REVIEW: Avatar Laser Attack

Though they’ve since branched out to other consoles and ideas, Strange Games Studios has been at the ‘FPS XBLIG’ game for a long time. Running between paintball wars and zombies wave shooters, they’ve generally offered up basic but fun experiences, competent if ultimately same-y and rough around its gameplay edges. Avatar Laser Attack ($1.00) continues that trend unabated.

Avatar Laser Attack - Screen

Its setup comes with your standard FPS toppings; online deathmatches for up to 16 players1 on a single map, or offline play against the pathetically-easy AI2 for you solo artists. The arena itself— a ‘space station’— is passable but largely nondescript, a mix of interconnected hallways, kill rooms, and balconies. And crates. Lots and lots of crates. You’ll find the usual assortment of ammo boxes and health packs scattered around, as well as the occasional killstreak pickup in physical form.

Like previous Strange Games shooters (and a la Call of Duty), the killstreaks here run as a reward for netting a set number of kills without dying, starting with personal radar, then letting you dual-wield your current gun, and finally, making you temporarily invulnerable to enemy bullets. You can activate them at any time after earning them, giving you some control and strategy over how the battles play out.

Avatar Laser Attack - Screen2

The progression system wisely follows the FPS mold, gifting you XP for kills (and taunts, if you’re so inclined) to increase your level and gain access to additional weapons (think laserfied SMGs, assault rifles, and a rail gun) and perks (faster reloads, quicker weapon swaps, etc.). None of these guns or unlockable skills are particularly revolutionary or necessary to the end game, but they are a nice incentive to continue grinding. For a little while.

Avatar Laser Attack plays fine and controls well enough (switch your view from third-person to first-person in the options right away), though it’s nothing you haven’t seen and heard and played from this developer before. It’s fun for a few matches if you’ve got friends to invite, but alone (the way most people will probably play it), it just doesn’t have the staying power.

  1. Not gonna happen, because XBLIG. 
  2. Like ’75 kills and maybe one death’ type of pathetically-easy. That’s fine if you want to feel like a golden god, but not so much if you came looking for a challenging fight. 

2 thoughts on “REVIEW: Avatar Laser Attack”

  1. Diarrhea game development is rampant in XBLIG. It’s too bad it’s dead and I miss the heyday with online play there. I bet for a buck or a few there was lots of good times to be had. Block Kings proved this to me.

    1. Well, almost dead. 😀 I still keep an eye on a few projects, and I swear there’s still one or two big games coming before the final sell-by date and shutdown. And that’s what I know of, not counting anything anybody’s working on that I haven’t seen. You may have to get that 360 fixed yet!

      As for Avatar Laser Attack, I do remember having a conversation with Reggie (the developer) at one point, where he was lamenting the lack of an audience on XBLIG, and how it didn’t make sense to pour time and resources into it when very few people would end up playing it. I’m still honestly surprised that he puts out new games on the service, but that could be to help supplement his work on other projects. I guess this game would be NEW to someone who hasn’t played his previous games, but for me, it’s only so many times you can pump out the same ideas before they feel antiquated.

      That, and, you know, there’s is really no one left to play these multiplayer-focused games anymore.

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