REVIEW: Appease the Spider

As the sort-of sequel to surprise hit One Night Two Crazies1, Appease the Spider ($1.00) is a speedy follow-up to the original’s brand of cheap (albeit creepy) jump scares. ‘Speedy’ as in just two weeks ago. I mean, my tears for fears— ahem, tears from fears— have barely dried on my shirt, and already I’m being asked to do it all over again.

Appease the Spider - Screen

The epitome of ‘low budget’ horror. 

Appease the Spider keeps the amateur look and feel, as well as the cheesy dialog and inexpensive props (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it). Your objective, too, is largely the same: survive the night while intruders roam the halls and rooms of your house. You still keep tabs on said costumed horrors via cameras placed around the home, but the big change to the formula this time around is the ability to manually explore the rooms on foot. Well, with preset movement prompts and button presses, that is.

That travel is necessary, as you’re also on a bit of a fetch quest. As the title implies, you’re not just surviving; you’re fulfilling orders for a very needy (and increasingly-demanding) spider2. With each new night comes a new mission, like retrieving a snack from the kitchen, or bringing back a Chess piece. Later on, you’ll be tasked with gathering multiple items. As you set off on your scavenger hunts, the intruders move about the house, forcing you to keep watch over their movements, …and hope they don’t overlap with yours.

Thankfully, there’s no time limit, and the layout of the house isn’t overly complex3 or massive, but knowing where to look for some of the required items can be. To complicate the search (and dial up the tension), Appease the Spider limits your defenses. You can only hide in pair of places, and there’s no last-ditch move to avoid being caught. Like One Night Two Crazies, you have to constantly be aware of the intruders. And perhaps hope for a little luck.

Appease the Spider - Screen2

You’ve always got the option to retry, although the inherent trial-and-error of that might turn off some. Even the ‘jump scares’ can get more annoying than unnerving as the retries pile on, and the series’ reliance on pseudo-FMV, still shots, and half-animations (that may cause motion sickness over long periods) means you’ll be staring at the same hallways and death scenes over and over.

There’s no denying that Appease the Spider is very much a one-trick pony, but it’s (once again) timely, and the added mobility and new gameplay elements elevate it a bit beyond what One Night Two Crazies offered. If you didn’t like that one, this game probably won’t convert you. Yet if you’re in the right mindset for cheap scares and even cheaper production values, you can turn off the lights and get a decent amount of enjoyment out of Appease the Spider.

  1. I say sort-of, because a true sequel is already on the way. Called Fright Light, it’s probably available as you read this. 
  2. Yeah, it’s best not to give the plot too much thought. 
  3. The upstairs’ trio of doors can be a little disorienting, admittedly. Expect to make some mistakes there. 

25 thoughts on “REVIEW: Appease the Spider”

  1. the idea of making us living normaly is more interesting than just keeping our bottom on a chair waiting for the killers.

    1. I did like the idea of ‘movement’ versus static screens. If Chris (developer) can find a way to make the motion more ‘fluid’, without having to compromise or deal with memory issues, it does give the game some added depth and variety. Sounds like One Night Two Crazies is the preferred game and format, though.

  2. Just tried the game, made it to Level 7 without dying first try haha.
    It is a good game, but i prefered one night two crazies honestly… Because the one thing i hate is the images while moving around in appease the spider… If it was more fluid tho it would be awesome. Chris should work just a little bit more on his games in my opinion. Hopefully the next sequel will be better.

    1. Nice work. You’ve got nerves of steel. 🙂

      Apparently he ran into some trouble with the clips and memory issues, and had to slash the frames on them to get it to work. Otherwise yeah, I found that a little annoying too. Nothing that caused any kind of motion sickness, but it was distracting.

      Personally, I’m a little concerned about ‘series fatigue’. Given that a third game is on the way (this one will be more like One Night Two Crazies) in the very near future, I’d have to wonder about how unique / interesting each new game can be. Then again, that’s just me. If the games continue to do well on the marketplace, you might as well give the people what they want.

    2. Personnaly, i tried the game once for like 15-20 minutes and i didnt feel weird or anything.

    3. Yeah, I felt fine. I played for over an hour, taking maybe two breaks in-between, to write down notes for the review. No motion-sickness or anything like it, though it was certainly distracting watching things chug along like they did. I’d imagine playing Appease the Spider is what streaming a movie would be like on old dial-up internet service. 😀

    1. Seriously? That’s great, thanks man!
      If it ain’t to hard i’m gonna try to beat this game without dying as well as I did with one night two crazies:)
      Thanks again.

  3. Well, it’s Halloween, and that means you want to be scared, right?

    You’re in luck, as I happen to have TWO codes for Appease the Spider, courtesy of the developer. Reply to this comment, and the game is yours! Creepy new costumed intruders! Fetch random items based on the whims of a fake spider!

    1. 😦 my code was for One Night Two Crazies….didn’t realize it till after I redeemed it. Oh well guess I play the first game but thought I’d let ya know.

    2. Sorry all I’m dumb and I sent Tim the codes to One Night Two Crazies by accident. I sent him 3 new ones for Appease the Spider. Sorry!

    3. Yeesh, I didn’t even check the labels on those codes, and they were CLEARLY listed for One Night Two Crazies. My bad as well! New codes are inbound for both Dream Poet and Derp.

      What can I say, except that it was Halloween. Too much candy… or maybe it’s ‘spirits’. :/

    4. I didnt used the first code you sent me (the one for one night two crazies) so i guess you can give it to someone else or just abandonned it.
      But thanks again for appease the spider man.

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