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REVIEW: Zombie Hunter IV

Ahem. [clears throat] Ah… ahem. Where to begin? Well, Zombie Hunter IV ($1.00) here is a zombie zombie zombie. It’s got zombie zombie and more zombies. It’s a first-person zombie with an assortment of zombified zombies to zombie from. You zombie zombie around the map, and zombie other zombies. Those zombies try to zombie you, and it’s up to zombie you to out-zombie them and zombie the day! You zombie what I’m saying, zombie?

Zombie Hunter IV - Screen

I’m aware that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but I’ve literally run out of interesting openers to lead into yet another zombie game on XBLIG. Zombie Hunter IV1 doesn’t do much to inspire a unique take on the genre anyway; it’s a bare-bones FPS with only the slightest of visuals and gameplay. As the game’s namesake— a zombie hunter extraordinaire— you’ve been traveling the lands, purging every town of the undead. You’ve finally reached the last city on your tour of death, which promises to be your greatest challenge yet(!).

Sort of. Zombie Hunter IV asks you to mow down hordes of regenerating zombies that come at you in snarling packs of one or even two, collecting dynamite that drops as a powerup in their wake in order to blow up five buildings that are the supposed ‘source’ of the infection. You also earn plenty of money with each kill, which you can then use to snag a few new weapons (think shotgun, assault rifle) and some health packs at the local store, but this is the extent of the game’s progression and forward-thinking.

Zombie Hunter IV - Screen2

The rest of the experience is a boring struggle with the near-comatose zombie A.I., which only really wants to react to you once you’re a few feet away. In fact, the only challenge here is manufactured, as you can occasionally get stuck in place when you’re attacked, leading to a quick death. The game’s generous with its continues, however, allowing you to jump right back into things after parting with a modest amount of cash.

Not that there’s any reason to bother with Zombie Hunter IV in the first place. It’s a lazy, oversimplified shooter that’ll last you twenty minutes at most. The whole thing is as dull as ditchwater2 from start to finish in that span, with nary a redemptive quality in sight. You should probably avoid it like an actual zombie plague.

  1. I’m not sure where the ‘IV’ factors in, as I can find both the original Zombie Hunter and a 2D sequel, but no third act. Maybe Part Four here cannibalized the third game, I don’t know. Hey, at least it’s not a slightly racist game like the developer’s last effort. 
  2. Or, if you prefer the Americanized variant, ‘dull as dishwater’. How’s that for Old English putdowns! Take that, all you people from the 1700s!