On the ‘Axiom Verge’ of Greatness

I’m sure there’s someone out there that’s tired of hearing about Metroidvanias, but I am not one of them. Axiom Verge has been in development by one-man show Tom Happ for quite some time now. Visually a cross between the NES / SNES Metroid games, with an inventory system reminiscent of A Link To The Past, and run and gun action like Contra, there’s very few games that pull off the look and feel of the ‘classic gaming’ part as well as Axiom Verge.

The game is trying for a happy medium, with as much focus on weaponry (20+ guns / tools currently) as exploration. Hulking bosses (that cause the screen to zoom out) will provide ample target practice for said guns, with upgrades to seek out in between fights to keep you on their level. Development is coming along slowly but surely, and there’s the potential this game slips to 2014, though regardless of the final release date, it will undoubtedly be worth the wait.


Axiom Verge is tentatively scheduled to hit XBLIG by year’s end. To keep up with the developer’s progress, follow his blog here.

Axiom Verge - Screen

Axiom Verge - Screen2

5 thoughts on “On the ‘Axiom Verge’ of Greatness”

    1. From all indications, it sounds like it’s going to be epic! I know Indie Gamer Chick is wrestling with making it the #1 game at her site. And I know I’ll be buying it Day 1. Shame that things couldn’t work out for it on XBLIG, but given how long and how hard the developer worked on it, it truly deserves the widest possible audience it can find.

  1. You know Don Hurley, Indie games are like a woman’s shortz, not matter how many times I see whats inside, it always feels new (and the fact that I have to pay to see it, gladly, indie games are cheaper). This is one of the “Perfect Three” in my list of most wanted. I personaly prefer the story oriented metroidvanias (SOTN) than the lonely explorarion (Metroid). But beggers cant be choosers boyo, and asking kindly wont work, gotta take what they give.

    1. If your’re turning this to the mafia I’m a fed.

      This game looks interesting. Is your charecter the red guy seen in the shots?
      Its a little hard to see him.

    2. That is the character, indeed. May clash with the backgrounds some, but I think once players are on the move, that will be less of an issue. From a personal standpoint, I’m not worried it’ll affect the game.

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