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REVIEW: Ask My Avatar Winter

Very few things in life are more annoying than being approached by some artificially-enthusiastic person and being asked to take part in a short survey or a random poll1. I mean, granted, this is all first world problems and such, but, in terms of ‘generally unpleasant’ experiences, nobody wants to be hassled when they’re out in the wild of the world. You just want to get your milk, collect your essentials, do your errands, pay bills, etc., etc., and just get home to catch up on your DVR’d shows or Netflix. Human interaction? Uggghh.

Ask My Avatar Winter - Screen

Even the snowman asks too many questions! A cutesy ‘Big Brother is Watching’ type, no doubt! 

Developer Firebase Industries would politely disagree. In fact, the entire point of Ask My Avatar Winter ($1.00) is to bombard you with hundreds of random questions, both pop culture-ish and occasionally ‘big questions in life’-ish. That’s right, it’s less ‘trivia = fun’, and more ‘Hey, what’s your favorite color?’…in a simple, Yes or No format. With avatars. And you have to pay them for the pleasure(?) of doing that, over and over ad infinitum. Your answers are archived, and you can then theoretically2 compare your responses to those questions with the rest of the XBLIG community.

Now, to be fair, some of the questions are humorous. And you can decorate a snowman with earned gifts, or throw snowballs at your friends in avatar form. Which is… sort of neat, maybe. Maybe. Entertaining, though? That’s a stretch. Even more baffling is the reason this game needed a wintry update in the first place, given that the first game was just released a month ago.

Ask My Avatar Winter - Screen2

Every day I step out the front door, lady.

Sadly, there is nothing in Ask My Avatar Winter that is worth asking, let alone responding to. The visuals are decent, but this game is a far cry from Firebase’s other stuff, like the grand Arcadecraft or the brilliant Orbitron Revolution. If you’re really hard up for a lengthy questionnaire or a runaround that will ultimately mean nothing, click through some obtrusive banner ads, or read the comments section on literally any political article on the web. At least the latter is entertaining. And depressing. Depressingly-entertaining.

  1. Yeah, I know I just had a poll up on the site, but hey, it was tiny and out of the way. I also didn’t charge you any money to take part in it. And besides that… you know… I mean… whatever, man. 
  2. I say theoretically, because given the online population of some XBLIG games, you probably won’t have a lot to compare to. I was always the ‘only’ response available during my time with it.