REVIEW: Disastr_Blastr

In a lot of ways (and not just in videogame form), Disastr_Blastr ($1.00) fits modern society’s chaotic pace, evolving sense of style, and constant need for gratification. There’s the truncated title words, for starters, ready-made for texting shorthand, and the twin-stick shooter genre it belongs to is about as close as you can get to mainstream consumption, combining arcade-style high-scoring and that maddening, ‘one more try’ flavoring that keeps you hooked despite your many disappointing deaths.

Then there’s the abstract visuals (cubes, cubes all the way through1) to consider, or the new age rule sets that pop up in each stage to keep things busy and upturned (the word ’emergent’ makes an appearance in the description). Gameplay is all at once fast, interesting, confusing, precise, and nuanced. Oh, and evil. This game can be so very difficult2, too. But more on that later.

At its core, Disastr_Blastr is a straightforward shooter; you’re a cube destroying other cubes, some bigger and more complicated than others, sure, but cubes nonetheless. The game’s stages are laid out in grid format, with you completing them in any order that you choose. Adjacent levels are unlocked when you complete a stage, opening up new paths and / or challenges. Scoring, too, works as you’d expect, as chaining kills together will increase your combo, completing a map quickly will add any remaining time to your total, etc.

Where Disastr_Blastr differs is in its stage design and objectives. Levels can alternate between scrolling and free-range, between claustrophobic and open, branching and linear. You may be asked to fight to the exit in one, destroy a certain color cube in another, or seek out items hidden in breakable blocks. There’s some tough boss encounters, and hidden special stages, all of it set to a timer that likes to remind you that everything has an expiration date3.

Even the powerups you pick up have to be carefully considered. Find a spread shot to cover more ground, but you’ll lessen your overall firepower. A laser beam will do focused damage, yet you’ll be screwed once the bigger cubes break apart and create dozens of smaller cubes, backing you into a corner. How and what you choose to attack is just as important. Enemies bounce off each other and ricochet off walls, leading to unpredictable results. And sometimes, impossible odds.

Disastr_Blastr - Screen

And that can be a problem. Disastr_Blastr is not for the meek or the casual crowds. There is no health bar. The game’s one-hit-means-death mechanic is no joke, mercilessly killing you over and over until you’ve learned a lesson or lucked into a narrow completion. Even in the first ‘world’ set of levels, death is a constant companion. On some of the tougher, longer stage assignments, one simple mistake can reset your progress and really prove disheartening. You can retry a stage as many times as you like, but failing to finish one level may wall you off from accessing other levels, or force you to chart a different route.

Mileage will vary with each player’s skill and patience, and because of that, I’m left with an uneasy recommendation. On the one hand, the game looks great, plays great, and smartly considers the limitations of the genre to create a satisfying, evolving shooter. On the other, it’s immensely challenging and potentially exclusionary, which might rightly turn some players away from it. One thing is certain; Disastr_Blastr is dangerous cubes.

  1. Hell, even the numbers in your score are cubed. Cubes within cubes. Cube-ception. 
  2. But there’s cheat codes for that, ya know. Look here
  3. Especially You. And milk. Cheese. A lot of dairy, really. 

60 thoughts on “REVIEW: Disastr_Blastr”

    1. Awesome, sir, and congrats! I like the updated visuals. And if ‘game balance’ translates into me dying a little less often than I did in the XBLIG version, I’m all for it! 🙂 Good luck with the game!

    2. Thanks Tim! I believe you will find it to be still challenging, but not nearly as unforgiving as the X360 game.

      There is a third ultra-powerful form of each weapon now, and several unique special items that drop randomly when you destroy enemies. You can also select “Normal Mode” from the Title menu, which means: less enemies spawning, slower bullets, and starting every level with a shield that allows you to take damage one time and survive.

