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Didn’t See That Coming: Dream.Build.Play Winners

Without stopping to let the recent semifinalist shock of some odd choices and even odder omissions sit, the Dream.Build.Play people have gone and announced the winners of this year’s competition. If you haven’t yet heard, go ahead and take a seat for this one.

I’ve been saying it for years… well, the last year, that despite all the negative press (with some admittedly coming from me) and bad tastes left over, you should not sleep on Silver Dollar Games. That for every pile of Who’s the Daddy, poor man’s FMV quiz show crapware they put out, they were building up to something better. They did well with The Jump Heromade it interesting with stuff like Sins of the Flesh, and now, just watch the above trailer for grand prize winner One Finger Death Punch and try not to get excited for the game. I’ll wait. … … … You’re excited, aren’t you? Yeah, me too.

Congrats to the Silver Dollar team, of course, and best of luck in finishing up the game. Last I heard, it was still a few months off from completion. With their newly-gained $40K and a possible XBLA contract, though, I wonder if the release of the game will take a different form than its current, XBLIG-plotted destination.

The runners-up in the Xbox competition, and winning a cool $20K, $10K, and $5K, respectively, are Dead Pixels (still my top XBLIG), Ninja Crash, and upcoming Uprising III title, Gateways. Great job, guys.

On the Windows Phone side, it was nice to see current XBLIG (and Leaderboard member) Pixel Blocked! come away with the first runner up prize. Well done, sir.

It goes without saying, but a huge congratulations to all the winners in the 2012 competition, and again to all that participated. You’re now considered at the top of your class. For the already-released games, I can vouch for their fun and impressive content, and for the rest still to come, I look forward to that future enjoyment.

For Better or Worse, Dream.Build.Play 2012 Finalists Announced

Coming from up high, far higher than my eyes are allowed to look, the 20 Xbox 360 finalists for the Dream.Build.Play Challenge 2012 have been handed down to us gaming mortals.

I offer my heartiest congratulations to everyone that made the list. I do not have a problem with any of them, although I do have to wonder about some of the judges’ choices, specifically titles that were left off the list. There were plenty of promising and upcoming games that were mysteriously absent (in fact, too many to post here). Known Gems like Chompy Chomp Chomp and Apple Jack 2 made the cutoff, while other, seemingly-automatic Gems like Super Amazing Wagon Adventure and Compromised, did not.

My personal pick for the competition, Bleed, is among those selected (high-five!), and it is nice to see longtime leaderboard topper Dead Pixels in the running, as well as a few Uprising III titles (Gateways, qrth-phyl, Diehard Dungeon). City Tuesday was somehow denied. And as for my grumblings, hey, it’s all opinions, right? Congratulations again to all those that participated, and to all that remain in the pool for a chance at winning cash and notoriety. Winners will be announced in September. No matter where you sit on the results, Indie wins.

Full listing of the Xbox 360 finalists:

  • A Pixel Escape
  • Gateways (Uprising III Title)
  • Apple Jack 2 (Review)
  • Graveyard Shift
  • Bleed
  • Imagine Earth
  • Brand
  • Moon Cheese
  • Chibis Bomba
  • Ninja Crash
  • Chompy Chomp Chomp (Review)
  • One Finger Death Punch
  • Dead Pixels
  • qrth-phyl (Uprising III Title)
  • Diehard Dungeon (Uprising III Title)
  • Snails
  • Divided
  • Windhaven
  • Face-Plant Adventures
  • Wyv and Keep

‘Aliens Vs. Romans’ is Such a Tease

No, seriously. So much so that I guarantee this story contains more info than the 42-second teaser trailer released by developer Sick Kreations, announcing their brand new IP, Aliens Vs. Romans. Fitting the developer’s M.O., the game will be an FPS.

If you take the title as its word, looks like we might see a Caesar Vs. E.T. or Russell Crowe Vs. ALF duel. Could happen, you never know. What is interesting, though, is the wording of the trailer, promising not just a single-player portion, but co-op and multiplayer as well. The rest is guesswork. As you can see or did see, the trailer isn’t much, just text, with a few seconds of their previous, previous, effort, Nuclear Wasteland 2030, mixed in, which isn’t all that reassuring if that’s their inspiration (I thought the game was kinda lacking). This game does, however, mark the first time the whole Sick Kreations team is together on a project since NW2030.

Still, with no visual or contradictory evidence to support a judgment, I have to sit on the optimists’ side of the fence for this announcement, as they’ve built up some cred with me after their decent multiplayer followup End of Days. That recently-deposed FPS favorite of mine (thanks to Avatar Laser Wars 2) is evidently still going strong, having received numerous patches for bugs and added content over the last few months.

And you can always check out those games while you wait, as there’s currently no release date for Aliens Vs. Romans is eyeing a late Winter 2012 release.

Uprising III is Officially Online

After much buildup, a tiny trickle of news, then further silence, Indie Games Uprising III is now officially open for business and showcasing its wares! Nine all-new XBLIG titles, representing the best and brightest the service has to offer, will be released under the banner.

Check out the official site (also follow on Twitter & Facebook) for up-to-date info. It’s a little sparse there for now; that should change in the next few days, as each game gets its own page and relevant data. Release order for the games is still to be determined (EDIT: see dates below), but Uprising III will run from September 10th to the 20th, with a game released every weekday during the promotion. List of titles, in case you dislike epic trailers and prefer your news in written form? Absolutely.

  • qrth-phyl  –  Monday, September 10th
  • Sententia  –  Tuesday, September 11th
  • Diehard Dungeon  –  Wednesday, Sepetember 12th
  • Gateways  –  Thursday, September 13th
  • Smooth Operators  –  Friday, September 14th
  • Entropy  –  Monday, September 17th
  • City Tuesday  –  Tuesday (Ha!), September 18th
  • XenoMiner  –  Wednesday, September 19th
  • Pixel  –  Thursday, September 20th

And you can safety bookmark theXBLIG now (pfft, as if you haven’t already), as I will be covering all nine games, posting Previews and individual trailers, and, of course, reviews for each with priority status. You can keep current with the dedicated link in ‘The Specialty’ column to your left for all Uprising-related posts.

Indie sites around the net will be working together on this one, pooling resources and links, doing interviews and video commentaries with the developers. While I don’t have the manpower for that, I will do my part to link to as much of that extended coverage as I can, ensuring everyone a fair amount of Uprising news no matter who they visit. The start may still be over a month away, but you have permission to start frothing now. The games look great and I’m beyond excited. Look for updates leading up to the launch, as the third Indie Games Uprising will give all of us reason to celebrate indie development come September.