playstation Mobile last month for $7, so it’s safe to say they wouldn’t take a pay cut to release on XBLIG, where most people would pass it by at anything higher than $1.

    1. Yea I was sure with the release of the then Next Gen consoles there would be some change of hearts. More so than normal at least. Thanks for the updates.

    2. Chasm doesn’t really surprise me, but Axiom Verge too? And I doubt we’ll ever see Dead Pixels II coming to XBLIG.

    3. @ImTheMetalLord: No problem, sir. I’m afraid to say I am the ‘Sad Messenger’ today. Not a job I like 😦

      @Soosh: This is going to sound like I’m ripping the developer / game, but it’s not the case. Axiom Verge has literally been in development so long, I honestly thought XBLIG would be literally dead before he finished it. Not that I’m trying to be mean, though. I’d rather a developer take all the time they need to release a quality game than rush it to meet any kind of deadline.

      I’m not holding out much hope for Dead Pixels II, either, but you never know. Either way, I’m glad that indie developers are getting the chance to appear on the next-gen consoles, on ‘equal’ footing with the big-name guys. I’ll gladly pay a little more to support that.

    1. Ah, so this was the secret project Kilroy was working on….

      Not only didn’t I hear about it (I’m slacking on my info, again), but this is sure to make ImTheMetalLord very, very happy. Even though the video doesn’t show any gameplay, I’m tempted to throw up a preview article for it, and post some screenshots. Damn, wish I’d have seen this earlier. Nice find!

    2. Well aware of it. 😀 From what I hear though not sure it’s going to have the same punch that Bloody Checkers has. But we’ll see.

    3. Hmm, now I feel like a dork. I’m always the last to find these things out. 😦 Oh, well, preview article anyway, just because it’s been awhile since I’ve had one.

    1. All good choices. I’m hopeful they’ll all see the light of day on XBLIG, although it’s more likely you’ll see the Dead Pixels and EvilQuest sequels on PC before any console, let alone XBLIG. Actually, given how much Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo have been pushing Indie, it’s conceivable we’ll see all or some of these games on those systems as some point. Time will tell.

      Personally, I’m excited for most of these, but Dawn of the Ronin and Clone of Duty stick out for me. Both games are looking pretty slick.

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