      Even with all of that, it is still a pretty hard game. 😀

    3. Oh I don’t doubt the challenge is still very real, but I like the sound of ‘Normal Mode’. As long as I still have a chance after making a mistake (and there will be mistakes), that’s plenty fair. Good stuff!

    1. @andregurov: Oh, it’s the place, sir. This is ALWAYS the place. 🙂

      @Joel: Best of luck on getting Greenlit! Oh, and thanks for the mention on Facebook the other day! Always appreciated! Cheers!

    2. @andregurov: Merry early Christmas to you too, sir! And that is good news to celebrate. Not exactly the meaning of Christmas, but good news nonetheless! 😀

  1. Well guys I have been working on playing through every level of Disastr_Blastr, with the secondary goal of breaking 50 million points… If you check out the official Facebook page you can see snapshots of my progress–right now I am at about 25 million, and have probably played through like 85% of levels, so it is looking like I may have to replay some to reach my ultimate high score objective…

    So how are you guys doing with Disastr_Blastr? Is the game still holding your interest? Anyone manage to destroy a second or third boss yet? How about the challenging levels (at the right side of the map), has anyone tried taking these on? They are honestly some of my favorites, brutally hard of course, but I do find them a nice change of pace from the normal stage setups. 🙂 Keep up the blasting guys, I know some of you out there have the skills to finish this game. Sure it is hard, but always remember–all it takes to clear that super-tough level is one good run

    1. It’s still got my interest… just not the free time to see it through. :/ I’m hoping to get in some more playtime with it tonight, though, just to see if my ‘skills’ (or lack thereof) have improved between sessions. Personally, I don’t think I’ve got a shot at beating the game AT ALL, but I will dutifully report my progress after tonight’s attempts. 😀

      That’s a hell of a goal you’ve got, though. You’ve got your work cut out for you if you’ve still got to double your current score.

    2. I bought it but lost interest in it to be honest. Never got to the first boss so all those other things you mentioned I had no idea about. Maybe I’ll pick it up again but my backlog is so much it may be awhile. I did enjoy the game, don’t get me wrong, but the things it was lacking bothered me. No Rumble for instance and the power ups being hard to tell them apart. I actually like the dificulty but replaying a level over and over without seeming to make any progress or feeling like my skill was improving turned me off from it.

    3. @ImTheMetalLord: I’m the same way with difficult games. I leave them for a bit, but then I always come back to it eventually. Honestly, if I didn’t have a self-imposed deadline to keep the review train rolling, I’d be spending more time on this. Shooters in general, difficult or not, draw me in. Not sure if it’s the simplicity in the controls or what, but I’m a fan of almost any shooter I try, so long as its not visually plain or just a copy of another, more established game.

      I will reiterate my previous statement, though, and say there’s zero chance of me completing this game. Only the hardcore need apply 🙂

    4. Thanks for the feedback guys. Feel free to try the “Easy Mode” cheat if you get frustrated, I built this into the game at the request of my sound designer and I am not sure if anyone has actually used it yet… Based on my time of testing the game in Easy Mode I found it to be about half of the standard difficulty.

      I remember first learning to play Contra and blowing through all 30 of my lives by the second or third level… it was tough in the beginning but eventually I got so good that the 30 life code was no longer necessary. Kind of hoped for the same effect with Disastr_Blastr, but for whatever reason players seem to be too proud to cheat! There is no dishonor in using the code dudes, that’s what it is for. 🙂

      On the Title screen using the left thumbstick (UDLR), X and Y buttons, enter: XDUYLRXY.

      Thanks for keeping the conversation going guys. I am at 32 million now with about 12 levels left to clear… I think 50 million is in reach, but this is more than I have ever scored before so it has yet to be proven. I will post an epic screenshot of the conquered board on Facebook when I clear everything!

    5. @Joel: Oh, trust me, I considered using the code. 😉 I think my pride won’t allow it yet, but eventually I’ll break down and go to it if my sessions don’t improve.

