REVIEW: Ask My Avatar Winter

Very few things in life are more annoying than being approached by some artificially-enthusiastic person and being asked to take part in a short survey or a random poll1. I mean, granted, this is all first world problems and such, but, in terms of ‘generally unpleasant’ experiences, nobody wants to be hassled when they’re out in the wild of the world. You just want to get your milk, collect your essentials, do your errands, pay bills, etc., etc., and just get home to catch up on your DVR’d shows or Netflix. Human interaction? Uggghh.

Ask My Avatar Winter - Screen

Even the snowman asks too many questions! A cutesy ‘Big Brother is Watching’ type, no doubt! 

Developer Firebase Industries would politely disagree. In fact, the entire point of Ask My Avatar Winter ($1.00) is to bombard you with hundreds of random questions, both pop culture-ish and occasionally ‘big questions in life’-ish. That’s right, it’s less ‘trivia = fun’, and more ‘Hey, what’s your favorite color?’…in a simple, Yes or No format. With avatars. And you have to pay them for the pleasure(?) of doing that, over and over ad infinitum. Your answers are archived, and you can then theoretically2 compare your responses to those questions with the rest of the XBLIG community.

Now, to be fair, some of the questions are humorous. And you can decorate a snowman with earned gifts, or throw snowballs at your friends in avatar form. Which is… sort of neat, maybe. Maybe. Entertaining, though? That’s a stretch. Even more baffling is the reason this game needed a wintry update in the first place, given that the first game was just released a month ago.

Ask My Avatar Winter - Screen2

Every day I step out the front door, lady.

Sadly, there is nothing in Ask My Avatar Winter that is worth asking, let alone responding to. The visuals are decent, but this game is a far cry from Firebase’s other stuff, like the grand Arcadecraft or the brilliant Orbitron Revolution. If you’re really hard up for a lengthy questionnaire or a runaround that will ultimately mean nothing, click through some obtrusive banner ads, or read the comments section on literally any political article on the web. At least the latter is entertaining. And depressing. Depressingly-entertaining.

  1. Yeah, I know I just had a poll up on the site, but hey, it was tiny and out of the way. I also didn’t charge you any money to take part in it. And besides that… you know… I mean… whatever, man. 
  2. I say theoretically, because given the online population of some XBLIG games, you probably won’t have a lot to compare to. I was always the ‘only’ response available during my time with it. 

25 thoughts on “REVIEW: Ask My Avatar Winter”

  1. Pointless questions?
    You can use a dating site for that stuff and have a chance to not be single anymore.
    A smal… fleeting… depressing… chance.

    1. Well now, if this was Date My Avatar, or Hot Busty Avatars, then that’s a different story. I’m sure some could look past the constant questions. 🙂

  2. oh man, I never would have guessed these were the same people behind “Arcadecraft” & “Orbitron” ..a far cry indeed. not SO much graphically but in overall game design for sure. this is sort of embarrassing but.. I’ve got somewhere between 350-400 indie games, rough estimate. In fact.. I’ve got so many I’ve lost track of nearly half of them because I’ve had to delete them for extra space :/ so.. anyone wanna come over to my house and play indie games?! lol

    1. You do realize that if you go to and click on my account then purchase history you can then click on Indie and see all the games you purchased and even redownload them if you want? If not you do now!! 😛

    2. Oh and I’m impressed so I don’t think you have anything to be embarrassed about. I own almost 400 total digital games on the 360 with a quarter of them being Indies.

    3. Gentlemen, gentlemen! Please! It’s not the size of your XBLIG catalog that counts, it’s how well you play those games. Besides, if we’re talking about total indie games played / purchased, my catalog is pretty massive. I mean, my catalog is HUGE. Biggest catalog you’ve ever seen. 😀 … We’re still talking about games here, right?

    4. of course I knew you could re-download them, but in attempting to view my whole purchase history; I think I broke Microsoft. I couldn’t find a total number anywhere, so would I have to count each individual purchase?? I mean.. are we talkin’ inch for inch, pound for pound the biggest.. ahem.. gaming catalog?

    5. Yeah, we could go by ‘total number of games’, physical and digital, indie and AAA. No omissions. That’d take some counting, though, and I completely forgot to even look at my current total of XBLIGs. :/

      Of course, we could just say we all have GIANT catalogs, no measuring sticks or pride involved. 🙂 … we’re still talking about games, right? 😀

    6. Yea on the website it don’t show the total. I was able to get it because I put them all on one of my HDD and then when you go to my games you can sort by Indie and it gives you a total there. Complicated I know.

      BTW the last time I measured everything it was hard (snicker) but including all digital and discs versions of Xbox 360 games I had just short of 400.

  3. Hey Tim, I don’t know where to ask you so i’ll ask you here:
    Could you re-review murder miners?
    I think it deserves it, it got so many updates (17 or 18 something like that) and it changed so much:O
    (Sorry for the out-of-subject)

    For Ask my Avatar, well, it’s just another game with no interesting features, for me at least.

    1. Whoa… that’s way off subject, and totally out of line! The nerve of this guy! 😉

      That said, I’ve never really revisited games this long after release, and with time at a premium already, I don’t think that’s something I’ll be getting into. It’s not like Murder Miners NEEDS the boost or exposure; the game has done just fine… I mean, REALLY fine, all on its own. If people don’t own it already (assuming you like things like Halo and Minecraft combined), there’s probably nothing more I can say to convince them otherwise. But while we’re on the topic, have you played it recently? Are there still matches to be found pretty regularly?

