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Stick Around for ‘Magnetic by Nature’

Somewhere underground, in caverns and an abandoned city powered by ancient technology, a robot with a love for flowers is trapped. Levels mix Portal‘s idea of physics and navigation with magnets to have you attracting and repelling your way through a stage’s puzzles (think of the magnets as your new ‘Companion Cube’). Such is the premise of Tripleslash Studios’ Magnetic by Nature.

Though the visuals and tone seem somewhat Limbo-ish, and there’s been confirmation of the robot losing its head at some point (hey, new ways to attract!), expect a lighthearted tale and puzzles that (hopefully) don’t stray into frustration. The goal of any game is to stay fresh and allow the player to have fun, of course, as the developer explains below.


Magnetic by Nature is set for release in May. For updates and adorable art featuring MbN‘s robotic protagonist (I want a plushie!), you can follow the Developer here.

And though it won’t affect the XBLIG version (which is now subtitled ‘Awakening’), Tripleslash Studios is currently running a Kickstarter to fund an ‘expanded’ PC version. If you’d rather hold out for that edition, or just feel like giving money away, feel free to check it out.