      Actually, that’s a pretty apt comparison with Contra, as I too went that route at first. Eventually, I got so good at that one I’d only lose a life or two the entire game. Of course, I was younger then; maybe I’m getting too old for the hard stuff. Or I’m just cranky. Or maybe… (gulp) … I just suck at the game… 😀

    6. @ImTheMetalLord: I’m telling you, man. I think that’s what it is. I used to like hard games. I would spend a weekend just trying to pass one Battletoads level on the NES, and if you’ve played that bullshit-hard game, you know what it’s like. Didn’t bother me. Now, I’m not as tolerant. Maybe it’s changing tastes, but I personally think it’s old(er) age. Ain’t got no time for that! 😛

    7. Yes! Battletoads and Ninja Gaiden on the NES are two of my favorite games of all time. And I still have never finished either one… but I have enjoyed them infinitely more than other games I was able to finish quickly. I did manage to finish Kid Chameleon and Shadow of the Beast on Sega Genesis, and the feeling of pride from making it through games as tough as these will never fade!

    8. @Joel: Aw, Ninja Gaiden. Don’t get me started on that one. Never again. Never again. 😉

      I know the feeling, though, and I celebrated beating tougher games too. I’d have my parents take a picture of the end screen with me next to the TV when I was younger (embarrassing, but true). Now, I still seek that thrill, but I’m just not as eager to spend hours and hours perfecting a run on one stage. Not without a very good reason, I guess. The last game I labored through was the first Final Fantasy 13 game, and that was pretty much 80+ hours of grinding / perfecting loadouts & skill sets, 30 hours of which was that game’s extended tutorial. 🙂 At the end of it all, I didn’t think it was time well-spent. That’s a different genre, and not a fair comparison to your game, of course, but it gives you an idea of my mindset. Guess I’m getting too old. 😀

  2. Absolutely awesome that the dev stopped by here AND changed the price to a lower cost. I’ve bought dozens – more than a hundred – of XBLIG games but only two at more than $3. There is a mental hurdle (like Jordan Michael references) that $1 games are more likely to elicit a purchase from me, even if they have limited game modes/gameplay. Disastr_Blastr will definitely be getting picked up by me now.

    1. I think I’ve jumped over my own ‘mental hurtle’ from time to time regarding price, but it doesn’t really bother me too much when it comes to XBLIG anymore. I know I’m in the minority in that regard, though, and yeah, it certainly improves a game’s chances at that lowered cost.

      The only ‘mental hurtle’ I still have when it comes to indies is why I always choose to demo the thing first before buying it. I know I’m going to review it for the site, yet I can’t somehow compel myself to purchase the game until I’ve trialed it. Odd OCD stuff, I guess. :/ AAA $60 game, though? Buy it at release. Preorder, even.

    2. I used to be like that Tim but anymore I seem to buy it without the trials. Trials don’t seem to work on Indie games for the most part. Most times they don’t entice me to buy anymore. And the ones that do turn out to be duds imo.

    3. I’ve given up on the demos. Usually they are just the beginning of the game – and often the duration doesn’t even cover the tutorial! – and are a paltry primer to convince me to buy. I think the basic attitude many of us have is that we are more willing to “impulse buy” a game for $1 (particularly since XBLIG games have scant coverage outside of this fine review site) than an unreviewed more expensive one.

      The two games I paid $4.99 for? Flotilla and Sol Survivor. Both were well worth it. In fact, just about every XBLIG game I’ve bought has been. I’d be hard pressed to name a clanger I paid for …

    4. @andregurov: Whew, he didn’t call it a ‘blog’. Nice, nice. 😉

      @ImTheMetalLord & andregurov: Agreed, and some trials are pretty pointless. Take Block King‘s, which gives you almost no representative gameplay, and zero amount of the fun you can have with it in multiplayer. Depends on the content, really, but even so, I’ve got that mental block which just doesn’t permit me to buy beforehand. 😀

      Actually, I think it could be a good thing, because it allows me to spot any bugs / problems that may be present in the demo and not the full game. Survival Games Season 1 was like that (…at first). The demo had terrible slowdown, but the full game was fine.

