REVIEW: Outpost Defender 1.0

At certain points, it’s hard to tell approximately what is going on in Outpost Defender 1.0 ($1.00). This has more to do with the janky 3D movement, which stutters and lurches whenever you’re in motion, but it’s a good evaluation of the game overall. A flight simulator / wave shooter that’s merely serviceable, Outpost Defender offers simplistic objectives and only a vague sense of progression. You see, you’re kinda always winning at the game, until you choose not to.

Outpost Defender 1.0 - Screen

The entirety of the action takes place over two connected islands, both featuring tall skyscrapers and roads with no traffic. There are three modes to choose from; a training option that introduces the flight controls and weaponry, a ‘joyride’ setting with passive enemies, and the combat simulator, which is wave-based, and features only slightly-more aggressive foes in the form of tanks and battleships.

Flight is rather straightforward, if jerky and unimpressive. The left stick controls your direction and propulsion, while the right stick handles the view (you can invert the camera controls if you so wish). For offense, you have access to two forms of missiles: one that shoots directly where your reticle is at the point of release, and a homing shot that can be guided after being fired. Combat is… or rather isn’t… well, I mean… combat isn’t really a challenge. Like, at all.

If you’re playing in the combat simulator, enemy missiles move extremely slow (with the snail-speed projectiles and the visual style, I thought I was playing a flight-enabled version of Superhot), but have a certain understated tenacity, following you around the stage as you go about your business. A beeping sound rises and falls to alert you to immediate threats, though there’s really no way to get hit by them unless you want to be hit. You’re more liable to crash into a building in the sparse cityscape— on purpose— than get struck by enemy fire.

Outpost Defender 1.0 - Screen2

With the natural tension of combat almost completely absent, all you’re left with is the very bland taste of a feckless wave shooter. Destroy a set number of spawning ships and tanks1, then advance to the next round with no fanfare and do it again. Hardly the stuff addictive gameplay is made of. Outpost Defender 1.0 feels like a project that was released ‘as is’, instead of going through any kind of revision or iteration. But hey, at least the explosions look nice2.

  1. The only real challenge comes in picking out the tiny tanks among the backgrounds from a distance. 
  2. The same could be said for any Michael Bay movie. 

13 thoughts on “REVIEW: Outpost Defender 1.0”

  1. TImothy Hurley Jackson the Third, when the times comes when the indies became a species in extinction just like the humans in Terminator I will vote for you as captain. Not all people will touch the games you review here, none other person should be the rider of the boobmobile while shooting the fart homing torpedo. Bland 3D graphics… I just cant…. I read here in a comment that DotR might be coming to the box, and if my experience with Shutshimi teach me anything its that you cant trust XNA on PC. I dont really think the developer will do a XBox version after releasing the game on Steam. That is like releasing the game on Wii U and then releasing on Wii. But if a stripper still dance for my dollar after someone have pay her much more on a private errr… “show”, there might be some chance captain Hurley, there’s might be some chance.

    1. Captain Hurley has a certain ring to it…. I like it! I’ve done my fair share of the dirty work in the trenches, that’s for sure. 🙂

      There is still hope for Dawn of the Ronin, so we’ll see if XBLIG can hold out long enough that it makes it worthwhile to port over. Though I said it before and I’ll say it again— I’d gladly pay $10 or $15 for the game if it were to show up on the Xbox One or PS4. Hell, I’d even dig out the Wii and play it on there too. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that (the Wii, that is). Wii U, though. Sure. Looks like I’ll be buying that system soon enough. My wallet will hate me for it.

    2. The Captain makes a bold – but good! – choice with the Wii U. Allow Nano Assault Neo to wash the foul taste of the business of boobs out of your mind, err, mouth.

    3. Oh yeah, I will. I like the series, and I kinda feel like I owe it to the the Shin’en guys, since they shipped me a retail copy of the 3DS Nano Assault back when I was writing for Gear-Fish. Very cool of them to just give us the game like that, considering we were basically an unknown site at the time.

      Any other recommendations, downloadable or otherwise? I figure I’m going to get the system with Mario U and Luigi U packed in, then pick up Mario 3D World and Mario Kart 8. That’ll give me more Mario than I can possibly play, but they’re all good games. Assuming Nintendo is still running the deal for a free downloadable game for buying Mario Kart 8… (checks) …they are, I guess I’ll pick up Wind Waker, despite owning / playing it on the Gamecube. I’m curious to play Wonderful 101 and ZombiU, too, but I think that’s going to be PLENTY for the time being.

      Oh, and a Pro controller, possibly. 🙂

    4. There are actually a lot of good games to dl on the Wii U: Pikmin 3 is excellent, WWHD is genius and gorgeous (like Mayim Bialik), Earthbound, Pushmo World, Swords & Soldiers HD, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (if you’d like to kiss your social life goodbye, that is), Advance Wars, Squids Odyssey (unique “physics” title) … and Zombi U, which is nowhere near deserving of the savaging it got on release. I have friends that swear by Wonderful 101 being their game of the year last year, and thankfully there is a downloadable demo to try it out on the eShop, but it was just too difficult to master for myself. And then there is Zen Pinball. You’ll find very quickly that the Gamepad is the greatest pinball controller ever made.

      You’ve made a great choice. When Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker comes out later this year you’ll truly wonder why it took so long to get a Wii U. : )

    5. Hmmm, may have to choose Pikmin 3 over Wind Waker then. Never been a huge fan of the series, but, a free game is a free game. Kinda want a prettified HD version of Wind Waker too, though. Decisions…

      Haha, Captain Toad is one of the games from their E3 briefing that got me interested in the system, bizarrely enough. I figure the Toad segments in Super Mario 3D Land will tide me over til then. 🙂

      And glad to hear there’s a demo for Wonderful 101. That’ll give me the info I need to decide on it, but shit, now you’ve got me thinking about those other games too. Pushmo World is definitely a buy, I know. Gah, too many choices! Not enough money!

  2. Hey, that vehicle has a resemblance of a snowspeeder. At least that was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw those pictures.

    Btw has anyone watched Belgium – USA? Extra time was awesome!

    1. No I didn’t watch the match because I was working and now I go and see we been eliminated. Cheese and Rice….why Soosh you wanna bring me bad news?

    2. I was working as well, though I could see the bad news written on people’s faces walking out of sports bars and such. 😦 I thought we’d get past Belgium, at least.

      Soosh just likes to rub it in. I guess. 😛

      As for the game, it does sort of resemble a snowspeeder, in a way. The jerky motion might even be the same, too, hard to remember what they controlled like in the N64 game. Not very fun here, I can say that.

    3. Oh no, both of you got me wrong. It wasn’t awesome because of the result, it was awesome because both teams just played football. No complaining, no faking injuries, no diving, hardly any fouls etc. And remember, you always need two teams for an exciting match. One of the best extra times I’ve seen in a long while.

      And yeah, those pictures look like this game is a lite-version of Rogue Squadron.

    4. Yeah, I got ya. Just giving you a hard time. 😀

      Watching the highlights later on, it was a good match, even if the result didn’t turn out as well as some hoped. We can take away the effort from this World Cup and apply it to future games. #NextTime1

      1. I realize hashtags have no use on WordPress, but it seemed like a good time for a hashtag. :) 

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