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REVIEW: 2D World Creator

When Dinora released on XBLIG last year, it found a comfortable niche between two groups of people; those that wanted a cheaper, indie-er Terraria, and those that liked the idea of Terraria combined with more NPC interaction, including creating your own family in-game. Now developer NeuronVexx is returning to its roots, of sorts, with plainly-titled 2D World Creator ($1.00).

To be clear, 2D World Creator is not Dinora. If Dinora was meant to evoke the ‘hardcore-ness’ of survival mixed with creativity, of hard work paired with incremental progress, then 2D World Creator is the Casual Friday of crafters; zero pressure, zero responsibilities, and zero crafting. Hey, if you want to drop a toilet in a cave and call your ‘house’ completed, so be it. No judgement.

The game allows you— and up to three others, locally— to choose from a handful of avatar types, then drops you into a pristine world ripe for construction. The avatars correspond to the block sets you can build with, like a Farmer, a medieval Knight, or a futuristic Robot. I chose to play my robot ill-tempered, to┬ámake scenes like this:

And those block sets are unlocked fully from the start, no hassle required, cutting out a lot of the lead-in and busywork that traditional crafting games entail. The typical components apply, including fencing, walls, chairs, beds, dressers, and a ton of accessories. Mix and match from across the four tilesets.

Visually, 2D World Creator is an upgrade from Dinora. Structures and components look better in this game, though the idea remains the same. Stack blocks as you will, using the foreground and background to add flair and variety, set up wiring to attach switches and lamps, or interact with a radio1, TV, portal, etc. Your ‘home’ is what you make it. Build a massive brick castle or mansion with futuristic furnishings, or keep it dirt simple, and underground:

Short of having local friends to build with you, though, this world will feel cold and empty compared to other games of its type. No animals (aww man, no pets!) or NPCs of any kind exist here. There are no enemies to fight, no pockets of rare minerals / items to discover. Just you and your pickaxe.

The rest, as they say, is up to you. 2D World Creator cuts out all the boring stuff like, you know… Challenge, Progression, and a sense of Purpose, and hands you the controls to the entire thing from the start. Creativity takes the place of all that ‘rest’, and if you’ve got an idea in your head, the game gives you some means to realize it.

  1. You can sample from the game’s limited soundtrack, turn it off completely, or use your own from the hard drive. I totally forgot I had an old My Chemical Romance album on mine, which made for ‘interesting’ construction music.