REVIEW: Block King 2

Much like the original, the genius (those always judging books by their covers would say anti-genius) of Block King 2 ($1.00) isn’t in its basic, blocky1 looks or its limited selection of game modes; it’s in its uncanny ability to bring together groups of friends to take part in frantic, FPS-style, human-Jenga deathmatches. Said matches are usually full of obscenities, WTF moments, and plenty of human error blamed on the game, internet connections, and other imaginary obstructions2. Oh, and fun, too. There’s a lot of fun here.

Block King 2 - Screen

The premise of the game remains unchanged. You— and up to seven others online— battle for the high ground3 while simultaneously breaking apart the ground beneath you… and others, of course. While you shoot and control your avatar from the standard FPS perspective, the emphasis here is more on platforming. Your success ultimately depends on your ability to dodge and jump with as much grace as you can muster, and maybe get off a well-timed shot or two. If you can grab the lone powerup (think higher jumps, multi-shots, etc.) at the beginning of the match too, well, you’re most of the way there.

New this time around are a couple of different block types, including one that prevents you from jumping (not good when you’re in the heat of battle), and another that automatically sends you flying once you touch it. The game’s biggest change comes with the much-needed inclusion of A.I. bots that will stand in for human players while playing offline, which is extremely helpful given the lack of an online community. Such is the state of XBLIG; you’re more than likely going to  have to organize matches with friends yourself, rather than hoping to find random people playing the game.

Block King 2 - Screen2

Which you should, because Block King 2 is a hell of a lot of fun to play online. Thankfully it’s not required as it was with the first game, but that’s definitely the intended way to go (and sadly, you won’t be able to unlock new characters and skin colors unless you play online). Once again, games like Block King 2 prove you don’t need the fanciest visuals and a dozen different game modes to make a great game. All you need is a rather simple idea, some blocks, randomized chaos, and a few friends.

  1. Sorry, too easy. 
  2. Add some blatant racism and homophobic remarks to the mix, and you’d have your average online gaming experience. 
  3. The ‘high ground’ is tactically important, always. Anakin didn’t have it, and look what happened to him. Sure, you get a cool suit and the voice of James Earl Jones, but you’re giving up Natalie Portman and an actual human body with all your appendages. Seems like a steep penalty for not having the ‘high ground’, amirite? 

16 thoughts on “REVIEW: Block King 2”

  1. Huh? This site is alive? At least it gets revive more often than my love life. This site reminds of that 40 something stripper that get outclassed by the young ones, but then, out of nowhere she learn a new trick and it gets the attention again, I actually mean the xbox indie games, but this site depends on that so, is the same thing. I was always curious about this game, so, if you have a code I will like one, boyo. As they say, that old stripper might not got as many views as in the past, but we will never forget that awesome memories when we out put our dollar. Always loved the comedy and the community in this site, and should not be forgotten. 🙂

    1. Ha, yeah, this stripper (and I mean the site / XBLIG, not me personally) still has a few tricks left, so don’t count her out yet. She doesn’t move that fast anymore, but she gets the job done… eventually. She’s a nice lady…. and I think I’m still talking about XBLIG… so, code will be coming your way in a bit. 😉

    2. Yeah, this site ia like an Oreo in the fridge, it might not spread wide open as easily, but when it does, there is still tasty in the middle. Btw, the code you give me got an extra letter, my detective skills sucks so I could not figure out wich one, but I notice you wrote 6 characters before the 1st “-“

    3. Nevermind, I figure it out, it was like a game outside a game, nice puzzle, boyo. Thx for the code, now I can see why you ppl like it so much. :3

    4. Oh no problem, and glad to see you have a metaphor lined up for every possible situation. 😀 I apologize for the unintended puzzle (I was pasting a ‘2’ before the code from the game’s title), but you got it sorted out before I saw it, so congrats! Enjoy the game!

    1. Yeah, maybe one of these weekends we can get the old group back together for a few battles. I’m usually around, but I know the weekends are best for some.

      And I got bored with COD really fast these past two games. I wasn’t even going to buy BO3, but I like what Treyarch does with the series usually. I guess this year feels a little too much like last year, and I didn’t really like the new mechanics to it then. Titanfall does it better, in my opinion. 😉

    2. You guys set a date and I’ll be there. Always up to wreck some blocks. Ah … who am I kidding. I’lll be there to lose to Derp.

    3. You, me, Metal, hell, Everyone… loses to Chris and Derp eventually. Sure, we occasionally get lucky and win a few, but it’s all just delaying the inevitable. But hey, at least we’re having fun, right? Right? …right? 😛

  2. I’m a little late on this, but I just remembered that Chris gave me a bunch of codes for the game way back when (I’m extremely late on the review, in case you couldn’t tell). If you’re interested in trying out Block King 2, drop a reply and I’ll send a code your way!

  3. I couldn’t get into it with AI robots. Maybe if they laughed and talked smack like it was when we played the first one together it would be ok but in my opinion this is a party game and best served with friends and friends of friends.

    I really miss the heyday of XBLIG. I was even late to those for the most part but at least I caught it on the tail end.

    Glad to see a post. Waiting for something to make me want to boot my 360 back up. Man I moved on fast.

    1. Haha. Only if the A.I. talked smack in old-school robotic speak (like a drone, without emotion), and exclusively did ‘Yo Mama’ putdowns. That I would love to see. Actually reminds me of the corny ‘Yo Mama’ jokes in another XBLIG FPS, Servo Series I and Project Crossover. The kind that’s so bad it’s actually kind of good. 😉

      As for a killer game to make you go back to your 360… well, I’m not sure. You may dig Oft Horizon if you like sailing and exploration (it’s also really pretty), and Crawlers and Brawlers seems interesting. Time will tell, but you certainly can’t be blamed for transferring to the One. Lots of good stuff there, as you’ve mentioned.

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