REVIEW: Vector Madness ZOMBIES

You know, I’m a pretty laid back dude most of the time. Being such, the dude abides a great many things when it comes to the indie channel. Lengthy release droughts, middling mostly-clones of far superior originals, developers using XBLIG purely as a fundraiser or a glorified Kickstarter, and oh, lest we forget, dozens and dozens of zombie games.  So imagine my dramatic ‘facepalm’ at seeing Vector Madness ZOMBIES ($1.00), and forgive me for my Bill Murray / Groundhog Day moment, thinking I’ve already done this review.

Vector Madness Zombies - Screen

Wait. Let’s roll that back a bit. Tell you what, I’ll gladly relinquish my Lebowski self-comparison and all the quotables, as I’m almost positive that no one is more laid back than Warlock Development Group. They’ve (basically) released the same game three times in less than six months now, and this newest monochromatic version of the non-monochromatic KILLBOX is essentially a cheap knock off of a feature that was already present in the original original game: Zombies1.

What is essentially a virtual test-firing range for 190 gunsVector Madness ZOMBIES drops you (or you and a friend, locally) onto a nondescript grey background. In two settings, Campaign or Experiment, you can choose from a very large arsenal of unlockable weapons, and put them to use— ‘bullet time’ included— mowing down waves of faceless zombies, in the hopes that you’ll be entertained for longer than thirty seconds (Spoiler: You won’t.).

Vector Madness Zombies - Screen2

See, certainly no shortage of firearms here.

You can buy new guns with cash earned during battle, with selections from the usual (and some obscure) suspects of shotguns, assault rifles, pistols, etc., as well as eclectic stuff like paintball and stun guns. The game’s sole ‘new’ feature, upgradeable weaponry, makes the process  a little deeper, allowing you to swap out attachments and options in order to boost (or lessen, depending on your choices) things like damage or bullet penetration.

There’s something to be said for shooting off a zombie’s face with a flare gun at close range, but that something isn’t enough to carry an entire game. Let alone one that’s been through three iterations already, and getting progressively more derivative with each passing version. So once again, I’ll end with the line from the previous review; if you’d love to play with hundreds of guns, go with KILLBOX. It’s a more complete product, and already features the undead as an enemy type, leaving no reason for Vector Madness ZOMBIES to even exist. And yeah, that’s just, like, my opinion, man.

  1. So the tagline would be: ‘Less guns! Less variety! Less colour! And look, zombies! Which we already had two versions ago!’ I thought sequels were supposed to get bigger and better? 

24 thoughts on “REVIEW: Vector Madness ZOMBIES”

    1. Nothing can adequetly replace dinosaurs.
      But if we wear dinosaur costumes, it’ll be close.

    2. That bad, huh? It didn’t look overly-impressive, but it seemed like it could have been fun. Guess not. Thankfully we had a little burst of new releases, so hopefully I won’t have to come back to it for review.

  1. Tim said: You know too much. How do you know this? … Expect a visitor. We’ll have you thinking straight in no time

    Hello, my name is Soosh. But that’s just my username, not my real name, ha ha… ehm… I just wanted to say that theXBLIG is super awesome, the best site ever, like in the world… (more?)… (I’m not saying that… what?… oh please, no, I don’t wanna play Mysterious Blue Valley… I say it, I SAY IT ok?!)… ehm… yeah, and I bow down to the admin of this site, the Great Leader and current world champion in Shutshimi, King Hurley. 😐 (No, I won’t smile… what?… NO, I don’t wanna play it… please… I smile, I SMILE, ok? Look) 🙂

    1. See? Now that wasn’t too hard, was it? Some simple persuasion (the man that visited you, Bruno, he’s very convincing, ain’t he?), and now you’re speaking the lingo. And smiling! Smiles make the world a better place, especially when Bruno makes you smile1.

