REVIEW: Super Killer Hornet: Resurrection

It must have seemed like some freak accident in the case of Super Killer Hornet, a bizarre experiment gone right. The combination of a Bullet Hell shooter and Mathematics is not the first two singles you’d think to pair up, but it worked out splendidly once you were in-game, adding a twist (and a little education) to an otherwise standard formula. With Super Killer Hornet Resurrection, or SKH-Resurrection ($2.99) as is its officially-listed name, Flump Studios revisits the idea and installs some upgrades.

And if you’ve played the original, you’ll recognize the format. A handful of varying enemy / fire types, coupled with giant end bosses and spread over six vertically-scrolling levels. You’ll get your choice of three ships with differing degrees of firepower and spread, with only the very center of your spacecraft being vulnerable to enemy shots. Bombs are handed out to erase the screen of bullets and baddies, allowing both manual and auto (for beginners) settings for their deployment. Modes, too, come in your typical flavoring— Arcade, Time Attack, and Survival.

Where SKH:R forks the shooter path is when numbers begin to slide down the screen mid-battle, setting the stage for some light Arithmetic (Addition, Subtraction, etc.; nothing too taxing or with answers too behemoth). Completing the equations correctly do more than just increase your multiplier, and in essence ‘level up’ your ship, granting additional shot streams so that you can cover more of the battlefield.

On the reverse side, get the question wrong and you’ll downgrade your ship, halving your fighter’s effectiveness and potentially hurting your end-level bonus until you put together a string of right answers. This ‘chaotic math’ factors into the gameplay in other ways, as well, serving as a way to ‘damage’ a certain boss, while in Time Attack, answering correctly extends the timer (and your life).

SKH-Resurrection - Screen

Insert easy joke on ‘Hornet’ name here.

For audio, you get a decent, hard-rocking soundtrack from the ‘Sixty-Fours’, or you can opt for the game’s official set. Both compliment the game well enough, but it’s the mechanics of SKH: R that really hit their stride in this iteration. The first game was good fun, while Pester improved on the shooting aspect and added a ton of mode variations, but here, it feels like the culmination of harder work, the true manifestation of the rather brilliant idea conceived in the original game. My one gripe is with the bosses, which tend to repeat a little too often and feel like placeholders for missing action.

That issue aside, you can’t really go wrong with the rest of Super Killer Hornet Resurrection and its already-solid core made better, packed with enough challenge and tricks to cater to a wide (and not so dumb) crowd. So don’t be ignorant, my friend. If you’re gonna shoot something, do it with some style. And some multiplication tables.

17 thoughts on “REVIEW: Super Killer Hornet: Resurrection”

  1. This is just a big sorry to all the games on the Indie channel right now. Due to MS incredible sales going on daily right now I’m having a hard time supporting your efforts. For instance “Survivalist” looks like an incredible game and normally paying $5 for this quality I would have done in a heartbeat HOWEVER when I can pick up a game like Orange Box for the same price today (since I don’t have it in my collection anymore) or Dark Souls…well quite frankly it’s just hard to compete. Bad timing on your part. Tim if you haven’t tried it yet you should. Would like to know what you think. I only did the trial and I’m sure I will pick this game up eventually once my entertainment allotment increasing again in about a month. Sux to have to pay bills.

    1. I know I think I chose the worst time possible to release and Xblig game 😦
      Those sales are insane, especially the Orange Box!

    2. Both systems have been killing it in the sales category this winter, that’s for sure. Some would say it’s a bad time to release an indie game period, thanks to a lack of visibility, but yeah, with those sales…. hard to look in any other direction. I guess you can take heart from the fact that XBLIG games ‘seem’ to have a longer tail as of late, as a lot of my reviews suddenly heat up a month or two after their original posting. Not sure if that translates to any extra sales, but at least people are ‘interested’ enough to read about it.

      As for ‘Survivalist’, I may give that a fuller look. I was seeing info on it a few weeks ago, never thought it’d get the $5 tag, though. Tried the demo, and liked the scope of the game. Wasn’t too impressed with the combat early on (leaping zombies are a pain), but it’s an interesting release, that’s for sure. I suppose it will depend on my mood; if I’m feeling the zombie vibe later on or not. 🙂

    3. Agree on the leaping zombies but you just have to side step them. I believe this is a game where the trial doesn’t get you into the meat of the game with seems like it will have a lot to do with your relationships etc. That’s why I wanted you to be the Ginny Pig for me. Although I think I will be getting it in a month or so like I said. 😛 Would be interested if they will get enough sales to want to support it. That price point however will chase a lot away I’m sure.

    4. I may take a chance on it. I thought about taking on the second episode of Decay, but I’m not too eager to drop another $3 on a game I didn’t really like the first time around.

      That price is sure to keep most people away. Maybe I can find enough there to like that I can convince a few of you to take the plunge as well. 🙂

  2. Let me tell you a story TImmy The Kid, I always sucked at math, non of my teachers were neither hot or big boobed, so, there was no points in learning math. I recently got 50 dollars worth of MS money so I might pick some indies here and thereon. The Fatal Frame clone got my attention, I have not been scared for while. There are a few good indies here and there, but I think it was always like this. When I got the XBox the good games were already released, so I play them back to back, now I see slow games and see the Armaggedon coming, the games in your leaderboard did not get released one after the other. Lets see if you keep until the end of the journey, good job kid.

    1. Tsk, tsk. Come on, man, boobs aren’t everything, and Math is an important skill to have. The very basic stuff, at least, and SKH:R asks for the very basest of math skills.

      Still some interesting stuff out there, for the patient gamer. And don’t worry; I’ll ride this XBLIG train until the very end, or at least until it gets to my stop. That means there will probably be long breaks between good games, but like you said, you’ve got plenty to catch up on. We all do.

  3. I dig me some bullet hells … but I think it awesome as well that the studio name “Flump” totally nails the shmup ethos (flump: “to fall heavily”). Possibly the best name of any XBLIG creator.

    Any kind of leaderboards in this one?

    1. I’ve always said having a clever studio name is half the battle in making a good video game. …Okay, I’ve never said that, but clever is clever no matter what happens after that. 🙂

      No leaderboards, I’m afraid, just the satisfaction of winning and being able to compete with second grade students when it comes to Math. And screw them, I say. Those kids need to be taken down a peg.

    1. Clearly you do, because if you couldn’t immediately determine the answer was 5, you desperately need the training. 🙂

      Sadly, Celso’s reply hit the comment moderation before your own, so I’ll have to hand the copy of the game off to him. Better luck next time!

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