Why You Should Care One ‘Iota’

Some really fantastic-looking visuals aside, you can file the Cashie Brothers‘ Iota under yet another XBLIG I was unaware of until just a few days ago. Sporting a charming art style and soundtrack, it promises to be more than a simple platformer.

The game uses the color-swapping tricks of Treasure’s beloved Ikaruga not just for combat purposes, but to up the challenge in each stage’s traversal. With the amount of variety and opportunity those ideas present, Iota should be an interesting trip.

Iota is currently in peer review, and should see release by early December. It will cost you $1. Official Site here.


Iota - PreviewScreen

Iota - PreviewScreen2

10 thoughts on “Why You Should Care One ‘Iota’”

  1. The indierazzi Tim Hurley, always letting us know about the upcoming indies, good job boyo. This look very good, Im a bit hook with the Produce Wars demo because Im to poor to buy it, so that one and this one are now on my to get list. Getting Gold bankrupt me, and honestly, is not worth if you a are a casual online player, unless you got plenty of online new releases retails, hard to find ppl online exactly at the time you are, but there are some free-to-play coming so, it might be some boobs at the ends of the tunnel. Until then, Im stuck with only one game.

    1. Thank you, sir. Produce Wars is a pretty solid game (review coming Saturday, I think… with a chance to win a copy…. FYI), and Iota’s looking like it’ll be a solid buy too. Broke ain’t fun, but you’re right, there’s always boobs at the end of the tunnel!

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