REVIEW: Super Broken Games

Besides a casual glance at it on the marketplace, my first experience with Super Broken Games ($1.00) came with a tweet from the always-lovely Cathy at Indie Gamer Chick, who could not play the game due to epilepsy concerns with the pulsating menu and in-game effects. After booting up the game for myself, I could understand why, but thankfully developer Feel Good Seal included an option to turn off the effects and issued a patch to fix another potential issue.

With backstory out of the way, Super Broken Games is a series of deliberately-broken minigames, with each based around a particular failed idea or controller caveat. Using varying forms to go about this (sometimes you’re a snake in a maze, other times a bouncing ball, a seemingly-drunken flying ball, etc.), it all amounts to 37 ways to die and / or frustrate yourself.

Granted, a few take the legitimate approach, giving you somewhat normal controls and a straightforward objective (collect all the items, reach the exit), with numerous hazards in place. Challenging, but achievable once you’ve determined the correct path and gotten a handle on whatever controls you’ve been dealt. The vast majority, however, take a more dastardly route, flipping the schemes entirely, or adding a second snake to control, forcing you to watch two screens and babysit two characters, etc.

These minigames revel in playing the jerk, and seem to be there purely to set you off in a rage. So the obvious question would be: Why would anyone want to get pissed off playing a bunch of busted setups? I’m not sure. Maybe you’re a masochist. Or maybe your parents didn’t love you enough and you’re living a transient lifestyle, seeking out painful experiences as a way to feel alive and fill the hole in your heart that never quite healed (…that last bit may be a stretch).

 Super Broken Games - Screen

More than likely, you do it because you appreciate a good dare, which is what most of Super Broken Games feels like. Much as people choose to climb Mt. Everest because ‘it’s there’, so too will gamers play ridiculously-hard or unfair games to prove a point to themselves or others. ‘Others’ might end up being the key word, as the game allows for local multiplayer up to four. Turning ‘constant failure’ into a party game sure beats going solo.

Ultimately though, the novelty of being ‘broken’ may not be enoughSuper Broken Games opts for a playful sort of fun with its controls, but it lacks the artistry and addictive qualities of other masochist titles like Super Meat Boy or N+. Mean is always mean, but being mean on purpose? That’s just mean.

17 thoughts on “REVIEW: Super Broken Games”

  1. … HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN SINCE I’VE BEEN HERE?! Everything’s all different and sleek and black! It’s as if I just went back to an old friend’s house, and they’ve replaced the old wallpaper with A LION!

    1. Strange?
      You ‘re alive still…
      How’d you make it through K-Day?
      Its been 7years…

    2. A-Very-Strange-Place, it all makes sense now!
      Up until now I thought your name is Avery Strangeplace…

    3. @averystrangeplace: Ohh, I like that! Instead of boring theme names, they should have named this one ‘Sexy Lion’.

      The ‘Sexy Lion’ Theme. Blog at WordPress …that name will push a lot of product out the door.

      Oh, and ‘Kraft Day’ isn’t until next week. When they reinvented dinner, putting out that Premium Mac ‘N Cheese… whoa, man. Supper has never been the same since they kicked Mundane to the curb.

      Not to be confused with the ‘other’ K-Day, which is Kindergarten Cop-Day. That’s where everyone has to take over a Kindergarten class for the day and talk exclusively in an Austrian accent. Ferret not included.

      @Soosh & @averystrangeplace: Personally, I consider ‘Avery Strangeplace’ to be more of a Bond villain name than Bond girl. That’d have to be ‘Tits Strangeplace’ instead …or something like that. Maybe ‘Boobs McStrangeplace’ if you’re Irish. :p

    4. Or Tits Inavery Strangeplace and hers are on her knees or Humper Inavery Strangeplace and I’ll leave that one to your imagination.

      Villain Avery Strangeplace would have guns shoot from his armpits and he have to pose like a body builder with is shirt off and hands behind his head to fire them.

      I always thought Kindergarten Cop Day was the day that everyone had to watch that movie non stop for 8 hours but it was a paid day off work. I always decided work was more enjoyable than that.

      And besides isn’t K-day really about Kitten Day when everyone has Kittens [over as guests] and Rainbows for the big meal of the day?

    5. @ImTheMetalLord: Tits on knees? But Lord Metal, that is sooo immature!
      All I say is:
      Mysterious Blue Valley Fatso vs. Chicks with Banana Dicks feat. Tits On Knees
      Don’t ask me why I just wrote that… I don’t know, I really don’t.


      @Tim: Sexy Lion? Before you changed the colours the new theme looked more like the “Zebra run over by a tank while on its way to the corner shop to get some booze” theme.

      @averystrangeplace: Dunno, but to me it sounds like a character of some old LucasArts adventure game.
      Monkey Island and the Lost Tales of Avery Strangeplace. Now that would be a game I would like to play.

    6. @ImTheMetalLord: Kittens…. for a meal!? That’s the most horrible idea ever! Who would make that a national holiday!?

      @Soosh: Yeah, the white on white is more pleasant on the eyes. I’ll call this one ‘Majestic Lion’. Can’t believe they locked the option behind the ‘customize’ pay wall. It’s white. It’s the absence of color (or colour); that should be the cheapest / free-ist! Oh well, now I can make it whatever color I want, whenever I want! Also, fonts! If I wake up one morning and want to put the entire site under ‘Comic Sans’ style, I bloody well can! xD

    7. Oh MY!!! Didn’t mean eating them. I meant having them over for the big meal with rainbows and pretty things. Don’t know how that sounded anything other than that but that is very morbid Tim. That’s what I get for commenting at the wee bits of the morning hours when I only slept 3 hours. Please edit so it don’t sound so bad.

    8. Done. Just to leave no room for doubters. That one was on me, maybe. 🙂

      I read that as making the cats part of the meal. That’s my dark side doing the thinking / interpreting, I guess. Carry on!

      P.S. You need to get more sleep, sir. Three hours won’t help anyone. I burn the midnight oil myself, sometimes, so I know full-well how it affects the day.

    9. I’ve been edited!!!!! LOL [This is the XBLIG ‘Thought Police’. We can edit whenever we like… :D]

      I’ll have plenty of time to sleep when I’m dead. Oh no….morbid talk…you’re rubbing off on me, Tim.

  2. …but thankfully developer Feel Good Seal included an option to turn off the effects…

    I assume that’s somewhere in the options, which basically means the first time you boot up the game you’ll still get bombarded by those effects. Or is there a warning at the beginning?
    Damn, I should know, just played the trial a couple of days ago… ah well, that’s me getting old.

    1. It’s in the options, along with palette swaps for everything. I believe there is a note that pops up on the title screen, although you would still get a few seconds of the effect beforehand (I played it two days ago as well, so I’m no better at remembering :P).

      It works with the soundtrack, and I like the idea behind it (the effect), to give the games some flair, but yeah, unless you really want to punish yourself, it’s hard enough to reach the goal in most of these, let alone combat a pulsating screen while you do it.

  3. Appreciate busted game types and a stiff challenge? Unloved by your parents? Simply reply to this comment, and you’ve won a copy of Super Broken Games, courtesy of Feel Good Seal.

    1. Well, if you love your parents, I should disqualify you for not having enough issues to sort out in adulthood, but… I’ll send the code along.

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