REVIEW: More Fun With Twins

Hmm, More Fun With Twins ($1.00), you say? I mean, it sounds like a challenge, so let’s go ahead and dissect that affirmative statement posing as a game title that’s posing as a game, the reality of it being a lazy match-2 card thing with tits, a blatant cash grab of the worst sort. I’d rather re-play Date The Boss, another of developer DUALHAZE’s projects that seems to defy the odds (and good taste) and continues to be a popular read here at this site1, but I digress.

More Fun With Twins - Screen

Sure, there’s plenty of things in life that are improved by twins. Gum commercials from the 1980s, Arnold Schwarzenegger movies, Crayon Pop, cute pet viral videos, proponents of large families, kids shows (with each twin playing the polar opposite of the other; ha, so easy to mine for comedy gold!2); the list goes on and on. More Fun With Twins does not belong on that list, or in anyone’s game library.

Here’s the setup: a woman named ‘Illiana’ tasks you with matching sets of ‘twins’ cards (i.e. ladies in lingerie) over the course of twenty stages3, supposedly to learn her ‘deepest secrets’. Basically, you flip over cards ad nauseam. Every few rounds, the timer speeds up and another set of cards (and twins, natch!) is added, conceivably to increase the challenge and longevity of this tired exercise. It doesn’t. Even more baffling, the game keeps score, and gives you bonus points for tapping on ‘bonus cards’, which serve zero function and actually cost you the time you waste clicking on them. Baffling.

More Fun With Twins - Screen2

Reach the end, and you get to see Illiana’s milky jugs! That’s not hyperbole or sexual slang of any kind. Suffer through More Fun With Twins and you simply earn an image of two jugs of milk. Seriously. Once again, no joke, no trick. Two jugs of milk. I would have put ‘spoiler alert’ before that big reveal, but the only thing potentially being spoiled here is that digital milk, and your good name. I’ve now saved you from that tragedy and this travesty. You’re welcome.

  1. Which, yes, is a continued contradiction. I absolutely abhor these games and everything they stand for, yet I cover them here, giving them exposure (…hehe, exposure) and me page clicks. So, in actuality, am I just as guilty as these developers? Am I this terrible person lamenting the fall of XBLIG while simultaneously dragging it down further!? Am I the Trojan Horse parked inside my own house!?! Of course… of course… of course… 
  2.  Sarcasm 
  3. Yes, I really played through the entirely of this drivel for you guys. The things I do for the sake of thorough indie journalism! 

15 thoughts on “REVIEW: More Fun With Twins”

  1. Hi ! I played many XBLIG games (more than 50) and i can tell quality dramatically decreased since 2013.

    1. Yeah, the good ones are few and far between, I agree. I missed some of the ‘Golden Age’ of XBLIG, but I was fortunate enough to play / experience a lot of really great games too. Things are slow now, yet I’m still holding onto the hope that there will be at least a couple more memorable games to be released.

  2. Hey Chris! If you are interested in a cash grab before XBLIG goes away I want collaborate with you on a game. We’ll call it Master Baker and the object of the game is to bake pies and eat them and the better you get the better the surprise picture at the bottom of they pie plate gets. Kinda following in the footsteps of Revenge of the Nerds a bit I know but I’ll supply all the artwork for it and you supply the gaming code. You in?

    1. I’d be down sure. Let’s DM on Twitter maybe instead of hijacking this thread? @foldberg1

      Nothing is a guaranteed cash grab… The games I pour the most work into rarely pay out while cheesy horror games are killing it lol

    2. @ImTheMetalLord & Chris: Haha, you guys go ahead and make that game. I’ll review it, and I’ll be merciless! 😉

      Just out of curiosity, will all this Masterbaking include co-op masterbaking, so you can masterbake with friends? Or are you better off just masterbaking alone? 😀

  3. Woah, no offense, I know this is your personal blog and not a professional gaming site, so I know you don’t need to stick to any kind of common etiquette or standards, but man, giving away the endings to games in a review with no spoiler warning or anything, that’s kinda off imo. I really like trying these games out, the good and the bad, and what you’ve done here is effectively take away the choice of your readers to find out the ending for ourselves. You might totally hate the game but spoiling it for others… I’m just not sure who gains anything from you doing this…Next time I guess I’ll play the game before I come here 😦

    1. I don’t have a problem with him putting that information out there. These trash games need to stop. It’s killed the whole XBLIG channel IMO and I appreciate the public service Tim does but giving this information out.

    2. @Josh: Personal… bl…. bl…. blog? BLOG!? And not… NOT a professional site…. (sniff, sniff) Ouch, sir. 😦 Nah, that’s okay. 🙂

      In my defense, I never reveal endings / major plot points for 99% of the games I cover here. I don’t… I mean, I didn’t, think that anyone was playing this game (or any of its type) for the ‘story’ or ‘ending’. If you were truly hoping to discover Illiana’s deepest secrets on your own, then please accept my humble apology. I’ve robbed you of that mystery and thrill, and that’s not right. 😉

      Ok. Ok. Sarcasm aside, I’m no professional critic, and I truly didn’t believe that a stock photo of two jugs of milk qualified as any kind of story / ending / worthwhile reward. Actually, it feels like a slap across the face for wasting twenty minutes— and one dollar— of my life. Like ‘ImTheMetalLord’ mentioned above me, this is nothing more than a throwaway game, and yes, even at a paltry $1, I figured I was doing you guys a solid by telling you to avoid it. But, you do have a point about ‘player choice’. Irregardless of personal opinion or how terrible a game might be, I should leave the ‘ending’ alone for those who are brave enough to witness it. Lesson learned. I think we’ve all grown…. Gah, damn sarcasm.

      @ImTheMetalLord: Thank you, sir. 😉

    3. Dammit, that’s a far more impressive ‘ending’ than the true one. Covers both sides of the aisle too; tits for the teen crowd, literal irony for the rest. Nice work! 😀

    1. I’ll pass on this one.. still holding out for; “Most Fun With Twins”

    2. Haha, agreed. If you’re going to title your game something, make sure it’s the absolute maximum amount of whatever you’re peddling. ‘More’ is nice, but Most— a developer can swoop right in and steal your twin-thunder. 😀

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