REVIEW: Global Warfare

With XBLIG fast approaching its ‘sell your new game by this date1‘ line in the sand drawn by Microsoft, I think it’s safe to say that you’ll start seeing more side projects and games-in-perpetual-development coming to the service over the next few months, eager to get listed before the sunsetting process kicks into high(er) gear. While it’s hardly unfinished, Svantech Studios’ Global Warfare ($1.00) probably picked as good a time as any to release.

Global Warfare is a first-person shooter that lets you battle against up to eight players (or less-intelligent AI bots) online in a free-for-all setting, with four-player split-screen even being an option, if you’re so inclined. While your ‘soldier’ is the usual generic, kill-everything type2, you can choose from three weapon classes (Tommy Gun = Assault, Bulldozer = Shotgun, and Sharp Shooter = Sniper) to adapt to the fight as need be.

As per the standard rule of online shooters, killing players and bots (and um… birds too— nothing is safe) gives you experience points, which go towards ranking up your character. There’s no current reward in the game for doing so, but hey, leveling up in life is its own reward, or so I’m told. You can tinker with the match settings beforehand, altering the number of kills needed to win, say, or how many bots you’ll face off against.

Global Warfare - Screen

All of the arenas in the game offer you plenty of terrain to take cover and shoot from (with sniping fools from close range or afar feeling particularly pleasant). Two of the four maps3 are highly-reminiscent of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare maps, which isn’t a bad thing in my book. Couple that brand of FPS nostalgia with a decent, if not exactly thrilling battle against mindless AI bots, and you’ve got a pretty also-decent recipe for an FPS that handles just as well.

Of course, you could probably do better with friends or some live human competition. It remains a crime that XBLIG is all but forgotten these days, and that fact especially hurts multiplayer-focused games. It’s the same story here. But even without a community to support it, Global Warfare offers enough content (and future content) to satisfy its small asking price.

EDIT: 9/9: Global Warfare made its promised update right before the XBLIG marketplace closed down, adding two new maps to the game. ‘Area 51’ is set on a— you guessed it— secret military base with alien technology, while ‘Donarium’ is a very pretty jungle map. You now have two more reasons to enjoy an already enjoyable FPS. Screens of the new environments below!

  1. That’d be September 9th, in case you’ve forgotten. 
  2. I mean, you can change the color of your shirt in the option menu, so maybe you’re not just a generic killing machine after all! 
  3. With more on the way. The developer plans to release an update in the next month or so, tweaking some elements and adding a couple of new maps to the game. You can’t argue with that. 

14 thoughts on “REVIEW: Global Warfare”

  1. This game is amazing I bought it and ever since I bought it my brother and I have been playing it every night we love the guns love the stages we love campaign mode and death match and hope for future updates and great work on the game we’re loving it

  2. For some reason I cant reply the code comment, I want a one, Timmy, I can use that extra dollar for the stripper, so she can use it on weed, heroin or whatever is good for her body (Btw ppl should watch Leaving Las Vegas with Nicolas Cage, awesome movie), its sound like a nice multiplayer couch game, I will like the code, if you are happy to comply.

    1. Code is yours! I can’t, in good conscience, sleep well knowing that I’ve denied a stripper an extra dollar, so I am compelled to send a code for the game to you immediately!

      Also, bonus points for mentioning Leaving Las Vegas, which I haven’t seen in years! As much as everybody likes to hate on Nic Cage, the guy has done some decent films over the years. Well worth the watch.

    1. I’d like to hope so, especially as the new releases trickle off and all we’re left with is what’s been released. Maybe people will take a new / fresh look at things before they’re completely gone.

      But, I hear that is the plan for Global Warfare, fine-tune some things here on XBLIG, see what works and what doesn’t, then move on to (I’m assuming) PC / Steam, and beyond.

  3. Enjoy your FPS with a little COD1 sprinkled in? Of course you do. Thanks to developer Svantech Studios, I have FOUR copies of Global Warfare to give away. If you’re interested, simply post a reply below!

    1. The game, not the fish. 

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