REVIEW: Venus Explorer

Normally, now’s about the time in the program where I go on and on about boob games and the fall of Indie civilization,  but I suppose there’s no need to be so dire or rehash the past. Team Shuriken‘s oeurve is well-known already. It’s long and varied and full of tits. Venus Explorer ($1.00) continues that chesty trend without shame, this time out combining the animation work and the choose your own adventure-style graphic novella format with some interactive bits that you can actually control.

Venus Explorer - Screen

See that arcade cabinet? Press ‘A’ when you get there.

Venus Explorer‘s story is based in humorous sci-fi: one man with the fate of the Earth in his hands, aliens and spaceships and sidekicks and all that stuff. It’s the typical ‘Shuriken’ plot (read: an excuse to show some lovely ladies),  albeit slightly meta. The game starts with a kid in the 1980s, heading home to play a game on floppy disk called… you guessed it, Venus Explorer. So you’re playing a game about a game within a game. Whoa. Enjoy that moment while you can, since you’ll never see or hear about it again1.

Once you’re ‘in game’, it’s all familiar ground. As you advance, you’re usually presented with a series of choices— forks in the road, where to hide, how to attack, etc.. These lead you to short snippets of animation, success or failure, as you carry out the move. While it’s still trial-and-error on which option you should choose in any given situation, there are a trio of checkpoints that should keep your frustration and replays to a minimum.

Venus Explorer - Screen2

The game introduces a new gameplay wrinkle in the form of some simple platforming, allowing you to control the character in very short flight segments, like piloting a jetpack past very large floating heads(!), or in a ship making your escape. But don’t worry, Team Shuriken knows what you came for, and gives you a handful of ladies to ogle between your various ‘flights’ and navigational choices.

Not that you’ll need to set aside a huge amount of time to see it all. A half-hour of clicking through / guesswork, and you’ll arrive at the all-but-guaranteed setup for the sequel (er… an invitation to propagate the human race). I’ve said that Shuriken’s text adventure games have been approaching decent for some time, but Venus Explorer‘s brevity and hit-or-miss adventuring take that goodwill back a step. Even so, some of us can still appreciate the animation work and the effort. The rest will appreciate the boobs.


Review on Indie Gamer Chick

  1. Save for the first instance you encounter one of the ladies, when you’ll flashback to the kid at his desk going full-horndog. Team Shuriken knows its audience well. 

24 thoughts on “REVIEW: Venus Explorer”

    1. That’s really incredible foresight on the part of MST3K, to know that XBLIG would exist and create a theme song for all its booby traps. Funny that Nostradamus never penned any quatrains on the rise of tits in indie gaming. Perhaps its power is just too great.

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    As of writing this comment, those are currently the most popular articles. Nothing against Battlepaths, but it looks so out of place in that list.

    1. I honestly have no idea what set off this ‘surge’ in boob-seekers. A lot of those games have remained popular for oh-so-obvious reasons, but there’s been an insane amount of traffic for all those games (with Uncraft Me 2 leading the way). It started late Wednesday night, and finally started to level off Saturday night. Somebody must have posted a ‘Let’s Play’ on YouTube, or someone was streaming it. That’s the only thing I can think of to account for it.

      Battlepaths is a strange beast as well. Periodically, it gets popular, then dies down— really down— for months, only to suddenly pick up again.

      Really strange watching how the traffic gets directed to this site. It’s like a secondary hobby. 😀

    2. Oh no, you uncovered my disguise. It was me Tim! It was me all along! And yes, indeed, I posted several LP’s on Youtube under my alias The Boob Hunter. But please don’t tell anyone.

      As for your secondary hobby: May the boob games give you many more clicks. 😀

    1. Man, that still frame looks like we are on some porn site, didn’t realise it until now. Feel free to delete it Tim. Sorry. But the song itself is funny though.

    2. I finally see what you mean! Couldn’t actually see the image on my phone. Only the YouTube link was showing up. Oh well, I suppose it’s no worse than the image header for the review, and it is funny. 🙂

      Hopefully any delicate minds that stumble upon it can take the barrage of boobs.

    3. @Tim: Oh, ok then. And the still frame does somehow look like the image header. Well, both got boobs in it. 😀

      @Dream Poet: Yeah, I know what you mean, the same happened to me. Sometimes it’s those small things in life that make us happy, or in this case, the big things 🙂

  2. The Business of Boobs really deserves its own separate, high-quality non-blog review site, doesn’t it? There is so much of it on Xbox 360 …

    1. I like that you went ‘non-blog’ on that one. 🙂 I feel more justified in calling this just a ‘website’ now that I’ve seen what Watch_Dogs thinks of bloggers:

      Bloggers make terrible life choices, it seems.

    2. Wasn’t there a mission in The Ballad of Gay Tony where you had to ‘talk’ to a blogger who posted shit about Tony, and who ended up getting thrown out of a helicopter over Liberty City? So be careful what you post guys, the life of a blogger can be dangerous.

    3. See, that’s what I mean. You tell someone you’re a ‘blogger’, and they’ve got this image in their head of you gossiping about celebrities or doing a ‘mini-rant’ about the service you received at the coffeehouse that morning. Now, if you tell them you run a ‘website’, suddenly it sounds much more official and important. Sure, it’s 40% about boobs, but they don’t know that. They just know you run a ‘website’, and that’s professional. 😎

    1. @andregurov: That’s cause y’all got your mind in the gutter! 😛

      @Dream Poet: At the time, it was either this or Avatarzilla, and Saansilt informed me that that game was not good. So… boobs it was!

      I keep thinking one of these days, Team Shuriken is going to release something that really surprises all of us. Uncraft Me and its sequel aren’t terrible, so I know they’ve got it in them, boobs or not.

      As for why you hear ‘penis’…. that I can’t answer. Maybe it’s an audio Rorschach test. You listen to words, and form your own image / words from that original one. 🙂

    1. ‘Page hits ahoy!’ was yesterday. Uncraft Me 2, the original, and really ALL boob games on the site got really popular for some reason. It was a good day for boobs, I guess. 😀

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