REVIEW: Bad Bunny

Don’t let Bad Bunny‘s ($1.00) Batman-esque box art fool you; there is nothing Dark Knight-ish (but mabye slightly Donnie Darko-ish?) about this game. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Sure, it’s a violent, Easter-themed ‘Missile Command‘-style turret defense, but it’s so colorful and bright! Vengeful kittens and bunnies dropping explosive-laden eggs never looked so cheerful!

Bad Bunny - Screen

Why your fellow, big-eared compatriots are attacking you without provocation is never quite explained (Fascists? Can they even understand the concept?), though this could be a Braid-style role reversal, as you are one evil-looking sonuvabitch. So… perhaps it isn’t them attacking you, but you who are the aggressor here. They were only defending themselves this whole time. Whoa.

In any case,  Bad Bunny is the typical setup for the genre; a stationary turret that covers the length of the screen, tasked with defending the fort / burrow you call home. You’re given one life to hold out as long as you can against adorable waves of cloud-riding bunnies and plane-flying cats, with the occasional dropped powerup (a shield, extra turret, laser) as payment to continue on.

Bad Bunny - Screen2

Also cash, which piles up around your ‘bunker abode’ and is never used. There is some challenge involved; you can blast incoming eggs out of the sky as they fall (hence the Missile Command reference), and that does make for some tense moments. Given the chaos of multiple targets and eggs, though, one is inevitably going to slip through.

It’s a simple game that works as advertised, but there’s absolutely nothing here that you haven’t seen done before in a more tidy package. There’s no online leaderboards to compare scores with either, so take away Bad Bunny‘s holiday timing (I’m just late on the review), and you haven’t got much in remainder.


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16 thoughts on “REVIEW: Bad Bunny”

    1. Seriously?
      I’m suprised no one really convoed here.
      Not much to discuss about this one tough.

    2. Hmm, guess that makes me THIRD! Yes!

      You nailed it, Saansilt. Nothing much going on for XBLIG this week. A very so-so review for Legend of Max tomorrow, and then hopefully something decent comes out. Might have to go back and play Lifeguard!

    3. Boring week….
      This may become a pattern, thus leading into an awesome release.
      We wait.

    4. Could be. Slowdowns like this usually result in one of two things; either we get one great game, or a deluge of releases. Some good, some not so good. Or… we could get a whole lot of nothing new. XBLIG is like a box of chocolates: You never know what you’re gonna get. 🙂

    5. Yes I did it. Only cause no one was saying anything. I visit this site everyday. Sometimes 2 or 3 times a day and since no one had anything to say (as I didn’t as well) I thought I would throw it out there. Never done it before and won’t do it again.

    6. The whole month was relatively quiet. There were 17 releases so far, but none of them stood out to be honest. We haven’t even had a new boob game for four weeks. Or is it just the calm before the storm (not for boob games, but in general)?

      Just revisited BloodyCheckers and realised how much I (still) suck at Checkers. Curious how it’s gonna be in Dead Kings when Checkers is no longer mandatory.

      One more thing: Did anyone notice vikingfabian beta test? According to the developer it’s an early access project for playtesters and bugs and ugly placeholders are guaranteed. So apparently it’s some sort of early beta. I’m fine with that and it does look promising. But what I really don’t understand is that he’s charging £3.49 / $4.99 for it. Isn’t the point of releasing a game in its early stages to get as many people as possible to test it and wouldn’t it be more sensible to cut the price down to $1? I mean, if it would be a finished game and it’d be super awesome then yeah, charge full price, fair enough. But in its current state?

    7. Yeah that whole dealie sounds fishy to me.
      And after Banana Bonanza, I think either Micro us wary of BoB games or developers of those are reconsidering their chances .

    8. @ImTheMetalLord: Awww, but I quite like seeing those ‘First!’ comments. Followed up immediately by ‘Second!’ and / or people chiding those people for making the ‘First!’ comment. 🙂

      @Soosh & @Saansilt: Oh, man. Where to begin on the VikingFabian Beta Test? Let me first say that I’m totally in agreement with what you said. I’m (somewhat) fine with the idea of it, but charge $1, not the full price. Really no reason (and no excuse) for that.

