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REVIEW: Hop Til You Drop

Hop Til You Drop (80 MSP) is an extremely simple-looking endurance / punishformer tester continuing along the lines of what Death Closet did before it; placing you in a solitary room amongst a variety of spawning badities, with the idea of surviving as long as you can.

While Death Closet was (mostly) about learning patterns, with the game then working tirelessly to trick your brain into failure, Hop Til You Drop drops (see that? Nice, huh) the memorization and goes the full-random route, with stationary hazards, projectiles, and ‘chaser’ foes materializing around the tiny arena with only the briefest of warnings. Collecting coins equates to your score per round, earning a combo bonus for gathering two in one ‘hop’.

HTYD is slightly more acrobatic in its execution, having you switch places from the floor to ceiling, ceiling to floor, with each jump. You can also tweak your trajectory and landing mid-flight, splitting defenders and weaving through spike traps. It adds a little timing-based strategy and style to the formula, though the concept (avoidance) is essentially unchanged.

Aware of its limitations (jumping ad infinitum) some unlockable guest ‘hoppers’ hope to extend its worth, doled out for total points scored or time spent on the clock. These ‘avatars’ include thinly-veiled appearances by (not in actual name, of course) Princess Peach, Lebron James, and… Macklemore (he is labeled as ‘Thrift Shop’)?

Hop Til You Drop - Screen

Hang around a bit; it will get more challenging.

Even with the promise of prizes, the single available mode and compacted runs mean your enjoyment will only stretch so far. The visuals and repetitive nature of die-restart-die don’t do it any favors, either. Hop Til You Drop does exactly as advertised, for as long as you could want, but for most that’s just not enough.


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