      1. This gag went on far more than I thought it would. I’m naming fictional enforcers, even. :) 
    2. Hey! I’m on a budget, dammit! Can’t really afford the traditional ‘enforcer’. Much easier to feed and maintain. 😀

      And hey, new games are new games, so far am I’m concerned. Looks like I’ll be going with Team Shuriken’s latest for a review. I can see the boobs already… fitting seeing as how Uncraft Me 2 and Sexy Island Adventure have suddenly become very popular here. Finally toppled ApocZ, and that one was at the top for awhile. Moral of the story: Zombies are good, Tits are better.

  2. zzzZZZzzz… oh what, a new game? Yay… no?! What’s it called… Vector Madness ZOMBIES 1 … oh, ok… zzzZZZzzz…

    I never understood the purpose of these games. And while Killbox had at least some background graphics, those two Vector Madness games have… a wall of grey?! I don’t know if it’s just me, but that looks a bit depressing. I mean, I never judge a game by its graphics but come on, that grey background looks sooo bland.
    You said it includes a campaign, is it any different from Experiment mode?

    1. It is incredibly important to use capital letters here, otherwise people might simply mispronounce it. Repeat after me: (soft voice) vector madness… (pause)… (shout) ZOMBIES. There you go :) 
    1. That dull grey is tough to understand. Why not reuse the backgrounds, since you’re already releasing the same game anyway? And putting ZOMBIES in all caps drives the point home: This game has zombies! Automatic win!

      ‘Campaign’ is exactly like it was in Vector Madness, I was just too lazy to write out the exact same lines. You can unlock / buy new weapons as you finish waves in ‘Campaign’, while ‘Experiment’ just allows you to use those guns you’ve already unlocked, and toggle when a zombie appears to use as target practice.

      Same idea, just semantics. Both boring. 😦

    2. My comment was held up in moderation because of a footnote? Really? Or did you put me on the blacklist or something 😀

      And this must’ve been one of the dullest months in the history of XBLIG. Only one exciting game (Shutshimi), the rest just zzz. We should rename ‘the month of May‘ to ‘the month of Meh‘.

    3. Truth? WordPress is paying me handsomely to keep an eye on you. I’m part of their new ‘Thought Crime’ division, and ‘footnotes’ fall under that umbrella, as they often contain heavy sarcasm and humor, both of which are not allowed under this new regime.

      Real truth? I have no idea. Maybe they don’t like footnotes. They weren’t happy I finally used one 300 or so reviews in, so they were going to clamp down on the next one to try it. You, sir, were that unfortunate example.

      Oh, and Month of Meh? I’m so gonna give you points for that! Hilarious and sadly true.

      alt text

    4. @Dream Poet: I assume your surname is not Meh. Would have been weird if Livingstone’s name for example would’ve been Meh. Now imagine Stanley when he finally found him: “Meh I presume

      @Tim: You’re a henchman for WordPress? I’m shocked, I really am. I knew there was something wrong when my comment ended up in moderation, and you just confirmed it. And you thought you could blame it on some footnote? Just admit it, the only purpose of this site is to monitor its users and their behaviour, and I’m pretty sure this data will end up on the Thought Crime division’s main computer. But don’t think you’ll get away with it! I already informed the International Blogger Police, they should arrive here shortly.

      To everyone else: Be careful what you say, because theXBLIG is A FANTASTIC WEBSITE THAT I LOVE TO VISIT!1

      1. Comment edited for truth. 
    5. @Dream Poet: Nothing Meh about your name, sir, I assure you. ‘May’ is an otherwise solid month and name. Be thankful you didn’t wind up in an unfortunate situation like ‘Seymour Butts’ or ‘Amanda Huginkiss’ 😀

      @Soosh: I rearranged the ending of your comment to something more… favorable… to my designs. We can’t have you inciting unrest or upsetting the plans we’ve put in motion. I’ve been playing Watch_Dogs a little bit, and I know you’ve got a cellphone, so you should know I know what you know, ya know?

    6. This is a conspiracy! And I bet those free codes you sometimes give away are spybots so you can gain access to our Xbox Live accounts. That’s quite clever, I have to admit. But we, the people, will stand up and fight against this tyranny!

