REVIEW: Halloween Scream 2

A long time ago, in a galaxy… uh, exactly like this one, actually, text-based adventure games were the extent of the world’s interactive entertainment possibilities. There were no such things as high-definition graphics, procedurally-generated everything, or decent animation, really. If you wanted to experience a story, you had to click through screens of semi-descriptive text and essentially create that story yourself, imagining the environments and the characters that occupied them. Halloween Scream 21 ($1.00) is a throwback to that bygone era.

Halloween Scream 2 - Screen

Nothing ‘screams’ excitement like a visit to a stuffy museum.

And it probably should have stayed there. Halloween Scream 2 is all-text on repeating stock photo backgrounds, a ‘choose your own adventure’ game without the ‘choose your adventure’ part. The story— a continuing yarn about a girl vampire seeking to end the curse on her family’s bloodline— is a mostly linear one. Her travels to find an ancient amulet and avoid a mysterious foe take her through the heart of Europe, with stops in England, France, and Germany.

Breaks for puzzles typically ask you to find a certain item or tool, or click through an old-school, North / East / South / West-type exploration segment (you may even need to draw your own map on notebook paper to keep track of things; how older-school is that?). Those same bits may be the cause of some frustration. While the route you need to take to progress the story isn’t exactly hard to see, the clues and conditions that need to be met may not be as obvious. If you’re not the patient sort, this’ll likely devolve into clicking on every available option until you hear the requisite ‘chime’ of an important detail being discovered.

Halloween Scream 2 - Screen 2

You’ll notice ‘A bit of enjoyment’ isn’t part of this inventory.

That linear format and the ‘only one solution’ gameplay don’t help matters, as the only branching paths lead to some sort of end, with you returning you to the last checkpoint (and possibly having to run through a puzzle or item sequence again). And while the story in Halloween Scream 2 isn’t half-bad in summation, a handful of spelling errors and story inconsistencies (a French-speaking desk clerk in a German hotel, for instance) may take you out of the narrative.

Even that’s less likely to bother you, if you have any interest in what Halloween Scream 2 is selling. It’s clearly a niche game for a niche audience, meant for those strange connoisseurs of text-heavy passages and trial-and-error puzzle-solving. For the majority of us, however, this trip down Gaming’s memory lane to ‘the simpler times’ would be better off left in the past.

  1. Yeah, little early for the holiday, I know. Hey, not my fault. I didn’t release the game in July! Take it up with management! 

9 thoughts on “REVIEW: Halloween Scream 2”

  1. Lets point out the basic stuff first… wait, who is that guy in Tim’s pic comment? You must be next gen Tim v2.0, so… I have tried some text adventure on PC, and only beat two. I like the genre, but its too difficult for me to solve the puzzle and get around it. I was playing Anchorhead but I have to stop playing because I got frustated even if I love it. But this one seem more that you already are given the options and then choose one, not like the ones that you actually type. Im not much into those.

    So, I downloaded the demo, an earlier beta of Neverending Nightmares, and guess what, yep, your psychic sensor is working v2.0 because I could not play it (I dont plan to upgrade, but I will keep playing until the system requirements let me). But, I heard it will also be on Ouya, I have not seen you reviewing Ouya on the Area 51 top secret project indiepitome, so, its means you have not touch that thing (I remember you sayin you got it) or you think it will not get much viewers. So, as a respetable serious reviewer of so many boobs games, do you think the Ouya worth it? I will love to play that game but I will not get it for only that game, even if it only 99 dollars, money is money, and as that chinese proverb says “you cant see if they are real until she jumps”.

    1. Yes, sir, version 3.0, with the same non-smile!

      And you are correct in that assumption, as Halloween Scream 2 has you picking from pre-set options / choices. I would say it’s not bad if you’re into the text adventure games, but it’s not anything groundbreaking. I’m not really the game’s ‘target audience’, either.

      So, you might be considering a Ouya, eh? Honestly, I couldn’t say either way if it’s worth it to buy. It’s pretty cheap, compared to an Xbox One or PS4, but…. eh…. I don’t know. I backed the thing on Kickstarter, but most of the excitement was gone by the time the system actually arrived. I plugged it in the first day, tried a few demos… and never turned it back on. It just sits between my cable box and my PS4, collecting dust. There’s a lot more games on it now, of course, and some pretty good ones, from what I read, so… it’d be worth a look.

      You won’t see any Ouya games reviewed on Indiepitome, though. 😀 I’ve got more than enough on the other systems to keep me busy, and the XBLIGs, too, so I doubt I’ll ever find the time (or really good reason) to play the Ouya. It’s an expensive paperweight!

  2. Love to read? Like your games in novel form? I’ve got a code for both Halloween Scream and Halloween Scream 2, courtesy of Bandana Games. Simply reply to this comment, and the codes are yours.

    1. I’m down for some free old school text adventures. That sounds like fun actually and a change of pace. If I’m the winner? 😀

    2. You know how I sometimes call you Time? Well this song was running through my head today thinking about your website and that fact. MUAHAHHAHA BTW one of the creepiest and thought provoking murder mystery/horror films I ever saw.

    3. You’re always the winner in my book, sir. Just so happens you ‘win’ the codes as well. 😀 Check your email shortly.

      And thanks for the creepy comparison! Doesn’t help that Elias Koteas is one of those excellent, underrated actors that can play the hero type in certain movies, then turn around and do the villain / weirdo thing so well in the next.

    4. Yes, Elias was simply awesome as Casey Jones in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. ALMOST as much as Sam Rockwell (aka “Main Thug”). So: is this game better than the original TMNT movie? That’s my threshold for craptitude.

    5. I suppose that depends on your tolerance for the written word. If you’d rather ‘read’ a movie than ‘watch’ it, Halloween Scream 2 might be slightly better. No love for the first TMNT? I was all set to say the third movie was worse, but then I remembered I kinda liked giant Samurai turtles, so it’s redeemed. 😀

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