Rent Apartments to Monsters in ‘Unholy Heights’

Already available on PC and the Japanese XBLIG store, developer Petit Depotto has been readying their monster sim / fighter Unholy Heights for its stateside release. The delay is for good reason; nobody on the development team speaks English.

Never fear. Fresh translation work in hand, the game hits peer review shortly. Taking on the role of the Devil, you settle down to the life of being a landlord, renting out to a variety of monsters (because they need a place to live too). You’ll adjust prices, fix up the place, and battle human ‘heroes’ set on their eviction, leveling up your tenants in preparation for world domination. You’re the Devil, after all, what did you think you were doing this for? With the addictive elements of a management sim combined with Tower Defense, it could be quirky fun.


Unholy Heights will likely see release soon, and will run you $2.99 (based on other versions). If you want to follow the developer (in Japanese), you can do so here.

Unholy Heights - Screen 

All You Need in Life is ‘Blood and Bacon’

Warning: Lots of flashy goodness.

BloodyCheckers developer BigCorporation / Kilroyfx has been teasing a first-person shooter for a while now, and that FPS was recently revealed to be the ridiculously over-the-top (in a good way), undead farm animal shooter Blood and Bacon. An XBLIG-exclusive, the game looks to spruce up the typical wave shooting trappings, boasting hundreds of livestock in a round, miniboss / boss fights, and several weapons to do your slaughtering with. Perhaps more importantly, you’ll be able to tackle the waves with a friend. Online co-op is supported.

Gameplay appears to be fast and fluid, emphasis on fluid, as Blood and Bacon is the self-anointed bloodiest game on Xbox Live Indie Games. That speed, and some elements of the HUD, give it a Left 4 Dead taste, which is certainly a welcome comparison. The good news? You’ll be able to judge that pedigree for yourself soon enough.

Blood and Bacon is eyeing a late July / early August release, and will cost 240 MSP. For updates, you can follow the official Facebook page.


Blood and Bacon - Screen

Blood and Bacon - Screen2

Uprising III is Officially Online

After much buildup, a tiny trickle of news, then further silence, Indie Games Uprising III is now officially open for business and showcasing its wares! Nine all-new XBLIG titles, representing the best and brightest the service has to offer, will be released under the banner.

Check out the official site (also follow on Twitter & Facebook) for up-to-date info. It’s a little sparse there for now; that should change in the next few days, as each game gets its own page and relevant data. Release order for the games is still to be determined (EDIT: see dates below), but Uprising III will run from September 10th to the 20th, with a game released every weekday during the promotion. List of titles, in case you dislike epic trailers and prefer your news in written form? Absolutely.

  • qrth-phyl  –  Monday, September 10th
  • Sententia  –  Tuesday, September 11th
  • Diehard Dungeon  –  Wednesday, Sepetember 12th
  • Gateways  –  Thursday, September 13th
  • Smooth Operators  –  Friday, September 14th
  • Entropy  –  Monday, September 17th
  • City Tuesday  –  Tuesday (Ha!), September 18th
  • XenoMiner  –  Wednesday, September 19th
  • Pixel  –  Thursday, September 20th

And you can safety bookmark theXBLIG now (pfft, as if you haven’t already), as I will be covering all nine games, posting Previews and individual trailers, and, of course, reviews for each with priority status. You can keep current with the dedicated link in ‘The Specialty’ column to your left for all Uprising-related posts.

Indie sites around the net will be working together on this one, pooling resources and links, doing interviews and video commentaries with the developers. While I don’t have the manpower for that, I will do my part to link to as much of that extended coverage as I can, ensuring everyone a fair amount of Uprising news no matter who they visit. The start may still be over a month away, but you have permission to start frothing now. The games look great and I’m beyond excited. Look for updates leading up to the launch, as the third Indie Games Uprising will give all of us reason to celebrate indie development come September.