‘Dead Kings’ is Sequel to ‘BloodyCheckers’; Coming Soon

BloodyCheckers and Blood & Bacon (Review) developer BigCorporation is putting the finishing touches on their next project, Dead Kings. The game is a sequel to the beloved castle-crawling, checkers-playing original, featuring a larger castle to explore (six floors), and full co-op support, allowing you to uncover and pillage the castle’s treasures with a friend.

The above trailer doesn’t show off any gameplay whatsoever, but it’s still worth a watch if you’re curious about the work (and some Easter Eggs) going into the game. Only a select few developers could make watching three minutes of menus interesting.

If you want to keep tabs on the game’s development, you can ‘like’ Dead Kingsbrand new Facebook page here.


Dead Kings - Screen

Dead Kings - Screen2

Big Thanks to astute reader ‘Soosh’ for pointing out the info to me. I am a terrible journalist. 

55 thoughts on “‘Dead Kings’ is Sequel to ‘BloodyCheckers’; Coming Soon”

  1. Oh my fucking god.
    I went to the indie store early this day and what do i see? DEAD FUCKEN KINGS. i thought it was cancelled… Well i bought the game at the same moment that i saw the tittle popping on my screen haha. Time to go explore the castle with some friends 😛

    1. Yes sir! Had an extreme reversal of fortune, and the game is now out. I suspect quite a few tears of joy were wept in its honor. 😀

    2. UPDATE has been released, but you may have to delete your original game and re-download to get it. Deleting the game will not delete your saved game progress. The UPDATE is not prompting people to download it….thanks microsoft. * Do not go to your storage and delete “Storage for DeadKings” that would delete your progress !!! *

    3. Just thought I’d mention, I was asked to update when I tried to play it an hour ago, so anyone that still needs to get the update, you should be prompted now.

    4. UPDATE works, and fixed itself….for 2 cool minigames that will shortly migrate them selves to the portraits (portraits will now have a choice 1 of 3 minigames) hit Y or X 100 times in various locations in the main menu (try the snow screen, help&options, and main) there are 4 total easter eggs !!

  2. YES!!! Dead Kings is out. One of the few games that I bought without even trying it on the Indies. Sweet….gonna get to play it some before work today.

    1. Game is out, seems to be stable for now. There are 8 known bugs so far, and the next Update is in Review. There will be another Update a week from Monday also….I can post the bugs if required. Already a funny lets play:

    2. @Dream Poet: We are all doomed to repeat the past. ❓ ❗ 😀

      @kilroyfx: He was having a hell of a time navigating that castle! 😀

      Oh yeah, feel free to post any known bugs (the same goes for anybody playing through the game). That’ll give me a heads up on what not to do. 🙂 I’ve got to finish up one other game for review, but I’m hoping I can start playing after that. Brushing up on my ‘checkers’ skills.

  3. Game has been Approved. It has 3 major bugs in it however, that got through the Microsoft radar. The biggest issue, using any other controller than the #1 port “might” cause a fatal crash, so try and have 1 controller logged in as #1. Strange bug. An update will be out hopefully by Monday or Tuesday. The way indie games works, there are all these time restrictions, updates can only be submitted 7 days after published, plus 48 hours. This is why we hold back on the publish button, to reduce the update release to potentially 48 hours. We still get confused as to how it works.

    1. Makes sense (the decision to hold back on publishing, not Microsoft’s policy 🙂 ), and should cut down on any frustrations people might have.

    2. This will be one of the very few games that I will buy on day one without trying it first. I’m so glad you decided to go forward with it. You do have a fan base out here and we appreciate what you do very much.

    3. Follow up. Looks like a lot of people got the game, and I only got 2 bug reports….I have a really nice update coming out tuesday ? There are some neat easter eggs in it, some time released code popping in around the 11th and just explore everything, and there is some neat stuff in that castle…:) Saw a lot of no lifers today….

  4. Tim, come here lad, I will teach you this indian-mayan, proverb I learn when I was a kid “Do her once, she was probably drunk, do her twice… and you are a real piece of work”. If you do something great once, it can probably be luck, do it twice, and you know you are good at it. I’m very picky with 3D games. Only Astralis and Survivalist (although I do not see the later as a 3D game) caugh my attention. Not even Sick Creations games can keep me hook. BloodyCheckers was the game that make me believe in XBLIG, Blood&Bacon was/is a good pick up and play game. Two good games in a row and I know this DeadKings er…. Dead Kings?… (there’s go the developer trademark) will keep me hooked. Good 3D games (clones does not count) are hard to make in the channel. Cant wait to play this one. And the price of one dollar is steal, but as XBLIG goes and how is nearly dead, is can be the only way to go, but I will gladly pay more. Btw Im corious, are there any story of a succesfull game that the price is 3 or more (boobs games does not count) ? Not even Bleed I have seen it in the top of all time.