    2. Yup, I took a pause because i overplayed the game (more than 50 hours for sure) but recently, I received a message from Jforce that told me that they released a brand new game mode: Murder Games. And I can say, it is freaking awesome: it is a Hunger Games-like mode, one life, weapons in the center of the map, players spawn around the pyramid where the weapons are (you can still create a brand new map if you want) and then, last man standing wins. Very fun, and can compete against other survival games for me: survival games season 1, apocz, avatar survival games… Without any lags (except disconnections here and there). Try it out, it is free 😀

    3. Ah, good on them for jumping on the ‘Hunger Games’ gametype bandwagon! It’s a can’t-miss mode, like instant tension / fun. Even better that they’ve still got people playing, and even best-est that they continue pouring updates into the game for free. Other Devs might’ve tacked a ‘2’ on the title and tried to sell it again, but that is beyond generous of them to keep supporting it.

  4. Do you like XBLIG?
    Do you like throwing your money away?
    Would you spend more than a minute in this game?
    Will you ever figure out what some of the publishers of Indie games where thinking?
    Hell NO!

    So I did some research last night and I am the proud owner of just over 100 Indie games on the 360 totaling just over 6gb not including my saves. The first one being bought in early 2010 and the last one purchased yesterday. So it got me thinking about how many you must have Tim. I wonder if you hit 1000

    1. Funnily enough, I was trying to clear some space on my 360 hard drive a couple of days ago, and discovered that I have just over 6Gb of XBLIGs on there as well. Strange coincidence or something more sinister? Either way, I’m putting my tin foil hat on just in case…

    2. Yea I guess I’ll put my tin foil hat on too.

      Funny thing is I made space on one of my HD in order to load all my Indie games on it. That’s why I know those numbers.

    3. @ImTheMetalLord: Haha, I thought about doing the review in an interview-like format like that, but I scrapped it after a few lines. I was sounding too much like a dick. I’ve got too much leftover holiday spirit to start the new year off being a dick. 🙂 That, and I like Firebase as a Dev. Just not sure what they’re trying for with this series.

      @ImTheMetalLord & Edgar Alan: I will have to get back to you guys on a current total (I think it’s mid-200s on the hard drive), but… I was down to 6 gigs of space on the HD, until I did some New Year’s cleaning last night. Coincidence, or some sinister numbers game in action? You decide. I’m making a tin foil hat right after I leave this comment….

    4. For the record I like Firebase as well. I think this and the other one are just money grabs for them and who can blame them. I mean seriously if you could spit out a game in a week or so and throw it up to make a few extra bucks to help you with other projects then all the power to them. I hope I wasn’t sounding like a dick. Wasn’t my intention at all.

    5. @ImTheMetalLord: Oh, no, you’re good. I meant that towards myself. I sometimes confuse my sarcasm with being ‘infectiously-funny’ and spot on, while in reality, it just sounds like me dumping on a game. Were I to have done it in that format, it probably would’ve ended up sounding dick-ish. I mean, I’ll give it to a game if it blatantly deserves it, but Ask My Avatar isn’t broken, it’s just not a very sound idea.

    6. I play a lot of Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare (perhaps, too much!) and one of the things that SHOCKS me about it is the huge number of young kids playing it as well. That basically means two things to me: 1) it explains why it is the only shooter I have a positive k/d ratio in, and 2) there is a much larger community of 7-12 year olds on Xbox Live than I would have ever thought. Now, I don’t know if a game such as this will necessarily feed on that demographic, but where adults may find a distinct lack of content, children may find a perfect and engaging experience. This game may just be less “game” and more “interaction” than some of us want in a game.

    7. @andregurov: Hmmm, perhaps I should give this game a shot, take these kids down a peg or two… 😉 Then again, they’ve got the experience and know-how already ingrained, so I’d probably get my plant-ass handed to me.

      I don’t see kids enjoying an ‘interactive questionnaire’ any more than an adult would, but it’s a possibility. I certainly can’t speak for all age groups. They might be amused by the snowball-throwing.

    8. You ever played Animal Crossing or Tomodachi Life? My kids love those “games” even though they seem more like boredom sims to me. I probably shouldn’t let them see Ask My Avatar Winter or I may lose my 360 to them as well!

      And some of those kids wreck me on PvZ. Ruthless.

    9. I played a bit of Animal Crossing back in the day (the DS, I believe), and again when my sister picked up the game (on her Wii, I believe). I was planning on picking up Fantasy Life at some point, and probably still will. Both games are time-sinks (which reminds me of my Destiny addiction, -sigh-), but the big difference between those and something like Ask My Avatar is there is actually something to do or strive for, other than simply walking about and answering questions. To each their own, I guess. 🙂

    10. Fair enough; truth be told I haven’t played them (I swear!!!) only watched my kids. Even then, there is at least something to do in them (catch fish, go insect netting, visit the aquarium, visit the DJ) so my sim criticism is a little unjustified. It’s not like I’ve played Avatar Farm for 25+ hours, either. I swear I haven’t. Not at all. Never.

      Stinking Milkstone Studios with their crack-addicting bonus codes in games …

    11. Oh yeah, Milkstone’s good at that. Some other Devs are catching on, too. Still have yet to actually bother with any of those codes, but it’s a very nice way to extend the life of old titles / coerce people into buying said older titles. 🙂

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