REVIEW: 2048: Xbox 360 Edition

Oh, poor Mobile Gaming Pop Culture. After losing Flappy Bird to the great Bird Nest in the Sky (though it’s destined to be resurrected), it needed a new craze to bide its time during the long workday. Enter Threes! and 2048, bringing number matching / stacking to the forefront of the Internet’s consciousness. 2048: Xbox 360 Edition ($1.00) is the classic bandwagon game, looking to pry loose a quick buck and strike while the iron… er, numbers table, is hot.

2048 - Xbox 360 Edition - Screen

For the uninitiated, all of these games follow a simple, but strict code of operation; slide and match similar numbers in a grid to pair them together, constructing them into ever-increasing values until the board eventually fills up and you have no more moves to make. Your ‘goal’ is to get the highest score. Threes! centers around adding values of… well, you know, while 2048 (and this Xbox version) asks you to work around the number 2, joining tiles in an attempt to reach the elusive… you guessed it, 2048.

You can move the tile set in any direction but diagonal, so long as an open space or possible pairing exists. And while your initial moves can be made without much thought, sliding together matches late in the game can be harmful if you paint yourself into a corner. Higher values are harder to match, introducing a fair amount of thought and strategy to your moves.  Call it Tetris inbreeding mixed with a Rubik’s Cube, call it a time-waster and / or a passing fad, but it’s incredibly-addicting, if you’re not careful to watch the time.

2048 - Xbox 360 Edition - Screen2

See, letters. That’s totally different, right?

This game continues where Gabriele Cirulli’s original left off, and adds a slight ‘twist’ in the form of pairing letters. This merely dresses up the gameplay, of course, giving you something different to look at without breaking any new ground. Personally, if we’re brainstorming clones here, I’d like to see a Jim Carrey version based on stacking The Number 23. But we can’t always get what we want, can we?

Bottom line, 2048: Xbox 360 Edition offers nothing new to fan the flames of the originals it so blatantly follows. Even with a spot-on impersonation, global leaderboards, and the letter-based secondary mode, there’s little reason to invest in this game, or any of the other recent and future bandwagon titles for that matter, so long as an official, free version exists somewhere.


Oh, and if anyone’s looking for a challenge to beat, I posted my best of 5432 on the leaderboard. Not much to some, maybe, but I considered it a pretty impressive run. Be gentle on my ego.

28 thoughts on “REVIEW: 2048: Xbox 360 Edition”

  1. Well, the problem with the human race is that they judge just by looking at the cover, I have to take what I wrote back because this is a pretty fun game. I got it on my android, and is a really good time waster. I never got into this type of games but this one actually win me over. My highest score was 6840 🙂
    If it not where for the online requirement I will have buy it on the 360, but I will not pay for something that probably I will not be able to play in the future, if I have other means to play it free. That rule is still in the next gen? I will love to see achievements also, BUT, with the self publishing some developers may abuse the system, and with no one on Microsoft to check, it will totally destroy the fun of them. Imagine a boob game that you get 100 points if you press start on the title screen? I guess that will be not fair for the ppl that work hard to get the points (like the ones that beat Akuma in the Street Fighters 2 HD like me). Anyway, this one and Shutshumi are pretty good ones, too bad some people are gonna be deceive by how they look as I was before. Especially Shutshumi an original game that deserve attention, hope they get greenlight, although I cant play the game on PC (damn!!!) they deserve the money. 2048 is a clone so… well… not much sympathy from me, although is a very good game.

    1. Nice score. My biggest roadblock is myself. I get a good run going, but then I make foolish moves and get stuck with matching numbers in opposite corners or lines. You’re wise to pick it up on the phone, especially when it’s free. Addicting little time-waster. 🙂

      XBLIG is in a funky position with that online-only requirement, so I doubt they’d continue that on Xbox One. No guarantee, but I’d like to think they’ve learned from their mistakes…

      I’m sure there will be developers that abuse the achievement system on Xbox One indies (kinda like Nutjitsu, handing out 100 points like they’re candy; fun game though), but, if achievement chasers want to drop a few dollars on a boob game for some easy achievements, hey, that’s on them. Hopefully it’ll convince people to give other indies a chance, knowing they can earn points for buying a cheaper indie game instead of a AAA title. Everybody wins then, I guess.

