Whoa! TIME VIKING!!!!!ANDSPACERAPTOR ($1.00)! With five(!) exclamation points! Whew! It was terribly important I get that right at the start, as I’m going to abbreviate it the rest of the way. Once the exclusive bragging rights of those with a Windows Phone and ownership of Ska Studios‘ previous I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES 1N IT!!1, TV!&SR is now available as a standalone game on the Xbox.

If you’ve played any or all of Ska Studios’ previous releases on XBLIG or XBLA, you should know what to expect. Uniquely-recognizable art and style, an audio / visual bombardment of your oculars and earholes, with frenetic gameplay once again driven by music. Serving as a sort-of / spiritual successor to IMAGWZII, TV!&SR is a vertically-scrolling twin-stick shooter that stars a time-traveling viking shooting bolts of lightning with his mind, on a quest to crack open the moon, piñata-style, and collect all the shiny gold coins contained within.

To reach the heavens and claim said reward, our horned friend will have to build a morbid tower, stacking the bodies of his foes underneath him. Those enemies include a limitless robot army, Space Invaders, and… cats (Not the kittehs! Why!?!), spawning in step with the soundtrack. As the music escalates or slows to a softer level, so too do the waves of enemies. The backgrounds adjust to the theme as well, signaling a reprieve from the faster combat and adding some visual variety.


New to this edition of the game, besides the obvious graphical upgrades and physical controller support, is a second playable character for the local co-op— a Space Raptor that spits acid, which makes for a very effective armament (we all remember what happened to Seinfeld‘s ‘Newman’ in Jurassic Park).

Though the game’s not overly-challenging or long (20+ minutes), powerups and extra lives are dropped from defeated enemies, switching up your attack style for a limited time and negating some of your potential mistakes. After robbing the moon and recording your highscore, though, it’s over. It’s a fun shooter, and certainly one of the more bizarre premises you’ll come across. It’s just not very lengthy, a side effect of being an add-on to a fuller game, maybe, but TV!&SR‘s pedigree and overall solid construction gives you enough reason to give it a go.


  1. Im a huge fan of james and his games (I own 4 of them) but this is a miss for me, it was a phone game that should’ve stayed on a phone, demo bored me to tears, id have much less problem if you could MOVE AROUND like IMAGWZNT but its nowhere near as good. pass. Theres my 2 cents.

    1. Controller support makes all the difference over virtual joysticks any day, but yeah, I agree. Its original life as an add-on definitely makes it feel small and short compared to Ska’s other offerings.

  2. FIVE !!!!! well you know what at least the I in time wasn’t an ! and the e in spaceraptor wasn’t a 3 etc. etc. LOL

    I love IMAGWZII and this seems very similar. I saw it but didn’t even look at it but now that I know what it is I’ll more than likely pick it up. Funny thing is just the other day I replayed IMAGWZII and enjoyed as if it was my first time. Kinda like going back and playing PacMan or Frogger or Asteroids or any other classice I used to play in the arcarde.

    1. Yeah, IMAGWZII is probably the only reason that some people have even heard of XBLIG, so it’s definitely a ‘classic’ that gets its due whenever the marketplace is mentioned. It holds up extremely well to time, too. Ska Studios definitely has that ‘certain something’ down when releasing their games, so you know exactly where ‘Time Viking’ came from at first glance.

    1. That I don’t know, as I have not played Charlie Murder (I know… I know… terrible of me), but given that he IS a time-traveling viking, hopping between two game franchises should be easy enough.

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