‘Loot Or Die’ Seems Interesting, and Very Literal

It saddens me to say this, but there is less and less to get excited about on XBLIG these days, insofar as upcoming games that are still coming to the service. Loot Or Die, from ubiquitous developer Chris Antoni, is looking to break that dry cycle.

Coined as a sort of twin-stick / RPG shooter— with drop-in co-op— the game sees you battling aliens and other creatures on a number of different planets. Strategy and depth come into play with the gear and weapons you collect in each stage, ranging from common items to more epic armor and weapons that will increase your stats. The novel ‘ring’ system gives you additional perks to choose from, such as double damage, or allowing you to warp ahead of enemies and / or beyond hazards. True to the game’s name, you’ll have to find better equipment if you hope to survive from planet to planet.

Currently on Day 17 (of an unknown total), the game is shaping up well. Rather than subscribing to the speedier development cycle that his previous releases have seen, the developer is taking his time with this one, polishing the gameplay / mechanics. That added attention to detail should pay off when Loot Or Die is eventually released.

You can follow developer Chris Antoni on Twitter, and keep up with the game’s progress on YouTube.

55 thoughts on “‘Loot Or Die’ Seems Interesting, and Very Literal”

  1. Patch 1.0 coming very soon with defend the flag mode and a boss battle level. Tons of changes coming and a much better end game for players to enjoy. Hoping that the 10-15 people I see online each night keeps increasing!

  2. Just picked it up and am really having fun with it. The BOSS at the end of World 1 crunched me. I guess I’ll need to tool/loot up … and find my namesake gun!

    1. you can jump over him if you time it right (hint let him run under you!)

    2. @andregurov: Haha, yeah, but we all took care of him the second time around, didn’t we?

      @andregurov & Chris & Jordan Michael: Good games last night, guys! 😀

    1. I was just on about twenty minutes ago, so I’m sure I missed anyone playing the game… 😉 The work week makes for a hectic schedule, but I’ll probably be on again tomorrow night, if anyone wants to play. It’ll be late, unfortunately.

      This weekend though, we should definitely try to set up a time to get on and play. Do some co-op, possibly give the PvP arena a go. 😀

      @Chris: I’m loving it so far. Got through the first planet, and just started in on the second. Clearly, I’m going to need better gear, so that’s my mission for tomorrow night. Good fun, sir! (thumbs up)

    2. Just saw that i did 3 obvious mistakes on this post… I should read myself sometimes before posting x)
      So here’s my opinion for the game right now:
      It is AWESOME. Everything works, there is no lag in coop and for pvp (didn’t tried 8 players yet so i can’t comment on that). When I mean 0, i really mean 0, so good job on that Chris. Unfortunately there is one bug kind of Game Breaking but Chris will patch it anyways. The difficulty is there, there is a lot of loot and there is FUN.

    3. @Derp: Fixed the errors, like it never happened. 😉

      Good to hear that the online portion is working well. I was playing pretty late, so no one joined my game randomly (and I didn’t see any games listed in the ‘join’ mode), but I was curious to see how that worked. Eventually, I think. Agreed, though, that everything feels solid and fun, and fun is obviously the most important ingredient to get right.

    4. The bug he’s referring to is helpful but doesn’t guarantee victory. I will fix it in a patch along with several other planned updates. Little changes like making epic loot show up as purple in the inventory and fixing in game chat are also planned. Keep the ideas flowing, I definietly want to patch more content into this game as the responses have been awesome. I’ll be on tonight if anyone needs help leveling up!

    5. There seems to be something wrong with the xbox marketplace via the web. It wouldn’t allow me to navigate to the indie games page. I’ll just have to wait till I get home and try to purchase it directly from my 360. Is anyone else having this problem?

    6. btw.. leave it to Derp to find a bug that “almost” guarantees victory ha

    7. @Chris: Just for humor’s sake, what does this ‘bug’ entail? Not that I’m going to try using it to benefit myself, of course, but merely for the purposes of obtaining knowledge… 😉

      @Jordan Michael: Well, the box art / screenshots didn’t show up for me (using Chrome) until this morning, so perhaps those issues are related to yours. I was able to download the game on the Xbox itself (the screenshots did appear there), and had no problems otherwise.

    8. If you are playin coop and you die, you can leave thegame and come back to respawn. Kind of sucks because the bosses are way too easy that way.