  2. Never heard of this game until it was offered up on Xbox. Got it for a buck and definitely worth it. But I understand for those that were aware of the game before and didn’t see the need to buy the game on the Xbox. Makes sense.

    One weird thing. Sometimes I hear people talking in the background. Very weird. Is this part of the game? Very weird. It only happens when I play this game. At first I thought it was going crazy, but definitely hear people talking while I’m playing this game.

    I tried looking to see if I can turn off chat within the game, but I see no options. Is this some weird background noise that’s part of the game?

    1. In your case, then, I can see why some developers choose to put out ‘homages’ to popular games. Some may just not be aware of the original release, or some just prefer to have the game on their Xbox, as opposed to a phone or playing on PC. If you’re enjoying it, then the money is well-spent. 🙂

      Oh, and you’re not going crazy. I don’t know all the particulars about it, but some games use a kind of ‘group chat’ feature in otherwise single-player games, where anyone playing the game at the same time can hear anybody else playing and using a headset. I’ve seen it… well, heard it, most often playing adventure-types (Thunder Moon comes to mind in particular). To have it turned on in a game like 2048, though? Strange indeed.

    2. This game, like most XBLIGs, shares the hiscores over the network, so what you are hearing is the voice chat of other users playing the game at the same time. If you don’t normally use voice chat in online games you can disable it by opening the Guide and then going to Settings -> Preferences -> Voice.

    1. Yep, that’s my whole argument. It’s not a graphic-intensive game, so it’s hard to screw it up in making a clone / homage. But if you’ve got the official, original version, and it’s already free, why bother with buying it on any platform if you’re not trying anything different?

    2. It can’t be free on the Xbox 360. $1 is the minimum allowed. And you can’t play the free web versions on the console, so there you go.

    3. Yeah, it’s required to sell for something, and the above comment by ‘Ivan R.’ illustrates the argument that some may not be aware of the original games, but really, how many people that have an Xbox don’t have access to a smartphone or PC? Again, I’m alright with selling the games on the 360, but it is on me to let anyone else know that there are free alternatives out there.

    4. Exactly. It may seem like I’m dumping on games that work perfectly fine and could be entertaining, but if you’re releasing a clone / homage knowing that, you’d have to expect reviews / comments that bring up that issue. To each their own, though.

  3. So Hurley, I’m never been much into puzzle games, but I love puzzle games. Confused? Not worry boyo I’m here to hold your hand like a retail AAA game. I mean I love games with puzzles, like Gateways, Escape Goat and La-Mulana but actual puzzle games Tetris, etc.. not so much, only Lumines got my attention. I also liked Produce Wars and Madland (on tablet) but I think those are more games with puzzles than puzzles games. I cant even categorize this game, being a reviewer is not as easy as its seem. Anyway, this seem like a fun game, might try it, and leaderboard is always a bonus, I love beat stranger scores, or at least try to beat them. Still sad about OFDP no leaderboard, is hard to find motivation to beat a score without actual proof, a leaderboard will keep ppl motivated, I have not played the PC version, but I hope they amended that error, especially on Steam with that many users, a game like that without learderboard is like a stripper with no dance skills, can draw your attention for the looks, but will not get that dollar for the lap dance.

    1. I’m here to hold your hand like a retail AAA game. … I like that one. 🙂

      I get what you’re saying though. You prefer the ‘interactive’ puzzle over the straight ‘thinking’ type of puzzle. No shame in that. I’m a fan of both, so I can see the argument for each side.

