REVIEW: Logan’s Treasure

If you read this site on a semi-regular basis, you might recall the partial compliment1 I paid to 3T Games on their ability to release games quickly. I say partial, because in that same breath, I chastised those games for a lack of creativity and phoned-in design. Now, I’d like to rescind every bit of that compliment entirely, as Logan’s Treasure ($1.00) is further proof that the developer needs a lengthy ‘time out’ from releasing uninspired platformers.

Logan's Treasure - Screen

Honestly, who uses their menu as a promotional screen? 

Forget for a moment that the developer has used (and re-used, and re-used again) the same characters, enemies, and vague art in previously-released games2, and just judge Logan’s Treasure for what it does (or doesn’t do) all on its own. A platformer with Atari-era graphics, the game asks you to retrieve forty keys from a series of inter-connected rooms. The ceilings, floors, and sides of any given screen lead to another, with platforms and ladders (climbing a ladder in this game is one of the most awkward non-animations I’ve ever seen. Want to climb down a ladder? Forget it.  Not possible.) allowing you to reach new perches and previously-inaccessible areas.

With no means of combat, enemies in Logan’s Treasure are in the ‘strictly avoid’ category, with one touch equating to instant death. You’re given only a handful of lives to achieve your objective, but most of your foes follow easily-recognizable routes and patterns. Save for some tight corridors (which really aren’t, since you can jump through floors) and temporary platforms that ‘melt away’ when you stand on them, it’s all very basic and repetitive.

Logan's Treasure - Screen2

Having one screenshot of gameplay is never a good sign.

It also doesn’t help that the game has some of the worst sound effects ever conceived; the loud, grating kind that occurs each and every time your character takes a single goddamn step or jump. Their inclusion is beyond baffling and potentially trolling, especially since you have the option to turn them off at any time. And you should, you really should. Of course, you’ll be playing in silence after that (there’s no soundtrack), but that silence is golden compared to the mind-numbing noise you get by default.

Faced with bland platforming, terrible sound effects, and reused game assets, I’d rather dig up a moldy E.T. cartridge— and replace it with this game3— than suffer through the rest of Logan’s Treasure to find out what’s in the chest after finding all the keys. Unless it’s my dollar plus tax being given back to me (with a sincere apology), I want no part of this dreadful wreck.

  1. See the beginning of the Legend of Max review for that. 
  2. See The Blaggers or Lazy Caverns for that. 
  3. Being a digital game, I suppose I’d have to bury my Xbox 360 in the New Mexico desert then. Didn’t think that one through, did I? 

15 thoughts on “REVIEW: Logan’s Treasure”

    1. Even worse, that song is close to 21 years old. Man, I feel old knowing that. 😦 I could have swore it was not that long ago.

    2. Even worse than that is that I was 28 when it came out in 93 ON 12″ VINYL!!! Ok…Thanks time I’m depressed again. LOL

    3. Hey, vinyl’s been making a comeback. What’s old is new, and all that. Guess people like tangible stuff in certain instances.

      Call me Time, call me Tim, whatever you like. Maybe that’s a new age spelling, and the ‘e’ is silent. 😀

    4. WordPress has some trust issues, as you well know. 🙂

      As for the names, see, I’ve said it before. It could always be worse. Get an unfortunate name, and your life is over from the start. No way you ever live that down in school, the workplace, etc. Be thankful you’re not a ‘Rusty Kuntz’ or an anything ‘Mangina’.

  1. I was staring at that article for over five minutes and didn’t know what to write. Not because the article is bad, no, I do appreciate your willingness to carry on and review games you probably wouldn’t have reviewed a couple of months ago.

    I didn’t know what to say because it’s just sad to witness the demise of XBLIG (gee, I sound like some ‘End of World’ lunatic).

    Ar, life goes on I ‘spose.

    1. I’m right there with you on the ‘doomsday’ vibe. An article for the sake of having an article isn’t exactly what I like to do, and I’m not proud of it. Some silver linings in the day’s clouds, though, as STRACO parts 2 and 3 were just released. I was looking forward to that one.

    2. Straco 2&3 the reason I re downloaded Indie games. Might be the last good game on the 360 Indie area.

      I was looking on at the xbox 360 games and they used to have about 15 to 20 games that we knew were coming but now there is like 4 or 5. It’s very sad watching the 360 die but it’s like I can’t stop yet. I have so many games I still need to finish.

    3. Tim make sure you start Straco 1 and get the update. You can carry over some of your cash for upgrades in 2&3. Man that game sure did come a long way from it’s humble beginnings. I still haven’t started up 2&3 because I want to complete the campaign in 1 first. I had to start over because I deleted all my Indie files. But its even better than I remembered.

    4. Yeesh, seems like it’s tough all over then. Calling it ‘Doomsday’ or ‘The End’ might be a tad dramatic (but I like the immediacy it implies, so I won’t back off the claim), but it certainly feels like it with each passing day. The 360 will still get support into next year. That’s millions of people you’d be abandoning, and Microsoft (and the third party folks) won’t do something as irresponsible as that.

      As for STRACO, I did the update. 🙂 Played through the last level again to get myself at the top of the campaign leaderboard, and transferred my funds. Only about 7,000, but hey, it’s money. Liked the Easter Egg-like comment at the end of the game, where they talk about the delay leading up to Episodes 2 and 3. Funny stuff. I’ll be digging into the game later tonight. Looking forward to seeing you gents on the leaderboards. 😉

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