      Flotilla was a weird one for me. I watched videos on it, played the demo, but it just never hit me as something I could get into. I’ve no doubt it’s a great game, just one that’s not for me. Loved the visual style, though.

    5. Only jerks who are trying to win a multiplayer competitive game call a “blog”.

      Successful jerks, I might add. ; )

      And no one showed up this past Sunday night. : (

    6. Au contraire mon ami!, I jumped on a little after 9:30 Central, and I saw nobody else on. I sent a message to ImTheMetalLord, actually, wondering where everybody was. Hoping to get a game going this Sunday, and possibly convince you guys to pick up Air War, so I can play / review it. Looks pretty much like Block King, but with airplanes.

    7. Hey Tim, regarding Air War, I have to patch the hit boxes to make them bigger in multiplayer and increase player damage. It’s way too hard to kill each other one on one at the moment. I am submitting the patch for review today, so it’ll probably be a few days before it’s up. You can play beforehand I just know from experience it was frustrating one on one.

    8. @Chris: Ah, gotcha. I thought that patch might’ve already went through, but that’s fine. There’s been a few new releases this week, so I can always put it off until next weekend or so.

    9. Last Sunday I was busy. Between TWD mid season premier (when the hell did this mid season premier BS start anyways?) and I recently purchased a 500GB HDD for my 360 (now have two 250GB HDD and that 500GB one as well) I was busy using my flash drives to move things around as well as re downloading games I had deleted simply due to space issues..

      I also had two 32 GB and one 16 GB flash drive all full before that purchase but now I have plenty extra space for more digital games. I am the proud owner of just shy of 400 digital games including about 100 Indie and about 100 arcade.

    10. Shucks. I hung out playing Chris/Headache4U til right before 9:30 … so I guess we left just before you got on. My bad. I was waiting to quit on a win, but the chance of me beating Chris (or Derp!) was so minute that we could STILL be playing without me beating him!

      And the double jump exists solely to troll me, I believe.

    11. @ImTheMetalLord: That’s a lot of GD GB! 😀

      @andregurov: Ah, so you guys were on. That’s my bad. I try to get myself home at a reasonable time for BK Night, but time keeps screwing me over. Will try harder tomorrow, and hopefully1 I can get on and join you guys for some matches.

      1. That’s the key word. 
  3. All right Tim, you put some implants in a stripper and that makes it a reason to do her again. Because, she still the same person yes, but adding something different make her feel new. This games looks like it got some implants to makd it feel different, and I like challengin stuff. I still trying to beat my backlog of AAA games, currently playing the building jumping guy series (Assassins’ Creed) but this seems like a nice pick up and play. As for the price drop, Metal Lord might have sound harsh, but we have to be realistic, if you want a lap dance you need some dollars as if you want to sell a game, not matter how much effor you put, one dollar is the price to go, pride will not take you between those boobs or make your game sell well, only smart decisions even if you are not happy with them, in the long run is for the best. I think I will try this one, at least the trial.

    1. Haha, I think Disastr_Blastr‘s ‘implants’ are pretty nice, switching up objectives and the way the game plays with each stage. The challenge bar might be set a little high for some, but if you’re into that stuff… you’ll like this. Everything else is solid.

      The lowered cost will help in that decision, I’m sure. Look at this way, you’ve now got that extra money for the ‘club’ scene. 😉

    2. Very interesting take on Disastr_Blastr xionix55! Glad you are excited to pick up and play the free trial at least, the level I chose for the trial is a boss battle and has been one of the most popular at the 2 or 3 expos where I have shown the game. Hope you enjoy it!

