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REVIEW: Bad Bunny

Don’t let Bad Bunny‘s ($1.00) Batman-esque box art fool you; there is nothing Dark Knight-ish (but mabye slightly Donnie Darko-ish?) about this game. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Sure, it’s a violent, Easter-themed ‘Missile Command‘-style turret defense, but it’s so colorful and bright! Vengeful kittens and bunnies dropping explosive-laden eggs never looked so cheerful!

Bad Bunny - Screen

Why your fellow, big-eared compatriots are attacking you without provocation is never quite explained (Fascists? Can they even understand the concept?), though this could be a Braid-style role reversal, as you are one evil-looking sonuvabitch. So… perhaps it isn’t them attacking you, but you who are the aggressor here. They were only defending themselves this whole time. Whoa.

In any case,  Bad Bunny is the typical setup for the genre; a stationary turret that covers the length of the screen, tasked with defending the fort / burrow you call home. You’re given one life to hold out as long as you can against adorable waves of cloud-riding bunnies and plane-flying cats, with the occasional dropped powerup (a shield, extra turret, laser) as payment to continue on.

Bad Bunny - Screen2

Also cash, which piles up around your ‘bunker abode’ and is never used. There is some challenge involved; you can blast incoming eggs out of the sky as they fall (hence the Missile Command reference), and that does make for some tense moments. Given the chaos of multiple targets and eggs, though, one is inevitably going to slip through.

It’s a simple game that works as advertised, but there’s absolutely nothing here that you haven’t seen done before in a more tidy package. There’s no online leaderboards to compare scores with either, so take away Bad Bunny‘s holiday timing (I’m just late on the review), and you haven’t got much in remainder.


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