REVIEW: Loot Or Die 2

For me, the first Loot or Die was an enjoyable shooter that scratched a 2D Destiny-like itch, handing over generous amounts of loot in exchange for a run through simplistic space environments filled with various, spongy enemies. To the surprise of absolutely no one, Loot or Die 2 ($1.00) does all that again, and again cribs a little bit more of Destiny‘s approach to shoot and loot, with similarly fun results….. provided you still like to grind for hours on end achieving the desired statistics and perks for your armor and weapons1.

Loot or Die 2 - Screen

This game (as well as the first one) isn’t nearly as deep and grind-y as Bungie’s space opus, but it’s still has that familiar undercurrent that runs throughout. You can roll solo, or form a fireteam of four to tackle everything in co-op. Levels are straightforward affairs, Point A to Point B (save for the new ‘Patrol’ and Defend’ mission types, which are just glorified ‘kill all the enemies’ types), defeat a boss with an easily recognizable pattern to earn a loot drop, and repeat.

Which is fine, because Loot or Die 2 gives you what any good sequel should; more of what you liked about the original. In this case, it’s chasing new and improved armor, weapons, and runes (think special abilities) across several locales and planets, fighting numerous— albeit same-y— enemies and a handful of bosses. That idea of loot-based progress is fun, and felt incrementally, slowly building you up to take on the next planet’s deadlier (read: spongier) foes.

Similar to Destiny’s enjoyable leveling-up, you must seek out various materials to ‘mod’ your weapons and equipment, giving them new perks and increasing their effectiveness. They can range from granting you additional currency and materials, allowing you to use your abilities more often, or to being able to heal yourself faster and better, among others. Leveling up these attributes won’t (generally) break the game’s systems2 and make you an untouchable badass, but it does go a long way to convincing you can be, while letting you choose your preferred style of play.

Loot or Die 2 - Screen2

Other improvements include daily quests to complete for guaranteed high-level loot, a hub world for players to gather up and set off on missions, and a vault for storing and organizing your most precious loot. Granted, you can finish the game in about an hour, but there is no set ‘end’. The game’s new prestige mode effectively lets you play forever, scaling up the enemies and your weapons each time you reset the game world.

On the downside, the difficulty this time around isn’t as drastic (meaning the title of the game isn’t quite as literal); I was able to progress pretty far on subsequent planets just by using armor and weapons I found early on. Also worth noting, Loot or Die 2 doesn’t include a player-versus-player mode / arenas like the original game. The solid co-op makes up for that to a degree, but it would have been nice to have the option return for the sequel.

These are minor quibbles in the grand scheme, however, as you’ll be far too busy trying on new armor and testing out new weapons to care. If fun is the measure by which you judge something’s worth, this game accomplishes that mission easily. Loot or Die 2 doesn’t feel as fresh or as memorable as the first game, but it’s still just as satisfying to grind for the perfect loadout now as it was then.

  1. I know I do, because I’m a very sick person. I need help. 
  2. Unless you go with a build that lets you constantly regenerate health and steal health from your enemies, like me. Hey, it’s not cheating if the game allows for it! :) 

6 thoughts on “REVIEW: Loot Or Die 2”

  1. Just released harder prestige mode before xblig closes. If you thought the game was too easy after prestiging… try it now!

    1. Nice, good that you could get that through. Hopefully ‘lolznoob’ can still get his update for Survivalist pushed through even though the marketplace is locked down. That’d be a shame if he didn’t, but at least they have the ‘old’ download working again, so it’s not lost in the dark corners of time and broken. I think I saw that Caroline’s Important LifeDiary (the last XBLIG!) is currently broken too, but that should get fixed by next week.

      Whew, you guys pulled it off! It was getting scary there in the last few weeks, but luckily everyone came together to get stuff released and working!

  2. Let me know if/when you’d like to play. I’m considering adding a pvp section, though the pve can get pretty crazy at the higher prestiges.

    1. I could see that in PvE. I went to prestige level 2, and the very last boss encounter wrecked me quite a few times before I got past it. Sure, I was being an idiot and taking a lot of silly hits, but that’s the first encounter in a while that gave me trouble. As for PvP, if the game does well for you, it’s a consideration. I had to mention it in the review and all, but I’m not sure it’d be worth the effort unless you see a good attachment rate.

      Oh, and I’d say we could play tonight, but I’m not sure I’d be home early enough to get some games in, and I know you guys don’t like the later nights.

  3. This one ninja’d me. I didn’t even know it was close to releasing … gonna have to fire up the 360 tonight and start Looting (and mostly Dying) tonight!

    1. Ha, it probably ‘ninja’d’ a lot of people. That’s the reality of XBLIG for these final months. New releases are often bugged from the start, so you can’t download them, and it’s not always clear when they’ll be fixed, so it’s kind of a ‘I’ll log in and see if I can actually download something’ deal. Sucks that Chris and everybody else submitting games has that huge cloud of uncertainty hanging over.

      But, as for the game proper, you should be fine. I found it to be a tad easier than the first one, and if you’re modding your favorite gun / armor piece as you go (no namesake guns for us this time, sadly 😦 ), you can do pretty well.

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