  4. @Tim: I loved your review, I would not change a single word! One thing I have noticed again and again while watching players with this game is that upon getting killed the player assumes the blame (“I just wasn’t fast enough… I just didn’t see that coming…”). As hard as Disastr_Blastr is (and I will agree it is pretty damn hard) I have never had a player tell me they thought it was unfair. A few times during development I considered making it radically easier, but this decision always felt untrue to the spirit of the game, and in some way I felt I was betraying the reasons I decided to design a game like this in the first place… So what I have released is a completely uncompromising shooter, it is every bit as hard as I intended it to be, and I hope that fans of this style of game will embrace the danger!

    @ImTheMetalLord @Chris Antoni: About the price of the game–I have given your input careful consideration… and basically you guys have convinced me. 🙂 Disastr_Blastr will now be made available to all for the extremely reasonable and attractive price of $1! I hope the XBLIG community will take this gesture as evidence that I am genuinely passionate about creating games and want to share them with as many players as possible. I hope you guys will download the game and at least play it for an hour or two before you pass judgment, in addition to a great challenge I believe you will be pleasantly surprised at the depth and variety of the action. Blast on my friends. 🙂

    1. Blast on indeed! I just purchased this game and I’m pretty excited to try more than the trial this time. I usually don’t mind paying a little extra for a game if it’s good but I always put much more consideration into the purchase. With the price point of a dollar, I feel much more reckless. So.. in this particular instance; the price drop definitely sold it for me. I’m really not cheap, I swear.. but thanks, this gamer appreciates it 😀

    2. @Joel: Thanks! I’m glad you agree with my concerns about the difficulty. I wanted to stay away from calling it ‘unfair’, but I do believe it’s going to be very difficult for most to see it through all the way to the end, if it scales upwards in challenge from that first set of levels (I only managed to beat that first boss. 🙂 )

      That said, you’ve definitely made it more accessible to anyone that wants to take on that challenge by dropping the price 😉 I’ve changed the monetary amount in the review and in the tags, so hopefully anyone that reads this review will see that price and decide to give it a look. XBLIG is such a fickle beast to try and tame, but the $1 cost is certainly the route to go. As Chris stated in his other reply below, he saw a noticeable increase in sales / trials once he lowered his, and I’ve heard the same from other Devs in the past.

      You’ve clearly worked on and fine-tuned the game for awhile, so I hope this move gets you more recognition. Assuming a PC version is also coming, you can always try launching the game at a higher price there.

      @Jordan Michael & ImTheMetalLord: Cheap ass gamers… 😛 I kid, I kid.

    3. Thanks so much for your support guys!

      Feel free to respond back and let me know what you think of the game, I am always up for some good discussion and your feedback is extremely valuable to me. I still have a lot of fun playing Disastr_Blastr and get butterflies in my stomach (even after 2 years of working on it), not sure many designers can say that!

    4. I prefer to be called budget conscious gamer 😀

      Think about it….kinda a similar game Geometry Wars 3 is on sale for $10. Much better sound and graphics than this. At $1 this game is a no brainer buy.

      BTW I haven’t got pass the first stage yet but I feel like my skills are improving ever death.

    5. @Joel: No problem, man, and always glad to help spread the word. Good to hear the passion you still have for the game; you’re doing it right. 🙂

      @ImTheMetalLord: I know, I know. No harm, no foul. 😀 Actually, I saw that sale for Geometry Wars; probably going to pick that up myself. Can’t miss with those games Oh, and if anybody has a One, #IDARB is the game of the month for Gold people— really fun stuff.

    6. oh its tough allwrite. I’m a few stages past the first boss after one night with the game and I gotta say; it definitely has that “one more try” appeal to it, as Tim Mentioned. I must have played the stage that moves from left to right, where you break the blocks, over forty times before I beat it. let’s just say; a lot of curse words were used last night haha

    7. Yeah me! I got past the second level and I do have some input. Just some minor things that I miss while playing this. Feedback….Vibration on major on death of myself and minor on kills maybe.

