REVIEW: Really Scary 2

I’m really not sure how I got here, covering another Chris Antoni horror title. It’s hard to keep track of how many there’s been, and I swore them off the last time. I mean, I thought I did. Everything’s cylindrical, maybe. Despite promises and all the best intentions in the world, I end up back where I started. Reviews bleed into other reviews, one jump scare leads into the next, and it feels like all of this is being done in a loop. A loop I can’t seem to escape. Which, coincidentally1, is the premise of Really Scary 2 ($1.00).

Really Scary 2 - Screen

Well, it was the premise of Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro’s excellent mindbender P.T. before this, but you get the idea. This XBLIG-inized version of P.T. is a low-budget homage, warmed up in a dirty microwave and served as if it’s fresh, but it manages to do quite a bit with just a little. The game mines the genre for the typical trappings; dim lighting, deranged individuals (including the protagonist, it seems), a healthy splash of blood here and there. Ditto for its cast of the usual Antoni suspects, including the headless bloody bear, the spider, the wolf man, and Chris’ house2.

The ‘loop’ as presented here is almost an entirely linear route (thanks to the pseudo-FMV and the limited, directional controls), more about building up dread and setting up the occasional jump scare than trial-and-error detective work. Radio broadcasts attempt to paint a picture of your budding insanity, doors open on their own, the room changes ever so slightly when you revisit, etc.

Really Scary 2 - Screen2

To help mix things up, there’s a brief ‘puzzle’ sequence (think Team Shuriken-style, ‘guess the right direction or die’ trick), and a bit based on timing where you avoid approaching enemies. Despite its admittedly-limited arsenal, the game’s pacing is decent, spreading out its scant scares and gameplay for maximum benefit. You’ll still likely conquer the game in 25 minutes or less, with only a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ ending to extend that playtime.

Even with my continued savaging of these types of games and their highly-repetitive nature, they tend to do well for the developers that make them. And despite some serious, serious, indie horror / sequel fatigue, Really Scary 2 pulls off some effective jump scares and psychological ticks. It’s not at all original, mind you, but given the community’s apparently voracious appetite for horror on the cheap, that’s not going to be a problem.

  1. Or not so coincidentally, because I needed an opening. 
  2. Seriously, after seeing practically every square inch of the place, at various angles and lighting, and in half a dozen games, I’m starting to feel like I live there myself. I should probably be paying rent. 

23 thoughts on “REVIEW: Really Scary 2”

  1. Hey tim, maybe that you could do a news about loot or die, the new game from chris antoni. It deserves it, don’t you think?

    1. I’m not sure about that. I mean Chris is the “worse” developer on Indie games even though he outsells some of the “best” games out there. I think with all these new games pouring into the Indie channel Tim might have his hands full. I mean look at all the new things that came out in the last 2 weeks.

      SARCASM <===== for those that can’t recognize it.

    2. @ImTheMetalLord: Haha, well played on that sarcasm, sir. So many new releases I can’t keep up, let alone spare a second for a news article on some subpar developer. 😉

      All kidding aside, yeah, XBLIG became a ghost town. I mean, that’s coincided with the busy season at my actual work, so I suppose that’s not a bad thing for ‘free time’ and such, but it’s been slllooooowww on XBLIG, to say the least.

      @Derp: You are absolutely right. Part of me wanted to put together an article the other day, but I put it off. I will work on that tomorrow, give this site something new to post. Much thanks for the suggestion / motivation. 🙂

    3. There is a bug right now in Xblig development that is making it very hard to get enough reviews. Things will pick up when that gets fixed. I know of three new games that have waited a week or more.

    4. @Chris: Ah, that issue where the game’s file wouldn’t show up / download for other Devs to review it? That would make the difference then. I thought it was a little strange that zero games had been released, but then again, it’s been slowing down gradually since last summer. Ah well, hope they sort that issue out soon.

    1. Agreed, the giant, fake spider is… well, not scary. Unless you’re under the age of five. Or have Arachnophobia. 🙂 The other ‘characters’ aren’t scary either, for that matter. The ‘jump scare’ that leads into it can be, though, and I’m sure that’s the part that’s effective. People don’t like those kinds of surprises, haha.

    1. It’s related, so no problem. 🙂

      Ha, at first I thought you were talking about the mobile shooter Ziggurat, but now I get it. I know Milkstone released this on Steam earlier in the year, but I didn’t know they were bringing it to the One as well. Sweet! Looks like I’ve got a date later this evening…

  2. Thanks for reviewing this!!! I didn’t think you could stomach another one haha.

    These are getting hard to make, especially with the graphical storage limits of xblig (over 150 MB means a game has to charge $3) and I’m already cutting the images in half before storing them.

    Like you, I’m shocked at how voraciously the Xblig community eats these up, regardless of whether the people playing are just curious, truly getting scared, or laughing at them.

    I want to make one more where you play multiplayer against someone as the crazies, but it’s taking a back seat until I finish “loot or die” (my honest attempt at a truly polished game).

    Might be a while before you see another game from theAntoni because it’s taking a long time to make lol (which is a first for me!)

    1. Take your time chris. And if you need to take more than 150 mb, take it. I will buy loot or die whatever the price is:)
      Ps: i’m ‘hugo leclaire’ on youtube if you didn’t knowx)

    2. @Chris: No problem. Were it not for the fact that it mimics P.T., I might not have. 😉 That, and as you well know, XBLIG doesn’t see a lot of new releases these days (and here I thought it was too long of a gap between releases last year).

      I mean, also, I was curious about what the game would do… 🙂 I can see it being curiosity for some, but I still can’t figure out the fascination people have with these game types. Not Really Scary 2, exactly, since it’s a different format, but the Five Nights at Freddy’s style, if you will.

      I completely agree with Derp, though. Take your time with Loot or Die, see what develops. I think the XBLIG community as a whole (however many of us are left) needs something big to look forward to. Not to put any pressure on you, of course, but just simply to have a new release to get excited about. 😀

    3. Thanks Derp! Don’t worry, “Loot or Die” will be under 150 MB because it’s all sprite sheets (many dozens of images per file).

      @Tim I’ll try to take my time and do it right.

      Here’s a video of the first boss:

    4. @Chris: It’s looking pretty slick already, sir. And you’ve located my weakness; I do so love the idea of acquiring epic loot by chance, and swapping out those pieces as the situation dictates (I was watching the next video, about World 2). Also grinding XP. Takes me back to the old school Final Fantasy days. 🙂

    1. 😉 I liked that one myself. You know you’ve played too many of these games when you’ve memorized the layout of a person’s house, haha.

    2. One day when Chris has become a multimillionaire I am sure we will all be visiting his newly-converted “theme” house to see where it all started. Imagine the familiarity as you walk around the place. A man with a hockey stick… a fridge with clues posted on it… a sharp-shooting robot… a headless bear 😉

    3. Haha, I’m thinking of what he does with the props now. Is there a dedicated room he stores all this stuff? What does he tell family / friends when they come over? He’s like, ‘Oh, oh that bloodied, decapitated bear? Nah, don’t worry about me, there’s a completely rational explanation for all this. I swear!’ 😀

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