Royal-looking ‘King Slash’ Coming in 2014

Looking like a sort of melee-focused version of Super Crate Box, albeit with less squares, the forthcoming King Slash is promising plenty of stages and boss encounters to compliment its retro visuals and tunes. It’s also nothing new.

This game seems equally geared towards quick play sessions, so it’s no surprise that developer EyeBoxGames is also releasing it on mobile platforms. So long as the action stays fun and promotes a long-term investment (plenty of unlockables are up for grabs), it could be a nice diversion to start off the new year.


King Slash is expected to hit XBLIG in early 2014. You can follow the developers on Twitter here, or keep an eye (pun intended) on the official site here.

18 thoughts on “Royal-looking ‘King Slash’ Coming in 2014”

    1. Nice find! I’ll edit that into the article. I should know by now, anytime something looks promising or unique, there’s someone that’s done it before (and sometimes better).

      Pretty fun for a flash game, indeed. It does highlight why I vastly prefer ALL types of games on a console, or at least support for controllers. 🙂

  1. I just love your new holiday design! Are you going to switch it up for each holiday? Like, when New Year’s Eve rolls around, are you going to design things for vomit and empty bottles of absinthe? The possibilities are just endless!

    1. Puke Green link colors and a logo with bits of regurgitated food (I’m thinking shrimp, maybe, or beer nuggets) are a definite possibility. If I was a little more artsy, I’d include a drawing of a crying naked guy in a bathtub with a revolver in his mouth, his friends on the other side of the door, frantically trying to break in. I’d call it ‘New Years Eve, 2007’.

      …I just like the imagery is all. Not a true story, or based off of anyone specific. …Why are you looking at me like that?! I mean, I didn’t think it’d be WEIRD since she was my ‘step-sister’! It’s not like we’re related! It should have been fine! Why didn’t anyone tell me it would be weird beforehand!

      …Ahem. Once again. I just want to reiterate that that story is completely made up, and certainly did not happen to anyone I know of, especially me. Seriously. It didn’t.

    2. Dude, I wanna go to YOUR parties! Mine are usually just full of stammered apologies, assurances that this has never happened before, and a man with a shotgun standing in the corner and beatboxing.

    3. We must run in similar circles, because all of that you just described HAPPENS at my parties. We’ve been trying to figure out the identity of the man with the shotgun forever, but no one wants to get near him. Understandably so, though I wonder, why the beatboxing?

    1. It could get repetitive, maybe (the gameplay, not the music, which I agree is nice). That type of game usually does better on phones, so hopefully the unlocks are enough to convince console players to keep going.

    1. Well… keep your fingers crossed. 🙂

      OUYA and mobile platforms seem to be the primary concern, with XBLIG only mentioned in passing on the site. Putting it on phones is a no-brainer, but ’tis a sad day when even OUYA takes priority over XBLIG.

    2. Agree! However I can understand people shying away from XBLIG although those people are out for the money. Hard to carve a place out in the midst of 3143 games (as of right now) on XBLIG. While on the OUYA there are 560.

      I did read a report that said that only 27% of the OUYA owners are buying games. But as an educated guess I bet that percent is way lower of the Xbox 360 owners buying XBLIG games considering over half the owners don’t even use it for gaming at all.

    3. I guess I’m one of the 73% on OUYA that’s yet to have bought a game. 🙂

      It’s not that there isn’t good games to be had on it, I just haven’t seen THE GAME to get excited about. Could change my mind, but I’m kinda regretting backing it originally.

      I’m still not sure why others buy a console just to use them purely as a Blu-ray player or a one-stop solution to combine all their other devices. It’s a nice option, and one I use, though I would never consider buying a video game console just for the ease of yelling at my TV to switch to cable (Kinect is handy for that…).

    4. I worry with my cursing at the screen in multiplayer FPSs that my Kinect would turn my cable box to the adults-only section of Pay Per View. And yes, I really need to clean up my language.

    5. Agreed. I don’t need any more Orwellian devices tracking my language, purely because I want to eventually copyright the phrases I come up with 🙂

    6. Nothing? I could make some recommendations if you’d like. >_>

      What sold me on it – other than my novice dev suite of choice (Game Maker) being able to export straight onto it and having friends making games for the thing – is that it’s sort of like ‘XBLIG the console.’

      There *are* those shit, straight-from-mobile ports that don’t belong on a console at all; but some do quite well with a controller and IMO become quite better games. Beyond those and the few flashy exclusives and cross platform titles, you have the glorious, unfettered XBLIG-like wilderness of amateur game dev heaven (or hell.) 😀

    7. Well, that just hit on what I was sort of going for. I see a lot of excitement for the system, but it’s from developers and aspiring developers, eager to get their game onto a centralized platform, one with a controller (that somehow makes things more ‘legit’). Or as yet another emulator for classic / obscure games, there’s always that. There’s some good games on there, no doubt, I guess I just expected the whole idea to hit with a little more sizzle than it did, more games, etc. I suppose the Kickstarter success really tapered off by the time of release. That’s just where I stand on it. 🙂

      You are exactly right, though, it’s a unknown wilderness, where any day some great, magnificent beast could wander out onto the plains for all of us to see, and appreciate.

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