      Also the power ups it would be nice to know what they are. Maybe a small icon in the middle of them….This way I can choose my firepower I want without having to memorize them on my 100 play throughs.

      Just some thoughts that would improve the experience for me.

    8. @Jordan Michael: That ‘scrolling back and forth’ stage had my number too! 🙂 A handful of times I got down to the last one or two objects to find, and I’d always die in some stupid accident I’d create on my own. Wouldn’t be looking forward to any future stages of that type, that’s for sure.

      @ImTheMetalLord: I believe the powerups do have icons on them to designate what they are, but they are pretty small / hard to see when in the middle of a battle, trying not to die. I kinda had to look at them fast, or memorize the layout over time.

    9. Yep I was just coming back here to say that I see that they are marked now just they are difficult to read and memorization after dieing a hundred times seems to be the real way to know.

      I’m having issues on that same level. I just rage quit it and that is not like me…so I’m going to bed early defeated tonight.

    10. That’s what I do. It’s like the ‘Don’t drive angry!’ scene in Groundhog Day, except it’s ‘Don’t play angry! Don’t play angry!’ 😀

    11. Also, Joel, you should really add more info about your game in the screenshots. Put some text in there on top of the images with phrases like “1000+ levels” or “Hundreds of Hours of GamePlay!” or “12 Unique Weapons”. Otherwise people have no idea.

    12. Thanks for the great feedback everyone! About the levels with special objective “Smash breakable blocks and find hidden treasures”, the best tip I can offer is try the split-beam weapons (there is a 3-way and later in the game a 5-way split beam, affectionately named “the starfish”). These I find to be only moderately effective at taking down enemies, but really great at ripping through those tough breakable blocks. Good luck guys!!!!

    13. The tactic that worked for me, oddly enough, was the ‘laser beam’ shot (probably has an official name, but I don’t know it. 🙂 ). I just avoided shooting enemies whenever possible, and plowed through the breakable bricks with that. Just barely squeaked by it— and had some fortunate luck along the way— but hey, I’ll take a win however I can get it. 😀

    14. Way to go Tim! Using the laser weapon is probably the most effective way to break single blocks quickly, but against multiple surrounding blocks I am not sure it is any faster than the split beam… Your strategy was what I would call “high risk”–trying to get at the treasures quickly while skillfully evading the Breakr enemies. You are awesome for making it work dude! I can sometimes do the same thing, but I tend to play it safe by making several passes with a wider beam first (to soften up those tough blocks), then using the laser or one of the “balanced”-type weapons to mop up.

      Speaking of the names of weapons, I guess it’s time I revealed this… In deference to the game title, every weapon and enemy has a name ending in “r”, (I had to call them something, so I could name files, write comments, etc. and I’m afraid I went a bit crazy with it)… The names don’t appear anywhere in the game and I have never revealed them until now, but since we are talking about it here are the legit names of the weapons:

      -Strikr: triangular 3-bullet burst
      -Quickr: rapid fire linear beam
      -Sweepr: rapid fire wave beam
      -Blastr: spread burst
      -Scattr: random burst (also known as “the junk beam”)
      -Lasr: compressed linear burst
      -Splittr: 3-directional split beam
      -Giantr: heavy bullet

      If you advance into the second half of the game, you will find there are also enhanced versions of each weapon, with names like “SuprStrikr”, etc. A few of the peer reviewers discovered these, and were quite delighted (they are considerably more awesome than the basic weapons).

    15. Thank you, sir. Thank you. I do what I can to be awesome as time permits… 😎

      Ah, so I used the ‘Lasr Method’, as it were (I like that naming combination, by the way). Honestly it was pure luck; I doubt I could repeat the trick twice. Spread shots… er… a Blastr powerup, would probably work better, as you said. The new and improved ‘Supr’ versions would be nice, but it sounds like I’d have my work cut out for me in trying to reach the second half of the game. I’ll still be going back to the game periodically, to see if I can’t improve my supr shooter skills. 🙂

  5. From my experience with Fright Light (the only game I sold for more than $1 on XBLIG) I seriously hurt my revenue by having a higher than $1 price point. I had around a 5% purchase rate at $3 and a 20% purchase rate at $1. Keep in mind that the 20% purchase rate was a week AFTER the game went live since you have to wait that long between changing it and I probably lost around 500 sales during that crucial first week.

