REVIEW: Titan Attacks

Though it’s probably safe to assume that most of us have heard of Space Invaders, it’s conceivable (given the age of the IP) that some have yet to play the game in one of its myriad versions. Bridging the time gap between a classic tribute and a slicker, modern take, Titan Attacks ($1.00) aims to acquaint you with the past, while simultaneously making you forget whatever it is you might have known about it.

The same retro hook applies— rows of enemies march defiantly downward, erasing the No Man’s Sky between you and them as time ticks on. You, of course, are limited to moving along the horizontal plane below, and need to prevent them running into you or being hit by their fire. Accuracy matters, as your shots are somewhat limited (at the start) to what they hit. Miss your targets, and you’ll have to wait briefly to fire again. It’s the classic tradeoff.

A few stages in (the game boasts dozens of waves, spread over five planet hubs, and each capped off by boss fights), however, Titan Attacks’ aliens begin to show off their new tricks, switching up the standard marching orders and changing attack patterns. This includes dive-bombing varieties, suicide runners, and heavier attacks to avoid and compensate for. More types of enemies and additional patterns are introduced as you progress, making each successive wave a tense and strategic fight.

To combat the added aggression, you can now upgrade your ship between levels, with cash dropped by the aliens or earned in the occasional bonus waves. This new currency quickly becomes indispensable, allowing you to add additional guns, buy smartbombs to bail you out when you’re backed into a corner, or increase your fire rate, among others. Money too, is limited and hard to come by, which makes your upgrade route just as important as your skill in battle.

Titan Attacks - Screen

This increasing difficulty and attention to detail means Titan Attacks is no slouch. Your game is only saved at the intermission between hub worlds, putting the burden on you to monitor your progress and stats. Keeping your shields stocked and holding some cash in reserve is essential, as dying near the end wave or at a boss fight will frustrate.

Ultimately, it’s worth the trouble. This XBLIG version of Titan Attacks comes long after the PC / Steam release, though it does have the nifty advantage of weighing in at a much cheaper price than those earlier iterations. With the classic formula turned on its head, and plenty of stages and features dipped in a contemporary frosting, Titan Attacks does more than enough to convince you to revisit an old favorite.

4 thoughts on “REVIEW: Titan Attacks”

  1. I love this game so much I bought it after trying it for the first time. I love when they are able to upgrade old games and this one adds just enough to make it interesting. The visuals are great the sound is perfect the RPG elements keep it interesting and the various attack methods keeps it challenging. Only thing I don’t think I saw was an online leader board. Did I miss it or is it just not there?

    1. Nope, you aren’t missing it. No online leaderboards. I know I’ve said it before, but when the new indie program on Xbox One takes off (I think March is when we’ll start seeing some indie releases on that system), two of the bigger items on the ‘wanted’ list will be the introduction of actual online leaderboards and much better online multiplayer. If they introduce achievements, too, well, indies might just make a bigger dent there than they ever did with XBLIG.

      Titan Attacks is a fun one, though, with or without. Cheaper too, as I saw the Steam price is normally at $10. I’ll skip the online leaderboards for an extra $9. 🙂 Space Invaders has been remade a handful of times, even by the publisher itself, but fun is fun, and like you said, Titan Attacks combines a number of modern elements to make it stand out.

    2. Fair enough on the $9 for no online leader boards. I think now that I finally am Gold I want to see more in the way of utilizing those type of things.

      Can’t wait to hear how things are better on the Indie channel on the One. Achievements would increase sales so much IMO and I would be pleasantly surprised if we see that but I really do like the idea.

  2. An honorable mention to Mr. ImTheMetalLord, who is absolutely right. For some reason, commenting is not not available on this post, despite all indications it should be. There be some technical difficulties, it seems.

    EDIT: Fixed.

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