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‘Dinora’, Now With Friends

Dinora - Splitscreen

While some may grumble it’s not online co-op, Update #2 for Terraria-like world-builder Dinora (original review here) does bring friends into the mix via split-screen play. You and up to three(!) of your pals can now brave the dangers / experience the highs of molding a world in your image… together. Perhaps even better news, you now have access to four save slots, meaning you’re no longer confined to just one character or vision of said molded world.

Weather in Dinora¬†takes a turn for the random, as well, with new dynamic rain / snow systems to account for. Also addressed in this update are some performance quirks and bug fixes. It introduces some new ones, too, apparently, though a game this massive is going to constantly evolve (and improve) with each new patch. If you’ve been sitting on the proverbial fence until now, it’s time to hop off. The game is good fun.

Slightly More ‘Murderous’ and More ‘Market’

Murderous Market - UpdateScreen

Party game / kill all your friends-simulator Murderous Market (review) has received an update, introducing a new character and two additional maps (seen in the screenshots here) in which to get your stab on. There’s also been some under-the-hood improvements to the AI and animation, as well as tweaks to the tutorials.

Murderous Market - UpdateScreen2

Those changes feel mostly negligible. It still owes a debt to Hidden in Plain Sight, and I still consider it inferior to that game, though the additional content here does help stretch your dollar a little further. Best enjoyed in a group setting (though playable with bots), it’s worth a look / few laughs the next time you have friends over.

‘Arcadecraft’ gets Pinball and More in Second DLC

ArcadecraftUpdate - Screen

Firebase Industries and Arcadecraft, lover of classic arcades and all things ‘Eighties’ (review), has just dropped Content Update 2, which adds a dozen new cabinets to stock your arcade with. Get the fictional kids into your fictional shop with new two-player simultaneous standups, or the much-requested (and much-delivered) Pinball machines!

Along with that ‘new arcade machine smell’, there’s been some behind the scenes work / re-balancing, to give the game and players a more randomized run each time they play, changing what order machines release in a given year and generally smoothing the edges on the entire experience. Not in this update (but still coming) is the larger arcade space and customization options that have been shown off previously. Some performance / framerate issues are to blame. For the full list of bullet points on Update 2, head over to Firebase’s official press release.

ArcadecraftUpdate - Screen2

Shear some Aliens and ‘Save Them Sheeps’

Developer MyCodedLife has been toiling away at Save Them Sheeps for quite a stretch now, and has recently shown off a ‘90% complete’ gameplay trailer (seen above, obviously). Turning the tables a bit on this one, you’re in charge of rescuing said sheep from a life of captivity (and constant shearing, no doubt) by some dubious-looking aliens.

Gameplay looks basic, but potentially fun in the ‘arcade’ sense of the word. Looks like you’ll be doing some planet-hopping, too, where the challenge and number of enemy types will attempt to pull the wool over your eyes, …or, ahem, increase in difficulty.


Save Them Sheeps is currently ‘coming soon’. To track its final lap to the marketplace, you can follow the developer here.

‘Jimmy (Gets Some Help) Vs. Zombies’

Though the original review for Jimmy Vs. Zombies meandered around the bush, finding both the good and bad to be about even, a recently-released update for the game looks to correct some of the mistakes I had mentioned and inject some new modes and weapons.

Patch 1.2.2 adds Rush mode, a slimmer, four-wave-per-level campaign package¬†(the original Arcade featured eight waves per stage), as well as ‘Extreme Rush’ and ‘Extreme Arcade’. The ‘extreme’ stands for more zombies, which is good or bad depending on your state of mind regarding zombies. All four modes come with an additional seventh stage, too, having players explore a warehouse in a forest. Finally, this update introduces ‘Granny Unleashed’, a side-scrolling shmup featuring those lovable geriatrics from the local retirement home, mowing down the zombie apocalypse from their souped-up wheelchairs.

Meanwhile, single-player difficulty has been addressed in the most definitive way possible— adding a bazooka with a high drop rate and higher damage output. Yes sir, problem solved, with the trade-off being that the game is now ridiculously easy if you continue to snag said plentiful bazookas. On the upside, this renders my previous argument void, emphatically void. Store prices have been reduced as well, allowing you to access bonuses and unlocks sooner. Solo players should now have very little problem advancing through the game, so go ahead and make the dead… dead, again.