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‘Arcadecraft’ gets Pinball and More in Second DLC

ArcadecraftUpdate - Screen

Firebase Industries and Arcadecraft, lover of classic arcades and all things ‘Eighties’ (review), has just dropped Content Update 2, which adds a dozen new cabinets to stock your arcade with. Get the fictional kids into your fictional shop with new two-player simultaneous standups, or the much-requested (and much-delivered) Pinball machines!

Along with that ‘new arcade machine smell’, there’s been some behind the scenes work / re-balancing, to give the game and players a more randomized run each time they play, changing what order machines release in a given year and generally smoothing the edges on the entire experience. Not in this update (but still coming) is the larger arcade space and customization options that have been shown off previously. Some performance / framerate issues are to blame. For the full list of bullet points on Update 2, head over to Firebase’s official press release.

ArcadecraftUpdate - Screen2