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‘Dead Kings’ is Sequel to ‘BloodyCheckers’; Coming Soon

BloodyCheckers and Blood & Bacon (Review) developer BigCorporation is putting the finishing touches on their next project, Dead Kings. The game is a sequel to the beloved castle-crawling, checkers-playing original, featuring a larger castle to explore (six floors), and full co-op support, allowing you to uncover and pillage the castle’s treasures with a friend.

The above trailer doesn’t show off any gameplay whatsoever, but it’s still worth a watch if you’re curious about the work (and some Easter Eggs) going into the game. Only a select few developers could make watching three minutes of menus interesting.

If you want to keep tabs on the game’s development, you can ‘like’ Dead Kingsbrand new Facebook page here.


Dead Kings - Screen

Dead Kings - Screen2

Big Thanks to astute reader ‘Soosh’ for pointing out the info to me. I am a terrible journalist. 

‘Cromo Dynamix’ Goes (Sub)Atomic

Evil is everywhere these days. Secret organizations, spying governments, fast-food chains taking beloved items off their $1 menu (or worse, charging more for them; the horror!). And that’s just the evil you can see. Taking things down to the atomic level, Cromo Dynamix wants to show you the (very) miniature war being fought right under your nose.

Billed as an online shooter for up to 10 players, with AI bots available for single-player sessions, the game looks to feature most of your standard shooter power-ups and arenas. With human opponents, it could make for some exciting battles, but only time will tell how much of a half-life the game has (…forgive that last line, Scientific Community, as it was a tragically unfunny attempt to sound smarter than I really am not).

Cromo Dynamix is currently on track for a late February release. To follow developer ElvishJumpSuit or learn more about the studio’s previous games, you can take a look here.


Cromo Dynamix - ScreenPreview

Cromo Dynamix - ScreenPreview2

Because the World Needs More Beautiful Things, New ‘Dawn of the Ronin’ Trailer

Dawn of the Ronin is a very pretty game. So pretty, I use any excuse to shove more screenshots in the internet’s face. So here, a new trailer accompanying a Greenlight push on Steam, and to acknowledge a broad timeline for release in 2014. Originally slated for late 2013, the delay has been for a good cause, allowing developer x35mm to really polish the mechanics and combat of the game.

It also shows the life of a Samurai is a tough one. While you wouldn’t want to be at the heart of the unrest portrayed in DotR, with rival clans and families battling for the soul of Japan in the 16th Century, you can at least sit back and enjoy the lovely visuals in a slightly-safer 21st Century.

As per the usual, you can follow the developer on Twitter here, or keep tabs on the development blog here.


Dawn of the Ronin - PreviewScreen

Dawn of the Ronin - PreviewScreen2

Dawn of the Ronin - PreviewScreen3

‘Shutshimi’! Ah, gesundheit!

Okay, so fine, maybe it’s not the sound someone makes when they sneeze, but it got your attention, didn’t it? Shutshimi is instead a retro-themed side-scrolling shooter coming from Neon Deity Games early in the new year. It stars a fish, with beefy human arms, carrying a shotgun. Bet you didn’t see that coming.

In keeping with the ‘fish’ theme and myths that just won’t die, everything in the game lasts ten seconds, which is the length of our aquatic friend’s damaged memory. That goes for the waves of enemies you’ll face, and the amount of time you’ll have to shop for powerups (both good and bad) between rounds. With randomized items and levels, the quickened pace, and plenty of headgear to don (who doesn’t enjoy a good hat?), Shutshimi should be… different, to say the very least.


Shutshimi will cost you $1 when it releases in January. You can follow the developers on Twitter here, or swim over to the main site (a PC demo is available).

Royal-looking ‘King Slash’ Coming in 2014

Looking like a sort of melee-focused version of Super Crate Box, albeit with less squares, the forthcoming King Slash is promising plenty of stages and boss encounters to compliment its retro visuals and tunes. It’s also nothing new.

This game seems equally geared towards quick play sessions, so it’s no surprise that developer EyeBoxGames is also releasing it on mobile platforms. So long as the action stays fun and promotes a long-term investment (plenty of unlockables are up for grabs), it could be a nice diversion to start off the new year.


King Slash is expected to hit XBLIG in early 2014. You can follow the developers on Twitter here, or keep an eye (pun intended) on the official site here.