REVIEW: Mysterious Blue Valley

The aura around Mysterious Blue Valley ($1.00) seemed promising at first. A trip to an unknown destination, the allure of a potential job, being taken under the wing of the equally-mysterious ‘Mr. Money’, a rotund fellow who doesn’t believe in wearing shirts to cover his sizable man breasts? Sure, I’ll bite. You should never turn down someone who wishes to be your wealthy benefactor. Sounds vaguely Great Expectations-ish, minus a teasing Gwyneth Paltrow but with a Japanese twist.

Mysterious Blue Valley - Screen

Clearly a metaphor for something.

Of course once we actually get there, it’s an entirely different story. Turns out it’s not really a mysterious valley I find myself in; more an ‘Amphitheater of the Weird’. This isn’t some vacation or job offer, either, it’s just slave labor. ‘Mr. Money’ isn’t paying me squat, can’t afford personal clothing, and orders me around in broken English from his private tent. It’s apparently so terrible, I’m being totally sarcastic with my replies and whispering mean comments behind his back.

I can’t say I blame my in-game self; his instructions sound like the sort of ‘busy work’ no one wants to hear. I’m to walk extremely slow around the stage / amphitheater, turning like a tank, picking up these blue blocks— in specific order— and return to the stage to place them. Without ever letting go, I might add. If I do, or choose the wrong piece, the blocks go flying off into space. Because reasons.

I’m not a quitter, though. Well, not quick to quit. More than a half-hour later, I’ve stacked the fifteen(!) blocks that Mr. Money requested of me. He then tells me someone is watching us, and I set off to follow a shadowy man around the stage until he eventually stops behind the blocks I’ve already placed. It’s then that my not-benefactor assigns me a new mission; climb to the second floor of the stage and collect more blocks. Again, in a specific order. This involves a rope, and for me to be standing in a certain fashion in front of the wall to utilize it. Ditto for jumping back down, after I’ve wrangled the blocks. Four minutes later, I’ve succeeded in placing one of them, with at least a dozen more to go. … … (sigh)

Mysterious Blue Valley - Screen2

Nope. I know to hang myself with it.

This is the point in the program where those of us in the business like to say, ‘Fuck that’. There’s other interesting bits I gleaned from the screenshots, like a spider and a green garden hose, but I’ll never see it to its no doubt bizarre conclusion. I’m all for abstract gameplay, but nothing is worth the actual, mind-numbing labor this game puts you through. Not even Mr. Money’s ample breasts.

Mysterious Blue Valley is the kind of project that begs for oversight and playtesting. Anything to prevent it from what it currently is. A far-flung idea is one thing; it’s quite another to make the task so boring and exacting that you alienate whoever picks it up. You could do literally anything else, and it would be a more appropriate use of your time. As such, this is one valley that should remain unexplored.

8 thoughts on “REVIEW: Mysterious Blue Valley”

    1. That is… fairly violent, sir. I’d just ask him to put a shirt on. Nicely. Then have him spring for a pizza or something. Lifting all those blocks and putting up with poor design tends to make one hungry. 🙂

    2. Ha, look at the screenshot and then imagine him saying “Wanna hug?”
      But yeah, he needs some exercise. He should hook up with the Chicks with Banana Dicks and then they can have a wild threesome or something.

    3. Ha. I don’t need that image swimming around somewhere in my head. Mr. Money is just fine where he is. Isolated. Contained.

    4. Violence directed at a justified target mind you.
      He is probaldly having all the players set up a ritual to summon Scaos the Sinkeeper to wreak a terrible wrath on the remains of XBLIG and decimate its fans in our world.
      I will not have it.

    5. Shit, you know, you’re probably right. I have no idea what the game was having me do. I could have been opening up a portal for an invading army to come right through. Or maybe an alternate world where Banana Bananza is an acceptable game, with many sequels… or… gulp… it’s the only game that ever existed. …

      …. I’m with you. Let’s take this bastard down.

  1. After the trial all I felt was blue so I forgot about it till you wrote your Bitching Linguistic Original Graphomania (BLOG for short). LOL

    1. Ahhhhhhhh! The ‘blog’ word. Even if it’s used as an acronym, cut it down, burn it, and bury it in the backyard! I don’t see that word (covers ears and closes eyes) La la la la la la la….

      Okay… where were we?

      Oh, right. Yeah, I have no one to blame but myself on this one. I demoed it, erased it after playing the trial, then went back last night and re-downloaded it. ‘Total Tim Move’ on that one. Sometimes I wonder what I’m thinking, and I’m actually me! 🙂

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