    And why nobody told me that?? How would I know I can change the invert look in my profile? Jesus!!! MS should think Im some kind of genius, I cant even create a wall on Mincecraft!!!

    1. xionix55…wow that is almost exactly what you said back in April on this comment thread. I thought I was have a deja vu’ flash for a moment but then went and looked it up!! 😛

    2. You are actually right, I guess I should read what I write before posting lol.
      Oh well, I’m all day in front of a computer writing numbers so, maybe my brain got a bit tired and forgot. Is like I copy/paste it. But at least the proverb is new. Btw happy late birthday.

    3. @Dream Poet & xionix: What can he say? The man loves his stripper proverbs and BloodyCheckers! Can’t fault him for that. 😀

      @xionix: I don’t think there’s any games in the current top 30 (of All-Time) that are priced at $3. Murder Miners was $3 to start, I think, but that dropped pretty quick. Long-term, $1 is definitely the way to succeed. It’s unfortunate, but it’s also the rule.

    4. Thanks xionix55.

      Tim…RC Air Sim at number 22 in all time sales is at $2.99. Almost makes me want to pick it up. I remember the trial but I’m thinking there must be more to it to be where it’s at in all time sales.

      Also Beat Hazard at 30 used to be the equivalent as $5 back when it was points but since they released a new one they dropped the price.

    5. @Dream Poet: Ah, good catch there. Proof there are exceptions to the rule. Just few and far between. And I completely blurred out Beat Hazard, too. Geez. I’m slippin’. 🙂

    6. You will enjoy the DeadKings game-engine in co-op. We believe everything has improved, the multiplayer is very enjoyable….lots of nice surprises. If looting the entire castle to achieve 100% without dying is your thing….there is now an info button-Y on your saved game slot to tell you exactly what you have missed. And, you will want to get 100% trust me on that !! Use the improved harp, the golden whistle, the other equipable items 🙂 I have beaten the game 3 times and it is really fun, and a bit of a mysterious experience.

  5. Alright, guys, fresh info on Dead Kings, straight from Kilroy himself:

    > We are trying to bundle it up and release for $1, with a shoe string budget, and ZERO beta testers. The game will have bugs, but hopefully all with get fixed in time.

    So there you have it. The game is alive and well. You can also visit / ‘like’ / explore the game’s newly-constructed Facebook page (also added the link in the article above). Hopefully that’ll set the record straight.

    See, a little patience, and ye shall be rewarded!

    1. Fudge, completely forgot that we’re on an indie games site. Flappy Birdsday would’ve been more appropriate. 🙄

    2. Flappy Birdsday should be a thing! Why isn’t it a thing!? Force the birthday boy / girl to play the game until they literally weep from killing off so many birds. They’ll never forget that birthday. 👿 👿 👿

    3. Yep, we will release the game in BETA form…meaning there will be bugs. But those bugs once found will be addressed in 1 week with an update. The reason for this, is there is nobody around to BETA test let alone “peer” review indie games anymore.

      So “DeadKings” has some very strong features, #1 is the CO-OP gameplay….very fun and highly detailed. There is so much more to do in CO-OP I cannot really imagine playing it any other way. And, there is recognition for those who get a 100% complete on the castle….The game has the Health/Stamina bar – so yes you can die….and then drop some of your loot (it can be regained) or simply reload your last save.

    4. This sentence may come back to haunt me (usually does, as someone who reviews these things), but I’m excited to play the game, bugs and all. 🙂

  6. So its got a sequel huh…. BloodyChekers, for me, is the only one that feel like a complete 3D game. The other likes Astralis (feels more like a short DLC) and Blood&Bacon (feels like the multiplayer part of a bigger game) are very good games and got the content its need for that value. but BloodyChekers is the only one that will feel right in the shelve of your favorite video game store. Its got that old PC game feel. Not saying is better or worse than the others, just saying it got more content, feels more complete. Well also Survivalist, but even if it is 3D, in my eyes that one is a isometric game, feels like it and plays like it. I never heard of the game before weird, because killroy talks about his games like a teen talk about how he lose his virginity (everybody have to know it) and I meant that in a good way. I really hope this one got the option for invert up/down, I cant get used to press up and actually look up instead of down in BloodyChekers. Even at old age XBLIG is showing that its got the mojo to keep going, very good games so far, the question is “are there people out there to play them?” This one already got my dollar, now I have to think which stripper will leave the place without my money. For the 20 or so hours this game will give, that 15 seconds dance will be long forgotten.

    1. Haha. Strippers, they come and go, but Checkers… Checkers are for life. I think a wise man said that once, or should have. 🙂

      You certainly get a lot of hours out of BloodyCheckers, so this shouldn’t be any different. That game was before my time in reviewing XBLIGs, so it’ll be nice to sink my teeth into the sequel and do a proper review. Finding an audience for it shouldn’t be hard, either, since the original still rates so highly on everyone’s individual lists.

