‘Cromo Dynamix’ Goes (Sub)Atomic

Evil is everywhere these days. Secret organizations, spying governments, fast-food chains taking beloved items off their $1 menu (or worse, charging more for them; the horror!). And that’s just the evil you can see. Taking things down to the atomic level, Cromo Dynamix wants to show you the (very) miniature war being fought right under your nose.

Billed as an online shooter for up to 10 players, with AI bots available for single-player sessions, the game looks to feature most of your standard shooter power-ups and arenas. With human opponents, it could make for some exciting battles, but only time will tell how much of a half-life the game has (…forgive that last line, Scientific Community, as it was a tragically unfunny attempt to sound smarter than I really am not).

Cromo Dynamix is currently on track for a late February release. To follow developer ElvishJumpSuit or learn more about the studio’s previous games, you canย take a look here.


Cromo Dynamix - ScreenPreview

Cromo Dynamix - ScreenPreview2

4 thoughts on “‘Cromo Dynamix’ Goes (Sub)Atomic”

  1. LOL!!!! Matter vs Antimatter. Your half-life comment is right on the spot!!! I’m trying this game, that’s for sure. If people don’t associate “string theory” with obscene underwear design, it should pass peer review with no problems ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. If someone hasn’t already started a thong company and named it ‘String Theory’, there is no justice in this world. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Sad part is I understood the last line and found it funny.

    Trailer was put together awesomely, with that song choice that builds in anticipation of ????? Oh wait it ended just like it started….no huge explosions at the end. No spectacular pay off after spending 2 minutes in anticipation. The game looks pretty enough and the thought of 10 players online support sounds good enough but 2 big questions still remain. Will the controls hold their own AND will there be 10 people at any one time wanting to play it online. I wait in anticipation for those answers.

    1. Thank you for that. My thought was that more people would ask ‘Why is he talking about Half-Life the game?’ ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’m less worried about the controls, as it appears to be twin-stick (hard to mess up, but not impossible). As to finding a consistent online community, yeah, that’s a uphill fight. Depends on the game, to an extent, but the ‘XBLIG online community’ (it exists, trust me) really only rallies around a handful of games, it seems. If the single-player is fun, though, it might not matter how many people are online.

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