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‘Aliens Vs. Romans’ is Such a Tease

No, seriously. So much so that I guarantee this story contains more info than the 42-second teaser trailer released by developer¬†Sick Kreations, announcing their brand new IP, Aliens Vs. Romans. Fitting the developer’s M.O., the game will be an FPS.

If you take the title as its word, looks like we might see a Caesar Vs. E.T. or Russell Crowe Vs. ALF duel. Could happen, you never know. What is interesting, though, is the wording of the trailer, promising not just a single-player portion, but co-op and multiplayer as well. The rest is guesswork. As you can see or did see, the trailer isn’t much, just text, with a few seconds of their previous, previous, effort, Nuclear Wasteland 2030, mixed in, which isn’t all that reassuring if that’s their inspiration (I thought the game was kinda lacking). This game does, however, mark the first time the whole Sick Kreations team is together on a project since NW2030.

Still, with no visual or contradictory evidence to support a judgment, I have to sit on the optimists’ side of the fence for this announcement, as they’ve built up some cred with me after their decent multiplayer followup End of Days. That recently-deposed FPS favorite of mine (thanks to Avatar Laser Wars 2) is evidently still going strong, having received numerous patches for bugs and added content over the last few months.

And you can always check out those games while you wait, as there’s currently no release date for Aliens Vs. Romans¬†is eyeing a late Winter 2012¬†release.