    I had to do $3 due to game size and spent a good 5 hours reducing images and cutting corners to get under the 150 MB threshold to reduce the game to $1. I highly suggest that when the week is out you get this game down to a $1.

    There’s another part of indie games that you don’t see people talking about and that is how they spread word of mouth and on youtube. If you price your game at $5 you will greatly reduce the number of people who buy it and therefore who spread your game through those two mediums. The $1 price point is perfect for xblig, and if your game does blow up you’ll make tens of thousands of dollars. But odds are with a $5 price tag you won’t get the exposure you need to succeed on that level.

    None of us are marketing experts, but that’s my opinion and I hope it helps!

    1. @Chris: Well put, sir. And I tend to forget the ‘YouTube’ side of it myself. Actually, I’m on the ‘dying’ side of gaming journalism here, as people would much rather watch a video / stream, or listen to a podcast, than read an article. Damn kids and their short attention spans! 😀

  6. $5?????

    Pass….to many AAA games go on sale for that or less right now on the 360… chance I will even trial this game at that price point.

    Not saying I won’t buy Indie games at $5 don’t need to look to far back at Boot Hill Heros that I was willing to spend that on an Indie game. But this? Sorry guys this may seem harsh but you lost your chance at putting it out at such a high price with limited appeal.

    1. Thanks for your input ImTheMetalLord! Obviously Disastr_Blastr is not for everyone, and if you prefer to go for AAA games that is cool… But with 100+ levels of mind-crushing minimalist chaos this is not a game you will blast through in a few hours. For those who do choose to test their skills, you WILL get your $5 worth 🙂

    2. Joel first let me start off by saying I have great respect for your programming skills. You made a better asteroids that you did for sure and quit honest this is actually my type of game exactly.

      I’m only expressing that I think you make the mistake of pricing this to high at launch on the Xbox 360. I have no idea if you have it on any other platforms but on this console the Indie game crowd is dwindling very fast due to several things we have discussed on this site for years now.

      Think of it this way…..if you sold it at $3 and where able to sell twice as many copies you would be so much father ahead. Gonna be an uphill battle for you to see enough copies of this at that price point.

      I wish you all the luck in the world but there isn’t enough there even it it was 1000 levels for me to pay $5 for it.

    3. @Joel: Thanks for stopping by, and congrats on releasing the game! As ‘ImTheMetalLord’ stated previously, I too have got a great respect for indie developers and the challenges that go along with creating and releasing a game. Sorry I couldn’t give the game a more glowing recommendation. I tend to use my own level of skill to find the ‘middle ground’ for the skill of the entire community (not very precise or scientific, I know), and I figured if I was having as tough a time as I was with the game’s early levels, others would be absolutely crushed by it.

      To be fair, I never tried it with the cheat codes you listed on your site, as I feel that playing the game as it was designed is the most accurate way to measure its challenge. I’m sure you’d agree with that. The codes may very well decrease the challenge. In fact, I’d recommend even adding them in as an ‘option’ if you plan to do an update, so people are more aware of them and can take advantage of it.

      ‘ImTheMetalLord’ also brought up the idea of price. I avoided listing that as a potential concern in the review, though he does make a very valid point. The XBLIG community in general is risk-adverse, even at $1, so he’s spot-on with saying you may want to consider dropping it down to $3. In the long run, that may prove a better entry point. I don’t like telling developers this (especially when the indie business is hard enough as it is), but it’s just one of the drawbacks of releasing a game on XBLIG, among others.

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