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Roguelike ‘Dungeons of Desolation’ Promises Options

With games like Cursed Loot (a thanks to Alan at The Indie Ocean for the introduction) and Dungeons of Dredmor (another thanks, Alan), as well as the more recent, action-y Sushi Castle, the roguelike is fast becoming a genre type I’m taking more notice of.

Canadian developer OnlyLuck Interactive is looking to add itself to my personal list with the upcoming Dungeons of Desolation, which sees players descending into a labyrinth of monsters beneath the town of Desolation, all randomly-generated, of course. The art is crisp, if a little plain, and a Cursed Loot comparison wouldn’t be out of the question.

In addition to the roguelike features, DoD is promising a wealth of level-up options (90+ skills) and items (150+). The developer’s own playthrough recently clocked in at three hours, so there’s conceivably enough content and equipment possibilities to support any style of play.

Dungeons of Desolation is currently on track for a late August release, and will be reviewed here once its available.

For more info, see the developer’s website.

First Look at ‘Aeternum’

News of an up-and-coming shooter headed to XBLIG isn’t exactly the most original thing you’ll read. It’s an incredibly crowded field already. Unless your hero pisses bullets and has grenades for hands, with a storyline involving reanimated, cybernetic poultry with a taste for classical music (back off world! my idea!), you’ve got a climb ahead of you. Aeternum may or may not have an uphill battle upon release, but it holds promise to me, seeing as I happen to actually know the guys behind its development and what they’re capable of. Well, somewhat.

Brooks Bishop is 1/2 of Two Fedoras, a website dedicated to all things Indie. While the site is on hiatus, he’s slid easily into his side career of game development. Aeternum is his first project, a Bullet Hell shmup a few years in the making, coming under the studio moniker of Wasted Brilliance. He’s taken on a writing partner for Aeternum‘s story, one of my personal heroes, but also a man with seriously sexy hair and 1/4 of Gear-Fish, Nate Graves. Friend of the pair Jesse Bishop rounds out the group, and is on board to handle Soundtrack duties.

And now, the premise:

Ellica is a Demonic Magic Studies student at one of the most prestigious schools in the realm, Aeternum Academy. But her schoolwork has to take a back seat one day when she discovers her best friend Macy is missing!

Help Ellica brave the crazed groundskeeper, an overzealous hall monitor and waves upon waves of wayward flying cats in the adventure of a lifetime… or maybe just the adventure of this week.

While story and dialogue will have a role, it looks to be a light-hearted affair. Any mention of cats is always good. For shooting purists, the option to turn off dialogue is available. There’s an interview with Nate up at the developer’s blog, which highlights some of the challenges involved with storytelling in shooters, as well as a little more insight into Aeternum‘s world and characters. The game promises four stages in total, with boss fights based on pattern. It’s also going to be very hard. With four selectable difficulties, including an ‘insane’ mode that even bests the developer, this will undoubtedly get tagged ‘There Will Be Bullets’.

Brooks pegs the script’s progress at about 60%, with all the principal assets and most of the stage work completed, just additional art and polish and odds and ends to go. I can’t lock down anything more than Winter 2012 for a release (XBLIG, with PC likely to follow), but with any luck, we won’t be waiting too long to give it a try. Shooters run through my veins as equally as blood, and with these fine gents behind the game, it should be something special.


For more on Aeternum, visit the game’s Information page