REVIEW: Attack of the Zombie Horde 2

We’re all dangerously approaching a zombie-induced fugue by now, I know, but bear with me for one more game. While the original did its job of ‘overhead shooter’ adequately, Krooked Gaming‘s sequel, Attack of the Zombie Horde 2 ($1.00), should really be considered the go-to template for wave shooters of any kind from this point forward.

The surface level of the game hasn’t changed much (it does feature a cleaner UI), although AotZH2 uses its single tiny arena rather effectively. Zombies reprise their role as chief antagonists, joined at times by buzzards and large spiders (somewhere right now Jeff Daniels is cringing at the thought). Boss varieties of each type nicely separate the fighting into standalone waves, and, depending on the difficulty chosen, you’ll need to complete a set number of these waves to be rescued and retain the loot you’ve collected. Fun, but hardly groundbreaking enough on its own.

What gives AotZH2 a deeper replayability than most wave shooters is what’s found under the hood, in the amount of player customization present. The game’s shop features a host of weaponry and permanent upgrades, paid for by the wealthy corpses you’ll slay. Besides the requisite stronger guns, you can buy and equip a special attack such as land mines and grenades, or move up to the ‘bigger bangs’ like airstrikes and nuclear warheads. Of course, these items are walled-off behind higher player levels and prices. The carrot-on-the-stick aspect of the shop keeps you engaged in the task and focused on incrementally-improving over the long haul (i.e. killing a lot of zombies).

Attack of the Zombie Horde 2 - Screen

Taking its cue from Mass Effect and Battlefield’s multiplayer rewards system, the game doles out its ‘perks’ in cases that are dropped by the boss characters, leaving it to chance what you’ll receive at the end of the run. Higher difficulty levels increase the likelihood of finding better perks, and the skills and modifiers that comprise the system are spread around enough that you can build a surprisingly-varied solider to fit any style. Along with said perks / weapons, you can purchase new loadouts and slots (for a hefty price), allowing you to add to and fine-tune your setup even more, which is a nice incentive for those willing to invest.

All of this is further enhanced by the local / online multiplayer (up to four) and global leaderboards, giving you something to consistently aim for and the option to tackle it with friends. The lone arena will stale over time, and the combat may not feel inspired, but there’s more than enough side elements and customization in Attack of the Zombie Horde 2 to fill any undead void in your heart for a handful of hours.

12 thoughts on “REVIEW: Attack of the Zombie Horde 2”

  1. how do u get perks in this game? cause me and my 2 buddys have been offline coop and have won quite a bit of rounds and still havnt gotten any of the perks u win from the bosses.

    1. So long as you’ve been picking up the crates that the bosses drop, you should be earning perks. I believe it even tells you which one(s) you’ve gained during the final tally of the level. You’ll have to buy them with money, but from there, you should just have to go to your character’s loadout and equip them.

  2. We need a new “enemy” The Russians were fun for awhile. Then the aliens/ufo’s. Then the middle eastern/Muslim freedom fighters and now Zombies have all played out as enemies IMO. I think the next big thing will be computers/robots. We’ve already got a small taste for it with the Terminator movies and movies like I Robot. And we kinda are fighting them in “Mech” games but I think the next full blown enemy in gaming will be robots.

    Uh oh. I just realized I may be the God of them with my gamertag/alias. On second thought….hopefully its something else.

    1. Ah, so if I may slip into something more Freudian for a minute… you’re actually saying that those recurring dreams of you commanding a massive robot army and ruling the world in a metallic body form may in fact be prophetic? I’m reporting your profile picture to the authorities immediately. Hopefully Skynet won’t be(come) aware.

      In the meantime, we have Binary Domain and the XBLIG, L.A.R.A., to tide us over. As for futuretime giant robots / mechs, I’m really, REALLY looking forward to Titanfall. Still can’t decide if I should just pick it up for 360 or finally take the leap on XBOne.

    2. I actually own Binary Domain but haven’t given it much of a shot. I’m going to have to put that in and check it out. LARA (lazy about the .’s) I tried the demo and passed on it but from what I recall was not a bad game.

      Titanfall is full of promise and I sure hope it lives up to it’s hype. I’ve seen it before where a game gets over hyped and then don’t deliver. In fact I’ve seen that more often then not. So if I were you before I would sink money in the ONE just for the possibles of Titanfall I would wait to see if you know what I mean. (now if you are going to buy the one for both Titanfall and Madden 25 well that is a different story) I can tell you some features for Madden 25 that are awesome on the ONE.

      Man why do I digress on my posts all the time. And TIM STOP RECORDING MY DREAMS!!! Nuff said!!

    3. Dude, dinosaurs are where its goin.
      Look at the new year: Godzilla in may, rumors of jurassic park 4.
      Its coming.
      Either way, being robot lord must be cool.

    4. At least they bleed. I think we need a bunch of communist humanoid robotic zombie alien dinosaurs! Feed the need to everyone!!

    5. That’s why we just need a new Dino Crisis, bring it all back. Robotic Space Dinosaurs… and throw in some Nazis and Zombies. Cover all the bases! Do all the things!

      But no Madden. I love football, love watching it, but I’ll be damned if I’m ever going to play another Madden in my life. I had a roommate years ago that lived on the game, and it was all I ever saw for like three years straight. It… it changed my entire outlook on life, and I won’t… no, I refuse… to go back there. All the best to those that play it, but it is not for me. At all. 🙂

      Of course I wouldn’t buy a One just for Titanfall, but as I plan on buying the system at some point, it’s more or less when I feel like taking the jump. My gut tells me I’ll be playing it on the 360 and putting off the One for another day, at least until I start seeing more exclusives I care about. From what I’ve seen so far, all the big games are releasing on both consoles. Maybe this year’s E3 will draw up some more definitive battle lines.

  3. The demo was good fun; sometimes a wave shooter is what you want … and this one seems very solid, balanced, and well done. For $1 it is hard to go wrong with it.

    1. Solid and balanced is exactly it. The perks do a good job or giving you something you want without overpowering you or making the game too easy. A lot of wave shooters are the ‘one and done’ types that don’t ever really fork out or expand, so AotZH’s upgrades more than make up for the standard combat.

  4. I like the sound of it.
    Deep customization, some enemy variety. It is a good formula.
    Rather than just “get bigger gun” it can allow you to focus on one weapon class.

    1. The ‘get bigger gun’ card is played out sometimes, so yeah, if anything is going to stave off boredom, it’s a bunch of cool (but randomized) unlockable perks waiting for you on the other side.

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