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Indie Gamer Chick Bundle is Live!

(EDIT: Though the ‘Indie Gamer Chick Bundle’ is no longer for sale, you can still visit the link to find the most current Bundle on offer.)

As the site name clearly incorporates ‘XBLIG’, short for Xbox Live Indie Games, the focus here is exclusively on games that fall under that banner, for better or worse. I’ll let that rule slide for a day, though, as I am proud to pimp the PC ports of eight former XBLIGs, joined together and bearing the name of the community’s most read / respected critic and ardent supporter. Ladies and Gents, the Indie Gamer Chick Bundle is now live on Indie Royale!

Coming in at a ridiculously cheap price, you’ll net yourself eight fantastic indie games that will easily keep you busy for the rest of the summer. The bundle includes Dead Pixels, Chester, Antipole, LaserCat, Smooth Operators, Little Racers STREET, SpyLeaks, and Orbitron: Revolution. Some of the games are still looking to crack the beast known as Steam Greenlight, too, so be sure to give them an upvote if you’re on that platform. But above all else, enjoy eight fantastic games that got their start on Xbox Live Indie Games!

EDIT 7/27: Discord Games’ navigational puzzler 48 Chambers, and the very excellent RPG (ranked on the leaderboard, ya know) EvilQuest from Chaosoft Games have now joined the bundle. That’s ten (10!) great games for (currently) $4.47, with 3+ days remaining. You need this bundle in your life.


More Info at Indie Gamer Chick

Buy the Indie Gamer Chick Bundle on Indie Royale

Didn’t See That Coming: Dream.Build.Play Winners

Without stopping to let the recent semifinalist shock of some odd choices and even odder omissions sit, the Dream.Build.Play people have gone and announced the winners of this year’s competition. If you haven’t yet heard, go ahead and take a seat for this one.

I’ve been saying it for years… well, the last year, that despite all the negative press (with some admittedly coming from me) and bad tastes left over, you should not sleep on Silver Dollar Games. That for every pile of Who’s the Daddy, poor man’s FMV quiz show crapware they put out, they were building up to something better. They did well with The Jump Heromade it interesting with stuff like Sins of the Flesh, and now, just watch the above trailer for grand prize winner One Finger Death Punch and try not to get excited for the game. I’ll wait. … … … You’re excited, aren’t you? Yeah, me too.

Congrats to the Silver Dollar team, of course, and best of luck in finishing up the game. Last I heard, it was still a few months off from completion. With their newly-gained $40K and a possible XBLA contract, though, I wonder if the release of the game will take a different form than its current, XBLIG-plotted destination.

The runners-up in the Xbox competition, and winning a cool $20K, $10K, and $5K, respectively, are Dead Pixels (still my top XBLIG), Ninja Crash, and upcoming Uprising III title, Gateways. Great job, guys.

On the Windows Phone side, it was nice to see current XBLIG (and Leaderboard member) Pixel Blocked! come away with the first runner up prize. Well done, sir.

It goes without saying, but a huge congratulations to all the winners in the 2012 competition, and again to all that participated. You’re now considered at the top of your class. For the already-released games, I can vouch for their fun and impressive content, and for the rest still to come, I look forward to that future enjoyment.