‘Super Killer Hornet Resurrection’ Has Some Sting

Returning to its roots as the developer of shooters mixed with math, Flump Studios’ newest is a familiar name with not so familiar visuals. Super Killer Hornet: Resurrection retains what made the original Super Killer Hornet unique and addictive, namely its insistence on you solving simple math problems while you shoot.

Visually, though, the game has improved (the original benefited from this upgrade as well, on PC / Ouya), giving it a wider variety of styles and enemy types. Tweaks to the gameplay and the mechanics also indicate that this sequel is striving to be as fun as its predecessor, and teach you a thing or two about numbers in the process.


Super Killer Hornet Resurrection will see release later this Fall. You can follow the developer’s progress here.

12 thoughts on “‘Super Killer Hornet Resurrection’ Has Some Sting”

  1. Thanks for doing this guys, appreciate your help.
    If you’re interested I’ve just uploaded a vid of our new level 2 boss πŸ™‚

    Pretty happy with this one πŸ™‚

  2. Speaking of upward-scrolling-shoot-em-ups, you might want to check out Valkurius when you get back from your travelling. I played the trial yesterday and reckon it might be right up your street.

    1. I saw that one. Definitely looked polished, though I’m not sure how well it’ll do at $5. At least on XBLIG. Most will skip it entirely based on that price, but I will demo it once I’m back.

    2. Ouch! I hadn’t noticed the price tag. I’ll have to give the trial another go to decide whether it’s worth the investment.
      Oh, and it looks like I spelled Valkyrius wrong in my post.

  3. That song on the first video kicks arse!!! The second video was pretty cool to. That’s not in game is it? Who is it? Any ideas?

    1. Not sure if those tracks specifically are in the game, though I do know that the music is going to be much improved this time around. It’s one of the focal points.

    2. Yeah, the song is in the game.
      The music is by the SixtyFours.
      We’ve got two soundtracks going on, a classic SHMUP soundtrack by Dylan Barry or the SixtyFours soundtrack which you can switch between in game. The music goes pretty well actually.

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