    9. Scratch that, It’s working fine now. Just made my purchase 😀 My 360 username is; JordanLandry327 ..if anyone is interested in playing tonight, I’ll try my hardest to be there.

    10. @Derp: Haha, so then it’s just like doing the ‘Nightfall’ strikes in Destiny, where you can just have players who die in unfortunate spots leave and come back. 😀 That’s not a ‘bug’, that’s a clever ‘exploit’. Chris should leave that in as another subtle (or not so subtle) nod to Destiny, although I can see how that would make the boss fights too easy.

      @Jordan: I will add you tonight when I log on. Didn’t get the chance to play yesterday, so I’m behind on my looting. 😦 Hoping I can get home at a decent time and still have the energy to play at least another planet or two.

    11. @Tim: I know what you mean.. time and energy is definitely a factor. That being said; I really feel like I missed the boat while everyone was playing “Block King” so this time around I’m gonna make an honest effort to play. “Loot or Die”? I choose loot. 😀

    12. I have an amazing update planned that I’m going to try and get finished in a week. So enjoy the game now, but it’s going to get even better very soon 🙂

    13. Completed for next patch:
      1. fixed pvp spawn point in castle
      2. lifesteal proc is now 50%
      3. lime ring heals allies too!
      4. life/armor/damage limited in each level to max stats for that level
      5. quitting a multiplayer coop game prematurely results in a 50 second waiting period before joining another multiplayer game.
      6. epic items now look different in your inventory
      7. players gain a minimum life/armor/damage in pvp that is less than world 5 stats but a little better than world 4.

      Plan to finish for next patch:
      1. boss mode (going to be very hard)
      2. boss mode only rewards
      3. wave defend mode

    14. @Chris: Should make things even epic-er…. er… more epic. Especially that bit you mentioned in number seven… lest we all be utterly destroyed a certain developer of a certain game when he equips all the best equipment / weapons and one-shots us all. 😉

      ‘Boss Mode’ could be good stuff though, once players have found all the best stuff. I say bring on the challenge… except maybe leave the World 3 ‘Squid Twins’ out of it… just saying… 😀

    15. Haha it IS really challenging playing boss mode. I’m struggling to beat certain combos like world 1 boss and the Orange squid together. I won’t release a fight if it’s too hard even for me lol

    1. Haha, a new coinage, eh? Antoniblig… it has a ring to it. Give it long enough, and he might be the only developer left. Could happen. 😉

      I’ve brought the ‘art’ subject up with Chris before, so I can see where you’re coming from. Personally, I’ll take great gameplay over fancy effects and designs any day (I’m sure a lot of people would), but the visuals are a huge part of selling the product, no doubt. Especially on a bigger project like this. But, the financial cost is the financial cost, and for an XBLIG-only game, I guess the cost of hiring an artist isn’t worth the risk vs. potential reward.

    2. Antoniblig… ooo I could so make that a company name haha. That’s great! I am currently talking to a pretty good artist about working on a future game. But he’ll be #4 that I’ve tried to find who can create ENOUGH content to keep up with me lol.

    3. @Chris: True. You do work fast, to say the least. I was watching your last Loot Or Die vid, where you were talking about finally being at the end of development… …after 22 days. 😀 If that’s an exhausting cycle for you, you’d be positively stressed out working on something for… say… a month. 🙂 Hell, if you worked for a AAA company, one that spends two or three years on a game, I’d hate to witness it. Then again, XBLIG is a different beast altogether, so development times will differ. I’m excited for this ‘mini-Destiny‘ nonetheless.

    4. Yes, but I put150 hours in those 3 weeks plus a full time job! Thats 270 hours of work in 3 week period… Crazy lol.19,800 lines of code, hundreds of images, 50 levels play tested, 20+ different enemy AI, 5 bosses, multiplayer, etc! I’m not normal lol.

    5. But what is ‘normal’ anyway, I say. 😉 Hell, if you can pull off incredible work feats like that on the regular, then I say go for it. Now that the game is done, hopefully you’ll take at least a few days off before heading right back into the grind.

    6. Actually Tim I need help deciding if I should cancel the current release under review in order to add a very cool camera system to the game. Please let me know! Right now I’m leading towards no because I’m not sure how much of the game will be made too easy by it.

      Option 1: Cancel release and attempt to upgrade the game to new camera system in a week (length of time you must wait after cancelling to resubmit).
      Option 2: Release the game as is and add a patch with other features as well like more weapons/guns/bosses/pvp maps if needed.

