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REVIEW: Paper Galactica

Of all the trends I’ve noticed in indie gaming, whether it be the shoehorning of zombies into every available game type, or avatars for everybody, the one that fascinates me the most is the idea of ‘paper games’. I use ‘fascination’ here to mean ‘odd’, as other than going for a visual edge in design, I have no clue who is behind the phase or who is clamoring for all these paper-based games to be made. Paper Galactica ($1.00), you intrigue me.

Paper Galactica - Screen

And I use ‘intrigue’ here to mean ‘baffle’. Paper Galactica is a Frankenstein of several classic shooters where your ship moves only horizontally at the bottom of the screen. I use ‘classic’ here to mean ’simple’, as outside of the distinction of appearing on paper, it plays exactly in that classic sense; no frills, no new wrinkles.

Enemies drop down, singly and in packs, in numbers sufficient for the challenge. Nothing taxing, though the size of your ship means you’ll have to keep on the move to avoid fire. There’s your typical allotment of powerup shots (triple, quadruple, missiles, mines, etc.) and score bonuses, and a handful of boss fights that differ only in appearance.

The whole thing is dreadfully underwhelming, phasers set to stale just a few minutes after you start. Waves go on for too long, the enemy art is bland. With no additional modes, no extras (more ‘paper’ choices doesn’t count), and no fun, this game equals no sale.

Paper Galactica - Screen2

There’s nothing to recommend here. Unless you’re a fetus, it’s impossible to get excited by a game you’ve undoubtedly played a hundred times over in some form or another. Paper Galactica may move the action over to a ‘sheet of paper’, though developer 3T Games should’ve just saved some digital trees and recycled the idea at conception. And I use ‘recycled’ here to mean ‘destroyed.’