Worth Dying For: ‘The Useful Dead’

Now that all the hubbub surrounding Bootdisk Revolution‘s (of Bleed fame) next game has settled, and its been officially christened (thanks to a spirited ‘name the game’ competition), The Useful Dead can get a proper preview. Less daring in scope than, say, reinvigorating the action / platformer genre and taking over this site’s #1 spot with Bleed, the new game is not looking too shabby either.

The concept in The Useful Dead is straightforward; reach the exit by any means necessary. And by ‘any means’, the game says all is fair. If a few cuddly, cute things need to die violently in order for progress to be made… well, swallow your righteous feelings and listen to that devil on your shoulder. Marching them to their demise will present opportunities to traverse the level and / or dodge hazards, leading you to your ultimate goal— the precious at the end of the line.


The Useful Dead is out now. You can follow developer Bootdisk Revolution on Twitter here.

The Useful Dead - Screen

3 thoughts on “Worth Dying For: ‘The Useful Dead’”

    1. …Unlike this article, which is entirely ‘useless’, considering the game was already out when this published. Should have followed up with the Dev beforehand; that is entirely my bad. Sloppy journalism. 🙂

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