      Don’t quote me on this, but I’m pretty sure the Steam version of OFDP includes leaderboards. (Looks it up). Yep, it does. Sad that XBLIG doesn’t get that perk, but I’d totally spend another dollar (or even more) to see OFDP make its way to Xbox One or PS4. One can hope, anyway.

  4. Oh, ehm, what a coincidence, I just found this screenshot. Completely forgot about it, so here’s the proof:

    (that looks more like a screen of some 30 year old ColecoVision game)

    Btw BloodyCheckers’ Facebook page is gone.

    1. Oh, that’s totally legit! Sorry I ever doubted it, or you.

      As for BloodyCheckers, maybe he’s creating a whole new page for it, or just one for the new title. Or a ‘catch all’ main page to encompass everything.

    2. Oh, that’s totally legit! Sorry I ever doubted it, or you.

      No worries mate, you are forgiven. 😀

      So you think he’s working on a new page? But why take the old one down before the new site is up, or how does it work? Facebook is Terra incognita for me. Well, I know that it exists, but that’s more or less the only thing I know about it.

      I’ve googled dead kings facebook but it only came up with pages for bands from Houston and LA… hm, perhaps he abandoned the game and plays in a band now, dunno.

    3. Unless you can rename a page you’ve already made, and he just transferred everything over to a different name? Not sure if that’s possible or not. Facebook isn’t really my cup of tea, either. Still can’t understand why it wouldn’t let me create a page for ‘theXBLIG’, as I write out the site’s name, instead forcing me to put a space between the two. Then again, Facebook just added the concept of hashtags not too long ago, and the world has been on that train for years. Come on, Zuckerberg!

      Oh well. The game / page will pop up again somewhere, I’m sure, and Zuckerberg will still be filthy rich. Pretty sure he bought Oculus Rift purely to make a VR simulation for himself, diving into his money pit a la Scrooge McDuck in Duck Tales.

  5. Played the free thing online, it’s not really my genre. But I can see why people might get addicted to it… well, at least until the next trendy and hip game pops up out of nowhere.

    So your best score is 5432? Ha, I easily doubled that in the trial. And no, I don’t have any proof, you have to trust me on this one 0:-)

    @ImTheMetalLord: You cursed my browser! I’ve got this cool plug in for Firefox where you can grab flash videos from Youtube and basically every other site, I use it mainly for downloading por… funny cat videos. But I’ve noticed that, no matter what site/blog I visit, the plug in tells me this Ooops video you posted in the comments to Bitcoin Tycoon is ready for download!? Just can’t get rid of it. 😀

    1. … I don’t think I trust you. In fact, I don’t think you got near that score at all! And perhaps this ‘Ooops’ curse is related to your stockpile of funny cat videos. Maybe you’ve been watching too many funny cat videos. Perhaps it is time to repent! :p

    2. Cursed is ye of the Metal abomination. Browsers is just the beginning. Muahhahahhahahahaha

    3. Oh no, that’s the beginning of the end… I’ll pack my stuff and leave the country. Let’s see, I’m currently in Germany, going back to the UK would be too obvious, have to go somewhere else. Hm, what’s that… Antarctica… yeah, sounds like a cool place.

    4. Antarctica is lovely this time of year, though I hear internet service is pretty dodgy there. May be a hole in the Ozone layer, too, so wear sunblock! 😉

    5. Antarctica is lovely this time of year, though I hear internet service is pretty dodgy there.

      Dodgy internet you say? And apparently it’s bloody dark there right now, like for 24 hours. Back to the UK then (but pssst, don’t tell ImTheMetalLord).

    6. UK? As in the University of Kentucky? Or as in United Kingdom?

      Either way your better off heading to Greenland or Antarctica so as the interweb thingy can’t reach you.

      The Metal Minions will find you my pretty!!! Muahahhaha

    7. University of Kentucky? I mean… yeah, I’m going back to the University of Kentucky 🙂 Don’t bother sending your minions to the United Kingdom (phew, that was close).

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