      There’s been a few dust-ups on Twitter about it, and I’ve basically said as much on there. I haven’t confronted the Dev directly, but ‘The_Kodu’ (who originally contacted me about it) has. You can see a little bit of his side of the argument on his Twitter feed:

      Basically, he stresses that most of his fanbase can’t playtest on PC, and that testing on XBLIG is the best (and only) way to get accurate feedback, since that is the platform that these games will be appearing on. Again, I’m slightly OK with the idea, especially with gathering feedback to make the eventual release better, but I’m not cool with selling a series of broken demos to consumers (for full price), with no promise of a full game for your troubles.

      Personally, I think it sets a dangerous precedent on XBLIG, potentially turning the channel into a miniature Kickstarter / fundraiser, a sort of ‘Steam Early Access’ for XBLIGs, where we’ll stop getting games, just betas and / or demos. That may be an overreaction, but given that ‘beta tester’ game and the clone-happy current status of the service, it may not be that far off.

    9. I find the whole beta thing BS at any price. Hell he doesn’t even describe what the game is suppose to be at all. I thought you had to pass some sort of peer testing to get you game published so how can some broken code pass that test?

      I agree Tim that it sets a bad precedence on the Indie channel not that its going to survive for much longer anyways. My original thought was that he was doing that not expecting anyone to actually buy into it and that he could pass out codes to those he wanted to test it. Whatever the reason I still stand pat on this being straight up BS.

      I give the idea a GIANT FLAPPING BIRD!! LOL

    10. @ImTheMetalLord: My first thought was that it WAS a joke, lampooning the Steam Early Access thing, or demos being passed off as full games, etc. Then I thought as you did, that it was for ‘friends’ and loyalists that wanted to help out the Dev, and he would hand out codes or otherwise compensate people that wanted to take part.

      Seems that’s not the case. I played the trial, and it’s a sort of RTS, Rome-themed / take-over-the-world game where you conquer cities and manage your army / economy. It’s a lot of ugly placeholder stuff, as the Dev says, but there could be a game there eventually. To the Dev’s defense, he does make clear in the description that you shouldn’t expect a full game / finished design / saved progress, but yeah, this isn’t the kind of thing XBLIG is designed for. I know it’s the forgotten stepchild of Microsoft, and basically the butt end of a lot of jokes, but I for one appreciate what the channel has to offer, and stuff like this just makes it look worse.

      Whether admitting to and releasing a ‘beta test’ constitutes a ‘game’ according to the channel’s rules, …I’m not sure. Someone with more knowledge on the subject would have to answer that one.

    11. Yeah, he does explicitly warn potential buyers that, if they expect a complete game, they shouldn’t buy it (Quote: If you expect a complete game experience: DO NOT BUY THIS).
      Like I said, I’m somehow ok with it and don’t think other developers will follow suit and we’ll end up with half finished games in the future, no need to panic 😀 … I hope :-/

      It’s just the price tag that baffles me. I read the conversation he had on Twitter (thanks for the link Tim) but it didn’t really shed any light on why he’s charging that much. And there’s nothing about this game on his official website.

      PS OMFG Jimmy Page is playing Xbox Live Indie Games? That’s freaking awesome!

    12. You bet he is! Gotta stay busy somehow. That would be an intimidating name to walk around with. It’s the ‘Michael Bolton’ from Office Space gag, where everyone would ask you, ‘Oh, like from Led Zeppelin? What’s your favorite Led Zeppelin song?’ and so forth. 🙂

      Back on point, though, that price is baffling. If it’s purely to get testers, you’d owe it to everyone that’s willing to buy it to only charge the minimum. The only thing I can come up with is maybe the Dev thinks the file size will fluctuate with the ‘new games being added every month’, and he wants to protect himself (and early adopters) by just charging the max. That’s a stretch, though.

    13. It’s definitely a cool name, but I think it can also be a bit of a curse in certain situations:

      ring ring… ring ring
      Bob’s Pizza Delivery Service, how can I help?
      Yeah hello, I’d like to order a pizza.
      Sure, could you tell me your name please?
      I’m Jimmy Page.
      Yeaaah haha, no seriously, I need your name sir.
      Jimmy Page!
      I can’t proceed with your order if you don’t give me your name.
      beep beep beep beep
      Hello? … Hellooo?! sigh Not again 😦

      And now I feel bad that I made a joke about someone else’s name (but post it anyway). And should the Kodu Jimmy Page read this: Pleaaaase don’t be offended or something, I’m just joking around.

      Great, wanted to say something else about the viking game but completely lost the plot now.

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