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‘Super Amazing Wagon Adventure’ …Turbo!

Dude, wait for the drop.

It seems that Super Amazing Wagon Adventure (review) just got a little more super, or amazing, or perhaps both super and amazing. Or just added a ‘Turbo’ to the end of the title. Whatever. It means DLC.

In celebration of the game’s recent acceptance and release on Steam (a hearty Congrats! are due to developer Sparsevector), the Xbox Live Indie version of the game has received a little extra love, namely the ‘Turbo’ update that the PC and Steam versions were blessed with. Packing new character customization options, wagons, and some added gameplay scenes (plague monkeys… don’t get any on you), it should pepper in a little more ‘far-fetched’ into your westward journey.

‘Aeternum’ Invents New Ways to Kill You

Aeternum - Update

Yep, you totally got this.

Wasted Brilliance‘s enjoyable bullet hell (seriously, it is many, many bullets) Aeternum (review) has received some shiny new goodies, primarily the missing ‘5th Stage’ that closes off the first chapter of the game’s story. It brings a new boss fight against ‘Winter’, which has been guaranteed by creator Brooks Bishop to be one of the most challenging things you will ever do in this life. Lucky for you, the art (specifically, the bullets) has been color-adjusted to make it easier to see that wall of assured death coming towards you. Two new songs have also been added, rounding out an already great soundtrack.

The (potentially) bad news to all this otherwise good news? The price for the game on XBLIG is now $2.99. If you were a non-believer and shrugged off my earlier review, you will now literally pay for your insolence in dollars and (fictional) deaths.

For a full list of changes, check out WB’s rundown here. Otherwise, the update is live. Load up the game and take this new punishment like a man.


Aeternum - Update2

Aeternum - Update3

‘Dinora’, Now With Friends

Dinora - Splitscreen

While some may grumble it’s not online co-op, Update #2 for Terraria-like world-builder Dinora (original review here) does bring friends into the mix via split-screen play. You and up to three(!) of your pals can now brave the dangers / experience the highs of molding a world in your image… together. Perhaps even better news, you now have access to four save slots, meaning you’re no longer confined to just one character or vision of said molded world.

Weather in Dinora┬átakes a turn for the random, as well, with new dynamic rain / snow systems to account for. Also addressed in this update are some performance quirks and bug fixes. It introduces some new ones, too, apparently, though a game this massive is going to constantly evolve (and improve) with each new patch. If you’ve been sitting on the proverbial fence until now, it’s time to hop off. The game is good fun.

Slightly More ‘Murderous’ and More ‘Market’

Murderous Market - UpdateScreen

Party game / kill all your friends-simulator Murderous Market (review) has received an update, introducing a new character and two additional maps (seen in the screenshots here) in which to get your stab on. There’s also been some under-the-hood improvements to the AI and animation, as well as tweaks to the tutorials.

Murderous Market - UpdateScreen2

Those changes feel mostly negligible. It still owes a debt to Hidden in Plain Sight, and I still consider it inferior to that game, though the additional content here does help stretch your dollar a little further. Best enjoyed in a group setting (though playable with bots), it’s worth a look / few laughs the next time you have friends over.

‘Arcadecraft’ gets Pinball and More in Second DLC

ArcadecraftUpdate - Screen

Firebase Industries and Arcadecraft, lover of classic arcades and all things ‘Eighties’ (review), has just dropped Content Update 2, which adds a dozen new cabinets to stock your arcade with. Get the fictional kids into your fictional shop with new two-player simultaneous standups, or the much-requested (and much-delivered) Pinball machines!

Along with that ‘new arcade machine smell’, there’s been some behind the scenes work / re-balancing, to give the game and players a more randomized run each time they play, changing what order machines release in a given year and generally smoothing the edges on the entire experience. Not in this update (but still coming) is the larger arcade space and customization options that have been shown off previously. Some performance / framerate issues are to blame. For the full list of bullet points on Update 2, head over to Firebase’s official press release.

ArcadecraftUpdate - Screen2