      On a more serious note and speaking of We the people, do you remember last year, when MS decided to reverse their decisions regarding Online DRM and used games? Remember all those videos on Youtube where you saw people raising their fists in triumph and proclaiming “Yes, we did it!!!” , thinking it was because of ‘us’ vocally raging against it? Crap! MS did it because of low pre orders. Seriously, are people really that naive and think they would’ve done a full U turn if gazillions of people would’ve pre ordered the One? Just think about it.

    7. …. You know too much. How do you know this? … Expect a visitor. We’ll have you thinking straight in no time.

      I should hope that people don’t believe that they caused any reversal on on MS’s policies. Outside of the Windows 8 / Old Home Screen issue, I don’t think we have much of a voice in changing their ways. Well, maybe some, but sales dictate the majority of it, of course. That Sony ‘borrow games’ vid still cracks me up, though:

      It’s no different with the Kinect. MS swore up and down that they were behind the device, that everyone needed the thing to do all the mind-blowing stuff this upgraded tech would bring, and it (so far) hasn’t materialized. Sure, it makes it easier to do some things, and it certainly helps record 30 sec. clips in a pinch (helpful when I’m being a total badass in Titanfall), but then they do a 180. First they gave away Titanfall for buying the system, then they flirted with temporary price drops, now they say the Kinect isn’t as valuable as they led us to believe, and here’s a Kinect-less model to match the PS4 price. It’s helped to close the gap a little already, if Gamestop’s recent comments are to be believed, but let’s not delude ourselves into thinking this is a ‘hearts and minds’ move rather than a financial, make-up-some-ground move ahead of the Fall / Winter ‘AAA Blockbuster’ season.

      That said, I love my Xbox One (…with the Kinect) and my PS4. Both systems have their strengths, and I’m excited to see what E3 will bring.

  3. XBLIG: Release drought? Zombies. There. Done.
    Tim: But XBLIG that’s your answer to everything!
    XBLIG: Deal with it.
    Saansilt: Waiting for dinosaurs…
    XBLIG: You will wait for nothing then

    1. Once XBLIG starts talking to us, we officially need help. 😀

      Thing is, I know there are games out there, good games that are still coming. This month has just been dry.

  4. Graphically, animationally and artistically I love these “games” but there is the problem, they are not really games. Only wish they would make a game out of it. Then maybe they would have something.

    1. It’s more of a ‘simulator’ than game, and that’s fine. Letting you unlock guns as you complete the ‘campaign’? Fine also. Wish there was more to it, but hey, you take what you can get. That said, KILLBOX had much more variety. More enemy types, more backgrounds. This game, and plain old Vector Madness before it, are ‘less’ of a game. Which I don’t get. Why take away content, and then try to pass it off as a ‘new’ game? Nothing about this whole thing makes any sense. No rhyme or reason for it to even exist.

      People talk about the ‘indie’ bubble getting ready to pop, with indie developers just pushing out crap, clones, and retreads, and I wonder if we’re not headed towards some kind of apocalyptic collapse of indie goodwill that’s been built up. Stuff like this does not help the cause, and I can’t imagine it being that profitable, either.

      Okay, mini rant over. :/

    2. According to Wikipedia “Simulation is the imitation of the operation of a real-world process or system over time” by the definition I’m not sure you could call the vector THINGS simulations. Least not IMHO. However I do get your point that they keep taking away and relaunching the game with less. Greed takes over proper thinking once again. Even if they ever did a proper game I’m not sure I would give them any of my money. 😛

    3. Yeah, I suppose I’m not ‘technically’ correct in calling it a simulation, but the fact that there’s so many guns, each with their own effect, weight, recoil, etc., I consider it a simulation. Kind of like a Gran Turismo, but with guns. 🙂 And it is a virtual target range for testing weapons, so maybe that’s considered an imitation of a real-world process? Maybe?

      I’d hold off judgment until they did release a new game, not just the same thing over and over with minor changes, but yeah, they’re not instilling any kind of confidence in their game-making abilities.

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