‘Super Amazing Wagon Adventure’ …Turbo!

Dude, wait for the drop.

It seems that Super Amazing Wagon Adventure (review) just got a little more super, or amazing, or perhaps both super and amazing. Or just added a ‘Turbo’ to the end of the title. Whatever. It means DLC.

In celebration of the game’s recent acceptance and release on Steam (a hearty Congrats! are due to developer Sparsevector), the Xbox Live Indie version of the game has received a little extra love, namely the ‘Turbo’ update that the PC and Steam versions were blessed with. Packing new character customization options, wagons, and some added gameplay scenes (plague monkeys… don’t get any on you), it should pepper in a little more ‘far-fetched’ into your westward journey.

13 thoughts on “‘Super Amazing Wagon Adventure’ …Turbo!”

  1. OH and I actually finally picked this game up. I loved the trial of it but never to a “round tuit” till just a few weeks back. It’s so super addicting and with all the extras to unlock it keeps my attention more than I thought it would.

    1. ‘Super Addicting Wagon Aventure’? 🙂

      Has to be one of the few games I recommend that I’ve never completed, and openly ‘hate’ for its difficulty and randomness. Maybe Magicians & Looters comes close, but this one is far more annoying. Still love it, and as you said, plenty of extras / wacky hijinks. Now you’re out of ’round tuits’, though.

    2. This game is not just fun, but funny as well. Haven’t played it for ages, but might give it another go tonight. So thank you spambots for reminding me about SAWA 🙂

  2. I’ve just checked the developer’s site, but there hasn’t been anything new for ages. Even the copyright at the bottom of the SAWA page still reads 2013. Did I miss anything? It’s been on your ’Popular’ list for weeks now.

    1. No idea. This is another article that baffles me. I get that SAWA would be popular; it’s a great game. People would naturally be searching for info on it, even this long after its release. My guess is that traffic is meant for the Steam version, not XBLIG, but the idea is the same: Why would an article on DLC be more popular than the actual review of the game? For that, I have no answer. I just did a Google search for ‘Super Amazing Wagon Adventure review’, and both this article and the original review showed up on the second page of results, one underneath the other. 🙂

      I’m occasionally getting this over at Indiepitome, too. The preview articles for some games have been more popular than the reviews, and they pop up on the popular list well after the review has been posted. It’s very… odd, and the tagging I do is the same for all articles.

    2. It’s the bots man. They cause irregular activities on web pages all the time. I used to have a different poetry site that I spent a lot of time on as well as I used to sell on eBay a lot and back then I used to track page views and even invested in a program that tracked where those views where coming from. I was so surprised to find out how many times it was bots giving me hits and not real people. Whenever I saw an irregular spike of activity I would notice an unusual amount of excessive hits via those damn bots. And this was 10 years ago so I can imagine what it’s like these days. Every search engine uses bots to find webpages but you also have malicious bots looking for cracks in security.

    3. That could be a part of it, but the spam on this site seems to be more spread out, covering obscure posts (and images, the bots love to try and comment on images), rather than focusing on the same article like this. I don’t get all of the Google traffic info that comes this way due to privacy stuff, but Super Amazing Wagon Adventure— and it’s ‘Turbo’ add-on— do make it into the search terms on days where it shoots up in popularity. Some of it has to be legitimate, I just wonder how its these articles and not the reviews themselves that get the attention. (shrugs)

      You are absolutely right about the bots, though. Surprising how many views might actually be them, and its definitely worse these days. Makes one wonder if they’re writing these articles for actual people to read, or just adding to the spam count. 😀

    4. Ah, spambots. Yes, they’re freaking annoying, but can also be quite amusing at times. I remember checking the spam comments on my old blog and saw a comment, thanking me for that wonderful post I published and how it affected his or her life. Thing is, that particular post was about crap… literally!

    5. Yep, no preparation for those spambots whatsoever, just spamming it everywhere to see what sticks. Damn, and I thought I was changing lives with these XBLIG reviews, making a difference! Alas, ’twas not to be. Sad life they have, those spambots. Almost feel sorry for them. Almost. :/

    1. Thanks for the Steam link and I understand and appreciate your hesitance to write about on non-xblig news. The fact that you focus so much on a very neglected gaming medium (but still one of my favorite!) is one of the reasons I have your website bookmarked on my PC and phone haha.

    2. And I thank you for that! I suppose it’s a bit of ‘backing the wrong horse’ and fighting for (what some would say) a lost cause, but I’ve been encouraged by some of the XBLIGs released this year. The site has done well, too, leading me to believe that these games are gaining steam (ignore that bad pun), not losing it.

      Sure, a huge percentage of that traffic is searching for ‘boob games’ and all manner of related terms, but hey, it’s still XBLIG. 🙂

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