‘Dead War’ Features Zombies, Guns, Tactics

Two out of those three features guarantees a certain amount of success on XBLIG, so adding some actual ‘thinking’ to the mix is a welcome bonus! Above is a playthrough from the first chapter of Dead War, developer Bandana Games’ upcoming squad shooter.

Due to be executed that day, a death row inmate instead finds herself in the middle of a zombie… incident. How convenient! The good news is (well, aside from being ‘not dead’), you’ll get to mow down plenty of undead as you search for answers and try to curb the outbreak. You’ll do this on your own during some stretches, while at other times, you can recruit others— and their firepower— to help you.

Thankfully, the game looks to break up some of the ‘shooter monotony’ by giving you plenty of objectives (both optional and story-based) to tackle. Between that and the potential for some tactical firefights, Dead War just might convince the world it needs another game about zombies.


Dead War is simply ‘coming soon’ to Xbox Live Indie Games. You can follow the developer on Twitter here,Β or keep an eye on the development blog here.

22 thoughts on “‘Dead War’ Features Zombies, Guns, Tactics”

    1. I don’t want to say anything’s for sure, but looking at the title screen at the start of the video, there doesn’t seem to be options for multiplayer of any kind. Given that all the ‘teammates’ you acquire are AI as well, it’s not likely. Having another player gunning down zombies would be nice, but it might make the game too easy.

    1. It does. I’m burned out by zombie games as much as the next person, but if we’re going to play them, at least make them interesting. And, of course, fun. I like the direction this game is headed on. πŸ™‚

  1. Whoa. Dead Kings cancelled?
    Dang it. You might want to article that as well.

    This looks pretty neat actually.
    I wonder if this is sucesessful enough would they care to do one with dinos.

    1. Yeah, I’ll probably add-on to the existing article and let people know it’s on the chopping block.

      While I don’t think Dead War‘s story will be playing it -that- serious, I think adding dinosaurs would probably break the narrative. Then again, we only saw ‘Chapter 1’; maybe things go in a totally different direction after that. πŸ˜•

    1. Seriously, watching Germany play in the first 30 minutes was like playing FIFA against the AI on easy. I’ve seen every World Cup since Mexico ’86 and never witnessed anything like that. Brazil was completely falling apart.

      Regarding Dead War: I remember watching an early playtest video several weeks ago, and while it might not be anything new, it does look promising.

      And Dead Kings cancelled? That’s indeed bad news.

    2. Makes me partially glad the U.S. lost when it did. That could have been us on the other side of that lopsided score. πŸ™‚ Would’ve punched our ego right in the face.

      @Soosh and @Dream Poet: It’s a real shame about Dead Kings, from all sides. XBLIG has one less good game on the horizon, and another developer has left for (presumably) greener pastures. I know I keep saying this, but with the game as near-completion as it was, I have to believe it’ll show up on PC (or one of the new consoles) at some point. We’ll just have to sit back and see.

    1. There’s been a few times I’ve checked the New Releases, sure that Dead Kings would be there. Don’t know what the holdup would be at this point, but I still say it has to be coming. Unless there’s been some catastrophic event or the developer has inked a deal to put the game out elsewhere, it’ll show up sometime.

      EDIT: Or… maybe not. See GNAWMAN’s comment below.

    2. Well shit, dead kings cancelled?
      I was so much looking forward to explore castles with friends…
      The developper could have release it at 98% completition, wouldn’t care about 2 or 3 bugs 😦
      Looks like xblig will die soon then… I will stay on murder miners and apocz until there’s nobody left on the servers anyway πŸ™‚

    3. Yeah, it’s bummed me out too. I wouldn’t want to release a game that still had bugs in it, but to have it in that almost-completed state… it make sense to finish it up and put the game out. Low sales or not, there’s always the possibility it finds a bigger audience. There’s always PC, too. Oh well.

  2. Well after watching that video I don’t need to play the game πŸ˜›

    But seriously…this look good. I may have to pick this up. Just when we thought it was safe to call Indies brain dead on the 360 it shows life again. Maybe hospice was called in to early.

    1. Look at it this way: now you’ve got a walkthrough guide for the first level! All those door codes you’d have to look for, you’re set. πŸ˜€

      And yeah, I still say the games are out there, they’re just going to be few and far between. You’ll have to wade through some ‘not so good’ games to find them, but hey, that’s what you’ve got me for. … Oh… that’s right… I have to play those ‘not so good’ ones… 😦

    2. Sorry to tell you this Tim but DEAD KINGS is dead, Killroy and I parted ways about 2 months ago. He seemed to be giving up on the whole thing sadly. I helped him play test it and it was amazing. I think it was the low sales on B&B that took it all out of him at last. Anyway I sent you an email be sure to check it out.

    3. Really? Man, that sucks. It sounded to me like the game was almost finished. Low sales would be a momentum-breaker, but if it was as close to completion as it was, you’d think it’d still be worth the while to release. Well, hopefully something good will come out of it. With the PS4 and Xbox One being as friendly to indies as they are, I’d like to see the game show up on one of those consoles at some later date. Even a port of Blood & Bacon, find an audience on the new systems that XBLIG could never deliver.

      Got your email. I’ll post a comment at the top of the page for the Blood & Bacon review, if anyone’s interested in finding a co-op game.

    4. I just cried a little. I’m serious. That is so sad to hear about Killroy and the low sales. I was so looking forward to the game.

      Kickstarter maybe in the future?

    1. Agreed. It looks pretty polished compared to the semi-rough builds from before, I’ll give it that. The rest of the game is an unknown, but it’s off to good start. Then again, I’ve got their latest, Halloween Scream 2, coming up for review tomorrow. Don’t think I’ll be as optimistic on that one…

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