    2. Ok, well Bloodycheckers did auto detect the Y-Axis inversion from the players profile. (But few people set that up in their profile) But I can say that with DeadKings you have those options from the in Game menu….along with sensitivity and rumble control.

  7. Hey, do you know when the game will come out? Because i search everywhere for any info about the release of the game, but the developper don’t post or talk about their game anywhere on the internet… I hope that the game is not cancelled cause’ i’m waiting for it so bad D:

    1. No release date, although I read through some of the Facebook comments to see that it is / was 90% done. That was near the end of February, so maybe it’s nearer to completion now. I can’t speak for Kilroy, obviously, but I know he cares about getting everything working right and solid before releasing a game. Could be some last minute items being tweaked, or maybe some troubles, but I’m sure the game will still see a release.

      Sorry that’s not much of an answer, but I’ll update the article if / when I find anymore solid release info.

    2. UPDATE: Okay, straight from the developer himself, the game is still coming to XBLIG. It’s 98% complete, playtesting and co-op has gotten a thumbs-up from everyone involved, and he’s just tweaking things. No firm release date, but that’s still the good news you were looking to hear. 🙂

    3. Well, i don’t know if it’s a bug from me but the ‘bloodycheckers’ facebook page doesn’t exist anymore D:
      And well i still hope that the game will come out soon…

    4. Ha, thought the same when I tried to access it. So nah, no bug, the page has been down since last week.

    5. And the blood and bacon page is also down… Well goddamn what happened to the developpers D:

    6. Guess that rules out a re-model or re-branding if both pages are down. 😦

      Not sure, but the game is coming regardless. Maybe it’s just a silent protest over the Oculus Rift buy. 🙂

    7. Maybe you could ask the developper for any info about the release of the game since you seem in touch with him 😀

    8. Eh, I could, but I don’t want to pester him about it. He mentioned a project on PC that he was working on, so maybe that’s kept him busy. 98% complete is as good as done (in my book), so it’s just a matter of timing, I guess.

    9. Well, looks like the game have been cancelled… Hopefully it will come out for summer …

    10. Nah, it’ll show up. You don’t work a game to near-completion and then just abandon it. Especially when you’ve got nothing to lose by releasing it. It’ll show up. Patience, young padawan.

    11. That could be. I still think it’d make sense to release on XBLIG as well, to get it in front of as many people as possible. Still no word on when ID@Xbox will open up to everyone, so the waiting game might not be the best idea.

      There’s a lot of multiplatform stuff coming to the 360, but yeah, you’re right, not much attention paid to it at E3 so far.

    12. The dev could have released the game on xblig first and then on a pc version or whatever project he have … Whatever, i’ll still look at the XBLiG once a week hoping it will be out sometime.

  8. Went through the comments on Facebook and found some additional information, posted in December and January respectively:

    This next installment has a bigger creepier castle totally new . With hidden traps and the ability to take damage from creatures and die. You must regenerate health and checkers is no longer mandatory

    Nah we got full co op running now … Castle is huge and checkers is not totally necessary. Upgraded graphics and traps that can kill u. The game is much harder

    Big Thanks to astute reader ‘Soosh’ for pointing out the info to me
    I thank you for mentioning me, really kind of you sir… you owe me a pint 😀

    I am a terrible journalist
    You still got it (clap clap clapclapclap)

    1. Thanks for the added info. Really, I miss out on stuff if I don’t pay constant attention to the Twitters and Facebooks and Tumblrs and whatnots. Not always possible with work, the site, life, etc. I kinda rely on developers wanting to get the word out about their game, but there’s inherent issues there, too, with either the site being unknown to them, or not having trailers / screenshots until right before game publication. I love XBLIG (and I’ve been getting into Playstation Mobile now, too), but it’s really been a huge difference in covering the mid-range indies, who have constant updates / trailers / screenshots, etc.

      Either way, thanks again for the info. All of you guys (you, David, andregurov, Saansilt, xionix, Celsowm, and others) have been really great in not only reading and commenting on the site, but keeping me honest and pointing out stuff that I wouldn’t otherwise know about. As far as I’m concerned, you’ve all earned a pint! 🙂

    2. ‘Tis a ‘worldwide’ party. My name is accepted anywhere fine liquor is served. Simply drop my name, and you’ll get a drink, on the house.

      …Not in Paris, however. Last time I went through the bars there, I had a few… ‘issues’, let’s say. Well, really, I’d call it a ‘misunderstanding’. Bottom line, I’m not allowed within a hundred yards of any household pet or dart board. I’m not responsible for what happens to you there should you try to use my name.

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