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On the ‘Axiom Verge’ of Greatness

I’m sure there’s someone out there that’s tired of hearing about Metroidvanias, but I am not one of them. Axiom Verge has been in development by one-man show Tom Happ for quite some time now. Visually a cross between the NES / SNES Metroid games, with an inventory system reminiscent of A Link To The Past, and run and gun action like Contra, there’s very few games that pull off the look and feel of the ‘classic gaming’ part as well as Axiom Verge.

The game is trying for a happy medium, with as much focus on weaponry (20+ guns / tools currently) as exploration. Hulking bosses (that cause the screen to zoom out) will provide ample target practice for said guns, with upgrades to seek out in between fights to keep you on their level. Development is coming along slowly but surely, and there’s the potential this game slips to 2014, though regardless of the final release date, it will undoubtedly be worth the wait.


Axiom Verge is tentatively scheduled to hit XBLIG by year’s end. To keep up with the developer’s progress, follow his blog here.

Axiom Verge - Screen

Axiom Verge - Screen2

‘Super Killer Hornet Resurrection’ Has Some Sting

Returning to its roots as the developer of shooters mixed with math, Flump Studios’ newest is a familiar name with not so familiar visuals. Super Killer Hornet: Resurrection retains what made the original Super Killer Hornet unique and addictive, namely its insistence on you solving simple math problems while you shoot.

Visually, though, the game has improved (the original benefited from this upgrade as well, on PC / Ouya), giving it a wider variety of styles and enemy types. Tweaks to the gameplay and the mechanics also indicate that this sequel is striving to be as fun as its predecessor, and teach you a thing or two about numbers in the process.


Super Killer Hornet Resurrection will see release later this Fall. You can follow the developer’s progress here.

Worth Dying For: ‘The Useful Dead’

Now that all the hubbub surrounding Bootdisk Revolution‘s (of Bleed fame) next game has settled, and its been officially christened (thanks to a spirited ‘name the game’ competition), The Useful Dead can get a proper preview. Less daring in scope than, say, reinvigorating the action / platformer genre and taking over this site’s #1 spot with Bleed, the new game is not looking too shabby either.

The concept in The Useful Dead is straightforward; reach the exit by any means necessary. And by ‘any means’, the game says all is fair. If a few cuddly, cute things need to die violently in order for progress to be made… well, swallow your righteous feelings and listen to that devil on your shoulder. Marching them to their demise will present opportunities to traverse the level and / or dodge hazards, leading you to your ultimate goal— the precious at the end of the line.


The Useful Dead is out now. You can follow developer Bootdisk Revolution on Twitter here.

The Useful Dead - Screen

Rent Apartments to Monsters in ‘Unholy Heights’

Already available on PC and the Japanese XBLIG store, developer Petit Depotto has been readying their monster sim / fighter Unholy Heights for its stateside release. The delay is for good reason; nobody on the development team speaks English.

Never fear. Fresh translation work in hand, the game hits peer review shortly. Taking on the role of the Devil, you settle down to the life of being a landlord, renting out to a variety of monsters (because they need a place to live too). You’ll adjust prices, fix up the place, and battle human ‘heroes’ set on their eviction, leveling up your tenants in preparation for world domination. You’re the Devil, after all, what did you think you were doing this for? With the addictive elements of a management sim combined with Tower Defense, it could be quirky fun.


Unholy Heights will likely see release soon, and will run you $2.99 (based on other versions). If you want to follow the developer (in Japanese), you can do so here.

Unholy Heights - Screen 

‘Aeternum’ Invents New Ways to Kill You

Aeternum - Update

Yep, you totally got this.

Wasted Brilliance‘s enjoyable bullet hell (seriously, it is many, many bullets) Aeternum (review) has received some shiny new goodies, primarily the missing ‘5th Stage’ that closes off the first chapter of the game’s story. It brings a new boss fight against ‘Winter’, which has been guaranteed by creator Brooks Bishop to be one of the most challenging things you will ever do in this life. Lucky for you, the art (specifically, the bullets) has been color-adjusted to make it easier to see that wall of assured death coming towards you. Two new songs have also been added, rounding out an already great soundtrack.

The (potentially) bad news to all this otherwise good news? The price for the game on XBLIG is now $2.99. If you were a non-believer and shrugged off my earlier review, you will now literally pay for your insolence in dollars and (fictional) deaths.

For a full list of changes, check out WB’s rundown here. Otherwise, the update is live. Load up the game and take this new punishment like a man.


Aeternum - Update2

Aeternum - Update3