    7. Hmm, that’s a tough question. Personally, I’d lean towards saying ‘release’, and add it as a patch afterwards. It (camera) looks great, and far more effective, but I’d be fine with waiting the week. I don’t think it would be that much of a game-changer to delay the release, but then again, that’s just my thought on it. So long as it’s something you can tweak / tool around with for the coming week, adjusting enemy AI and such to account for the new camera system, then I say absolutely just wait and patch it in later.

    8. I cancelled, will let you guys know on youtube when it is submitted again. (Not until next friday + 2-7 days probably review time so 2 weeks total from today).

    9. @Chris: Despite my solitary vote of ‘just release it’, that probably is for the best. I didn’t think a new camera system (the old one looked adequate, IMO) would create that much of a difference to delay the release, but the community has spoken! And they’re right. 😀

      Could be a very good thing, too, since it not only gives you time to revise layouts and update the AI, but also another chance to squash any bugs / issues you may find in the interim. Cheers, and good luck!

    1. WOW!!! I’m honored!!! Very cool!
      Request that my gun has a metal riff type sound when it shoots since you haven’t done the sound effects yet. Just a thought. 😀

    2. @Chris Haha, that’s awesome! I too, am honored, sir… even though that ‘Hurly’ guy spells his name differently than mine. 😉

      Nice to see some familiar names / people along for the ride. I think my favorite’s going to be Derp’s gun as well, purely for the visuals. Automatic style points! Skull rifle? Really no way to lose when you’re carrying that thing!

    3. ohk, I gotta admit.. that’s pretty cool. “the recoil is nausiating.” ha looking forward to this game!

    4. @Jordan Michael: Should make for some interesting— and highly personalized— PvP matches. And plenty of ‘spirited’ debate about which ‘namesake’ gun is the best. 😀

    5. @andregurov: That’s probably the ‘secondary fire’ option. Instead of throwing a grenade at your feet to do the job, a giant wall magically appears and your head throws itself into it with traumatizing force. 😉

    6. no doubt! now all I can think about is what a “souper troll” gun would look like haha

    7. @BandanaGames: Yeah, I’m honestly excited to tinker around with the different loadouts, test which armor / weapon combo works best, etc. Hopefully some of the ‘exotic’ stuff is hard to obtain, so only the true grinders— AKA people like me!— can show off our precious(!) to the noobs. 😀

      @Jordan Michael: Maybe go literal, have it fire very tiny, very actual trolls that bite the ankles of their targets. One can hope. 🙂

    1. I’m not looking forward to death match with you haha. You’ll think of a killer ring combo or item setup that destroys everyone I’m sure.

    2. @Chris: Wait, there’s going to be both co-op and a PvP mode? Oh, how the plot thickens… 🙂

      @Derp: In the event of a PvP mode, no, I certainly would not want to face off against you. :/ Co-op, on the other hand, yes, absolutely.

      @ImTheMetalLord: Haha, even if it’s not included in the game, I’m sure you’ll find some way pull off those miraculous escapes of yours.

    3. Yes, there will be pvp! That’s the intended end game after you conquer the worlds together you go shoot each other. Or any time before that if you’re bored of dying 😉 . Then you cycle through farming the last boss for loot (or previous bosses for rings you missed) to returning to pvp with your badass, custom item setup. Sort of like an MMO.

    4. @ImTheMetalLord & Derp: Haha, you know what you just did? You woke the master himself. Those ‘times’ you beat? They will not be around much longer. 😀

      @Chris: Hmm. Like an MMO you say? Well, you’re speaking to a Destiny addict here, and, to me, it’s sounding a lot more like Destiny each time I hear about it. You may have struck at the very heart of my gaming weaknesses… 😉

    5. I think I figured things out. Chris broke the indie channel so his game will be the one showing as the latest until this game comes out. Man you are the master code writer I tell you what!!

      Tim you’d have to break out the 360 to compete with our speeds. Good thing is it’s free on both however.

      Derp…you are talking the genre that I am the best at…so good luck with that…I’ll go back and beat those as well. 😀

    6. @ImTheMetalLord: You have a point… it is all rather convenient timing, you could say. All the makings of a vast, invisible conspiracy, one that could threaten the world order itself. Then again, this is XBLIG, so likely not. 🙂

      I will probably end up downloading the game on the One and possibly the 360, because you can’t beat that price of free. The genre has never been my favorite, though it is gorgeous to look at. Don’t expect me to beat anyone’s times. 😀

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